YouTube to Ringtone – How to Customize the YouTube Music for Mobile

YouTube to Ringtone – How to Customize the YouTube Music for Mobile

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When you have some favorite music videos on YouTube, how to download and convert a YouTube song to ringtone on iPhone or Android phone? In order to make ringtones from YouTube videos, you have to download the videos from YouTube, customize the music file and transfer the ringtone to an iPhone or Android phone. Just learn more about the most efficient methods to make a YouTube song to a ringtone from the article.

Youtub to Ringtone

Part 1: A 100% Workable Method to Download YouTube Songs

YouTube will update the algorithm to disable the detections. The YouTube downloaders might not work within a short period of time. Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder is a workable solution to download YouTube music as a ringtone to the desired format. Moreover, you can also tweak the audio and video settings, trim the desired audio file or manage the record music files within few clicks.

How to Record YouTube Music Files to A Ringtone

Step 1Download and install the YouTube music recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the Audio Recorder menu and choose the Gear icon to tweak the audio format, audio quality and more other parameters within the Output menu.

Output Preferences

Step 2 Go back to the Audio Recorder menu to enable the System Sound option. You can also adjust the audio volume to get a satisfied effect. Just disable the Microphone option to make sure you can record YouTube music to Ringtone without any noise.

Audio Microphone Sound

Step 3After that, you can click the REC button to download the YouTube file as an MP3 or other audio format. When you get the desired music file, you can click the red square on the left to finish recording. Then you can preview and trim the audio file accordingly.

Tutorial Record Audio

Part 2: The Ultimate Method to Make A YouTube Song to A Ringtone

Once you have downloaded the YouTube music files, how do you make a YouTube music file into a ringtone and transfer to your iPhone or Android phone? AnyMP4 TransMate is an all-in-one file transfer and YouTube to ringtone maker to customize ringtone files, transfer them to a smartphone, or even edit the audio/video files with ease.

Step 1Download and install the ringtone maker, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the Toolbox menu to customize the music files as a ringtone by clicking the Add file from PC option to load the downloaded music files into the program.

Transmate Main Interface

Step 2When you get the ringtone file, you can click the Music menu and choose the Ringtones option to transfer the ringtones to the desired iPhone or Android phone. Just click the Add button to import the generated ringtones into your iPhone or Android phone accordingly.

Add Music to Phone

Step 3Once you have imported the music file or video, you can make a ringtone with the desired volume, the starting point and the ending point. Just preview the ringtone before clicking the Generate button to make a YouTube music file into a ringtone.

Phone Ringtone Maker

Step 4If you have already transferred the ringtone into the iPhone or Android phone, click the Refresh button to access the latest the music files within the smartphone. After that, you can set up the music as the default ringtone on your iPhone or Android phone.

Part 3: FAQs for Making YouTube Music to Ringtone

1. What are the Supported Ringtone Formats for iPhone and Android Phone?

When you need to convert the downloaded YouTube music files to ringtones, you should know the supported ringtone formats. M4R AAC format for iPhone and Sony Ericsson ringtones, MP3 format for most of Android ringtones, FLAC format for Blackberry and some Android ringtones, and 3GP format for 3G mobile phone.

2. How Long are the Ringtones for Android Phone and iPhone?

Android limits ringtones to 30 seconds or 300KB, while iOS limits all ringtone files to 40 seconds. If you have a ringtone longer than 40 seconds, it will not sync to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. When you make a YouTube music file to ringtone, should keep the information in mind.

3. How Do You Extend the Ringtone Time on Your Android Phone?

To extend the ring time, enter the following sequence on your Android phone, you can dial **61*101** (number of seconds: 15, 20, 25 or 30) #. After that, press the call/send button. If you want to make a long YouTube music file to ringtone for your Android phone, it should be the best solution.


When you want to customize some YouTube videos to a ringtone for your smartphone, you can learn more about 3 efficient methods to extract the videos offline. Once you have downloaded the YouTube videos, AnyMP4 TransMate enables you to customize the ringtone and transfer the file to an iPhone or Android phone directly.

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