Top 3 Ways to Record YouTube Videos

Top 3 Ways to Record YouTube Videos

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For different needs, you may want to record YouTube videos. The question is, YouTube doesn’t offer an official recording or downloading feature for you to save videos from its platform. Do you know how to record YouTube videos?

How to Record YouTube Videos

Considering your need, we like to share 3 simple ways to help you record and download YouTube videos with high quality. Whether you want to record YouTube live stream, record YouTube videos on iPhone and computer, or just capture audio from YouTube, you can find suitable YouTube recorder to do that.

Part 1. How to Record YouTube Videos on PC and Mac

There are a large number of YouTube recording tools offered on the market that can help you record YouTube videos and save them on your Windows PC or Mac. The question is, which one you should use?

In case you don’t know which YouTube recorder you should choose, here we strongly recommend the powerful YouTube video and audio recording software, Screen Recorder for you to save any videos from YouTube.

Step 1

When you want to record video or audio from YouTube, you can double click on the download button above to free install and run this YouTube recorder on your computer. It allows you to download YouTube videos on both Windows 10/8/7 PC and Mac.

Step 2

When you enter the home window, choose the Video Recorder feature to record YouTube videos or audios. This YouTube recorder also enables you to capture audio only and take screenshots.

Choose Video Recorder Feature

Step 3

When you enter the main window of YouTube video recording, you can adjust the screen recording area and audio recording source based on your need. Here you can record YouTube video with full screen or selected area.

Custom Youtube Record Settings

In addition, you can choose to capture audio from System Sound and Microphone. To avoid the background noise, you can disable the Microphone.

Step 4

After all these settings, you can play the YouTube video you want to record, and then simply click on the REC button to start the recording process.

Record Youtube Videos On PC

Some basic editing features are designed in this YouTube recorder. When you finish the recording, you can preview the recorded YouTube video and edit it.

Edit Recorded Youtube Video

Step 5

When you are satisfied with recording result, you can click the Save button to save the recorded YouTube video on your computer as an MP4 format. If you prefer another output format, you can go to Preferences window to change it.

In this way, you are able to download videos from Ustream, Netflix, Dailymotion, and more streaming sites.

Part 2. Free Online Way to Record YouTube Videos

When you want to capture video or audio from YouTube, you can also rely on some free online recorder. Here we introduce you with the popular Free Online Screen Recorder to record YouTube videos and audios with ease.

Step 1

Open your browser and navigate to the official site of this free online YouTube video recorder. When you get there, click the Launch Free Recorder button to download and install a small-size Launcher file for the YouTube video or audio recording.

Free Online Youtube Recorder

Step 2

After that, there will be a recording window appears on the screen. You can adjust the screen and audio recording settings.

Free Online Screen Recorder Interface

Step 3

Play the YouTube video you want to record and then click the REC button to start the recording. The recorded YouTube video will be saved in WMV format.

To record a YouTube to a DVD for burning, you should read this post.

Part 3. How to Record YouTube Videos on iPhone and iPad

If you usually watch various YouTube videos on your iOS device like iPhone or iPad, you may want to directly record YouTube videos on it. In fact, it’s quite easy to capture screen on iOS device. There is a built-in screen recording feature designed in iOS. You can rely on it to record YouTube videos with high quality. Here we take recording YouTube videos on iPhone as an example.

Step 1

Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app. Scroll down to locate the Control Center option. Tap on it and then choose Customize Controls.

Step 2

Find the Screen Recording option and then tap the + icon ahead of it. By doing so, you can add the Screen Recording feature to Control Center.

Step 3

When you find a YouTube video you really want to record, you can arise the Control Center and select the Screen Recording feature. To record a YouTube video with sound, you need to tap deeply on the gray record icon and then tap Microphone.

How to Record Youtube Videos On iPhone

After you tap the Start Recording, there will be a three-second countdown before the recording. The captured YouTube video will be saved in the Photos app.

iOS Screen Recording is not working on iPhone or iPad? Here are solutions.

Part 4. FAQs of YouTube Videos Recording

Question 1. How to record a YouTube video on Mac?

When you want to free record a YouTube video on Mac, you can rely on the default screen recording tool, QuickTime Player. You can open QuickTime on Mac, click File on the menu bar and then select the New Movie Recording option to make the YouTube recording.

Question 2. How to download a YouTube video on Android phone?

To download a YouTube video on an Android phone, you need to rely on some YouTube video downloader apps. You can go to Google Play Store and get one.

Question 3. How to upload a video to YouTube?

When you want to upload and share a video to YouTube, you can sign in your YouTube account, click the video icon at the top right-hand side and choose the Upload Video option. After that, you can follow the instructions to upload your video.


How to record YouTube videos? After reading this post, you can get 3 simple ways to capture video and audio from YouTube with ease. Whether you want to record YouTube videos on Windows PC, Mac, or iPhone, you can find a suitable YouTube recorder to do it.

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