Netflix Download Not Working, Here’re Proven Ways You Can Do

Netflix Download Not Working, Here’re Proven Ways You Can Do

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August 07, 2020 16:00Posted by to Record Video

If you want to watch Netflix movies without the internet connection, you can download Netflix for offline watching. There is a download button under the Netflix video. Thus, you can download movies and TV shows on Netflix. Next time you can open the Netflix app to get offline playback. The problem is that Netflix won’t download anymore. Why Netflix download not working? Here’re the main reasons.

Netflix Download Not Working

When you choose the Download button under the Netflix video, nothing happens. You can receive an error code with “There was a problem with this download” only. What’s worse, not all Netflix videos are downloadable. But don’t worry about that. This time you can fix the Netflix download error with easy steps.

Part 1: 100% Workable Way to Download Netflix Videos

Just as above mentioned, some Netflix videos cannot be downloaded. By the way, Netflix downloads will disappear after downloading or first playing. If you want to permanently watch Netflix movies, you need to use Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. It is a video recorder that can record HD video and audio from Netflix. Those Netflix recording videos will not disappear or expire. Even though you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you can still watch Netflix movies offline. In addition, you can transfer Netflix downloads to your phone or computer unlimitedly.

Compared with Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder, you can get many professional screen recording features. For instance, you can schedule recording tasks to auto record and save streaming videos from Netflix or Twitch. Furthermore, you can take screenshots, add annotations and commentary while recording. The hardware acceleration allows users to record live streaming video without lag. Therefore, you can play and watch Netflix movies with high audiovisual quality. Well, you can get the better video quality than the direct Netflix downloads.

Step 1

Free download and install Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. To bypass Netflix not downloading, click Video Recorder in the main interface.

Video Recorder

Step 2

Open the Netflix video you want to download. Then set the screen capture area as this window. Turn on System Sound only. Thus, you can record and download Netflix movies to computer without background noise.

Tutorial Record Video

Step 3

Click REC to start recording Netflix video. You can click Stop to finish Netflix video recording. Play and trim the recording file in the Preview window. At last, click Save to download Netflix movies to MP4 format. This method always works when Netflix download fails or stuck.

All recorder Audio Files

Part 2: How to Fix Netflix Download Not Working

Netflix not downloading can be caused by many reasons. Actually, there are many different Netflix download not working or failing problems. Just read and find the correct solution here.

1. Too many devices error in Netflix

Netflix allows users to download titles to one device only. If you try to download Netflix videos to other devices, you will encounter the Netflix too many devices error. During this time, you can delete the previous download. Later, restart the Netflix app. You can download Netflix videos to other devices successfully.

2. Yearly download limit (Netflix BRL.22007)

Some content rights holders restrict the maximum download limits. There is no fast solution. If you still want to download videos from those publishers, you need to wait for a few months. Or you can use Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder to record streaming video for offline viewing.

Yearly Download Limit

3. Netflix downloads expire

The downloaded Netflix videos are available for one or two weeks. Later, there will be an Expired tag under the thumbnails of your Netflix downloads. Thus, you need to renew download to fix Netflix download error.

Netflix Download Expire

4. Netflix downloads disappear

You can find that your downloaded Netflix videos disappear or not show up secretly. Check if you turn on Smart Downloads in Netflix or not. Netflix smart downloads will delete and replace the episodes you have watched with the next episode automatically.

Netflix Smart Downloads

5. Netflix title can no longer be watched offline

Your Netflix downloads will be unavailable if you don’t watch them for a long time. To fix Netflix download not working error, you can choose Download Again in the popping-up Unavailable notification.

Netflix Downloads Unavailable

6. Other common Netflix download error codecs and related solutions

You can also see many other Netflix download error codecs, including VC2-CV2-W800700005, VC2-CV2-WC0000428, DL1-W80072EFD, VC2-CV1-MSL205032, VC2-W800A138F, DL1-W800706BA, etc. To fix Netflix download not working or won’t load problems, you can power cycle your device, update or reinstall Netflix app or restart your router to have a try.

Part 3: FAQs of Netflix Download Error

Can you transfer the downloaded Netflix movies to a USB flash drive?

No. Even though you download videos from Netflix, you can still watch videos offline within the Netflix app. Furthermore, the downloaded Netflix titles are only available on the device that you download. Thus, you cannot move or play Netflix videos on other devices.

How to delete Netflix downloads from other devices?

Visit the Netflix website. Choose Account from your profile drop-down list. Then select Manage download devices under Account Manage download devices. Here you can manage devices that save your downloaded Netflix videos.

How to fix Netflix download waiting for connectivity?

When Netflix says Connection failed, you can force quit and reopen the Netflix app. Select the Menu icon to choose About. Later, choose Network under Diagnostics. Choose Start Test to have a try. Or you can choose Reset in Netflix Settings as well.

These are all working ways to fix Netflix download not working on your phone or computer. You can get offline watching within the Netflix app. If you want to play Netflix videos on other apps without expiration, you can run Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder to record Netflix streams.

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