Top Podcast Recording Software to Record a Podcast

Top Podcast Recording Software to Record a Podcast

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Want to download a podcast on your iPhone, Android phone or computer but don’t get a download button to save it? Do you know how to record a podcast?

Whether you are at the beginning of the podcasting journey and want to record your own podcasts or download some of your favorite podcasts, you need the podcast recording software. The question is, with so many recorders offered on the market, which podcast recording software you should use?

How to Record a Podcast

Here in this post, we will give you a detailed guide of how to record a podcast. Whether you want to make the podcast recording on iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or computer, you can find suitable podcast recording software to do it.

Part 1. Podcast Recording Software to Make a Podcast on iPhone and iPad

If you are a podcast beginner and want to record a podcast with your portable iOS device like iPhone or iPad, you should first try making the podcast with one built-in voice recording app, Voice Memos. It has the capability to capture your voice clearly through microphone. You can take the following guide to record a podcast with it.

Step 1

Find and open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2

You can simply click the Record button to start your podcast recording. This iOS podcast recording software can give you a stable recording experience.

Step 3

You can directly play and edit your podcast recording file. You are allowed to delete the unnecessary parts and only save the useful ones. Your voice podcast recording will be saved in M4A format by default.

Record A Podcat On Iphone

Step 4

This podcast recording software provides you with a convenient Share feature. You can click the three-dot icon and then use it to share your podcast to others or some popular podcast hosting platforms.

You are suggested recording your podcasts with some free recorder app when you are just a beginner. If you are familiar enough with the podcast making, you can turn to some professional software and equipment.

Part 2. Podcast Recording Software to Record a Podcast on Android Phone

As an Android user, you don’t have a built-in podcast recording tool designed in Android. You need to install some third-party podcast recording app to record a podcast. There are many podcasts playing and recording apps offered in Google Play Store. If you don’t know which podcast recorder you should use, you can try the popular Podbean.

Podbean podcast app provides you with millions of popular podcast channels, including top networks like BBC, CBC, The New York Times, This American Life and more. You can directly listen to your favorite podcasts in it. Moreover, it allows you to record and create your own podcast with ease.

Step 1

Go to Google Play Store and free install this Podbean Podcast app on your Android device.

Step 2

When you want to record your own podcast, you can open Podbean and choose the record feature. You can tap the record button to start recording your podcast.

Record A Podcast On Android

Step 3

Similar to Voice Memos, you can also listen to and edit your recorded podcast file. This podcast recording software provides background music, various sound effects and powerful post production features for you to custom your podcast and enhance its quality.

Part 3. Best Podcast Recording Software to Record a Podcast on Computer

If you prefer to record and make a podcast on your Windows PC or Mac, you should also find a good audio recording tool. Here we strongly recommend the powerful Screen Recorder for you to record a podcast. It has the capability to record your favorite podcasts through system audio card with its original high sound quality. In addition, it allows you to capture your own voice from microphone.

Step 1

As we mentioned above, this podcast recording software is able to record any online podcast or capture your own voice to create a podcast. First, you can free download, install and launch it by double clicking on the download button above.

Step 2

Choose the Audio Recorder feature to record a podcast. It also enables you to record a video or take a screenshot.

Best Podcast Recording Software

Step 3

Before you start your podcast recording, you can select the audio recording source from System Sound or Microphone based on your need.

Custom Audio Recording

Step 4

Click the REC button to start the podcast recording. After recording, you can directly preview and edit the captured podcast. If you are satisfied with the recording, you can click the Save button to save it on your computer.

Preview Edit Podcast Recording

The podcast recording will be saved in MP3 format. If you want to export your recorded podcast to another format, you can go to Preferences window to change it.

Part 4. FAQs of Podcast Recording

Question 1. Is there any popular podcast hosting site?

Many different podcast hosting sites offered on the internet, such as Buzzsprout, Transistor, Castos, Captivate, Podbean, Simplecast, Resonate and more. You can go to there to access various podcasts.

Question 2. What equipment you need for podcasting?

When you want to record and create a podcast, you should first get a microphone for the podcast recording. It can help you capture your voice clearly.

Question 3. How to record a podcast on a Mac?

To record a podcast on Mac, you can rely on its default screen recording software, QuickTime Player. QuickTime is the official media player for Mac users which also carries the basic video and audio recording feature. When you have the need to screen record your Mac, you can open it and choose the New Screen Recording. Then you can click the Record button to record a podcast on Mac.


How to record a podcast? Whether you want to record a podcast on iPhone, iPad, Android device or create podcasts on computer, you can find suitable podcast recording software to do it from this post. Hope you can learn some useful information about the podcast recording after reading this page. If you still have any questions about the podcast recording, you can leave us a message.

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