7 Best Media Player to Enjoy All Formats on PC

7 Best Media Player to Enjoy All Formats on PC/Mac

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How to enjoy Blu-ray, DVD or downloaded videos on Windows 10 or Mac? When you use the default free media player, there might be some restrictions for the video codec. As for Windows Media Player for Windows 10, you might not able to play 3GP or MMS videos. QuickTime Media Player for Mac only supports MP4 and other limited video formats.

The article shares the top 7 free video players for Windows 10 and Mac supporting all formats. Besides the basic playback features, here are more other excellent features you should know. Just read the article and choose a desired one according to your requirements now.

7 Best Media Player to Enjoy All Formats

Part 1: Free Blu-ray Player – Free Media Player for All Formats

If you need to enjoy videos, DVDs and Blu-ray movies, Free Blu-Ray Player is a versatile free video player for all formats. Not only for the DVDs and Blu-Ray disc, but you can also watch the protected ones with ease. Moreover, it enables you to play any video format on your computer and keep 100% image quality.




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Step 1

Download and install Free Blu-ray Player. Launch the free video player for Windows 10 and click the "Open File" or "Open Disc" button to import the video, DVD disc or Blu-Ray disc into the program.

Free Blu-ray Player

Step 2

Once you import the MP4 videos, the program is able to play the movie automatically. If you want to play the DVD or Blu-Ray disc, you can also select the desired disc/folder/ISO image file.

Load Disc

Step 3

Click the "Controls" menu to select the movie title or chapter. Choose the "Audio" or "Video" menu to adjust the audio and video track, or even change the screen size according to your requirement.

Types Compatible Video Formats
DVD Discs DVD Disc, DVD movie
Blu-Ray Discs Blu-Ray Discs Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray movie

Part 2: 5KPlayer – Free Media Player for Online Stream Videos

Besides the common and HD video files, music formats, you can also play back online streaming with built-in with free AirPlay and DLNA enabled free media player and downloader, 5KPlayer. You can always enjoy the movie files without extra video and audio codec.




Part 3: ACG Player – Free Video Player with Gesture Settings

If you have a touch screen Windows PC, ACG Player is the free video player that design philosophy of Window 10. Just similar as the other media players, you can play most of the video and audio formats, it also provides gesture settings and visual effects artist.



ACG Player

Part 4: Real Player – Free Media Player with Cloud Storage

When you need to store some videos online, which you can play back with different devices, Real Player is the best free video player with RealCloud storage. It is the trusted media player that you can watch and manage videos, photos and music files.



ACG Player

Part 5: Potplayer – Solid Media Player for Advanced Users

Potplayer is another free media player that supports various video and audio formats, including the 360-degree and 3D videos, which you can fully immerse yourself in the action. Moreover, it also optimizes them for the output device of your choice.




Part 6: VLC Media Player – Versatile Media Player for Win/Mac

VLC Media Player is a versatile free media player app available on both Windows and Mac. It supports most of the audio and video formats. What is better, you can also tweak video and audio effects and synchronization according to your requirement during playback.



VLC Media Player

Part 7: KMPlayer – Free Media Player with All Settings and Options

If you do not care about a heavy-duty program with large size and long loading time, KMPlayer should be another nice free video player for Windows 10. When you get familiar with the program, it should be a great program to handle all the video and audio formats.




Bonus Tips: FAQs of Best Free Video Player for All Formats

1. Which is the best media player for 1080p videos?

From the top-7 list above, they all can play1080p. If you want the easy 1080p video player, Free Blu-ray Player is the best one. If you need a 1080p player wit more other features like download, convert, etc., 5KPlayer will be the best one. If you want to play the 1080p videos with more playback controls, ACG Player will be the best one.

2. Is there a better video player than VLC?

VLC is the reputable video player for years, but the interface is outdated and not every media format is supported by VLC. Free Blu-ray Player is a better video player than VLC. Supporting Blu-ray, DVD, and over 1000 video and audio formats, this video player gives you more control of playback. Moreover, it is the easy-to-use video player that provides the users a friendly interface to play the videos of all the formats.

3. How to play video on PC?

For playing the videos on PC, you just need the PC media player. Step 1. Download Free Blu-ray Player on PC. Step 2. Click Add File to import the video file. Then it will start playing the video on PC automatically.


If you want to enjoy the desired movies on Windows 10 and Mac, what should be the best free media players that support all formats? The article shares 7 excellent programs with advanced features. You can find the detailed reviews for these video players and get the desired one accordingly. In order to play DVDs or Blu-Ray discs, Free Blu-Ray Player is the recommended one you have to take into consideration. More suggestions about the video player app for Mac and Windows, you can feel free to leave the message in the comment.

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