Top 3 Highly Efficient Video to DVD Burners You Must Try

Top 3 Highly Efficient Video to DVD Burners You Must Try

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Digital Versatile Disc, commonly known as DVD, is frequently used storage in the past decades. However, since technology is advancing, external hard drives, USB, and even cloud storage have become popular. These portable devices may seem outdated for some, but cases will arise that you will regret that you have taken them for granted.

In an instance, your friends ask you to give them a copy of your recorded videos during high school. They want to revisit your moments together with them while singing songs, going out on the beach, the crazy dance moves in your JS Prom, and more. In that way, you need to burn the files on a DVD and send them individual copies. In this guidepost, you will learn to create DVD from video files as quickly as 1, 2, 3.

Burn Video To DVD

Part 1. How to Burn Video to DVD

1. AnyMP4 DVD Creator

First on the list is the AnyMP4 DVD Creator. For many years now, this has been the go-to for beginners and professionals in burning their files on DVD. This offline tool is known for its versatility because, aside from DVD burning, it can perform well with Blu-ray files.

Besides that, its distinctive feature is that you can also edit your videos through the power tools.

Last but not least, you may turn personal footage more special by customizing templates to your DVD menu. The sky's the limit from Christmas, birthday, summer, and even your photograph! Follow the steps below to see the wonders of AnyMP4 DVD Creator.

Step 1

Install the Program

You should have the tool for yourself before anything else. Click the Free Download buttons below based on your device operating system and wait for it to be saved. Then, follow the setup wizard of the program to install. Or, you can simply hit the link below:

Step 2

Import the Footage

Next, click the DVD disc from the pop-up window. After that, click the Add Media File(s) that you see on the center of the interface. Scan your computer folder and select the video that you want to burn. Then, click Open. As an important note, the duration of your video must be 5 seconds longer, or else the program will not perform the burning.

Add DVD Creator

Step 3

Configure the DVD

When you are done importing the file, drop down the Disc Type and choose the appropriate disc you will be using. The Aspect Ratio refers to how wide your footage is while the Video Quality may range from low to high. Select the Power Tools button to edit your video files. You can merge clips, add subtitles, edit audio, and put a thumbnail on your footage.

Configure DVD Creator

Step 4

Enhance The File

After that, click the Next button. On the interface, you can choose from the different menu templates available. Just tick the No Menu box if you do not want to have one. Hit the Burn button to proceed.

Enhance DVD Creator

Step 5


Mount your blank disc on the tray and tick the Burn to Disc option to start the process. Then, choose your TV Standard and the Playback Mode. When done, hit Start.

Burn DVD Creator



2. WinX DVD Author

Winx DVD Author can do the job to back up your videos successfully. This offline tool supports most video formats like MP4, VOB, AVI, MPEG, XviD and quickly convert and burn them to DVD. What is more, even a non-techy person does not have to fret while authoring a DVD because the tool contains a built-in wizard to guide them.

WinX DVD Tool

Step 1

Launching the software is the first thing you have to do. When the main interface shows up, click the Video DVD Author from the options given and mount the blank disc on the tray.

Step 2

Click the Plus sign and select the clip you want to burn. After importing the file, you will see it on the left panel of the interface. Then, choose your preferred aspect ratio and tick/untick the box to Create a DVD Menu depending on your preference.

Step 3

After that, click the Next button to proceed in the burning process. Configure the settings, such as the Encoder Engine, Write Speed, and the Output Format. After that, hit Start. The tray will automatically open when it is finished.



3. Ashampoo Burning Studio

Another tool you can try to burn videos to DVD in your Windows-operated devices is the Ashampoo Burning Studio. Unlike the other DVD burners that are complex and hard to navigate, this program receives tons of commendations for its simplicity. What is more, this offline tool contains a built-in ripper so you can transfer your file from the DVD straight to your computer. But above all else, you can burn DVD files without slipping a dollar on your hands because Ashampoo Burning Studio is free of charge.

Ashampoo Tool Interface

Step 1

To begin, launch the program on your device. Then, click the Burn Data and select New Disc from the drop-down options. To import the files or folder on your project, click the Plus icon on the upper left portion of the interface.

Step 2

When done, select all the files that you intend to burn on DVD and click the Add button to verify. Moreover, you can check the duration of your video clip at the bottom of the interface., For the tool to proceed to the burning process, hit Next.

Step 3

Get your blank disc and mount it on your DVD tray. The Disc Status will show a Check icon if the disc is suitable for burning. Change the speed to 8x and hit the Write DVD button to start the process. Once done, just repeat the first step to do another project.



Part 2. The Freeway to Convert TS to GIF

What is the difference between DVD and Blu-ray Disc?

DVD and Blu-ray are both considered portable storage devices. While you cannot tell the difference when you look at the physical discs, it is really a matter of their storage capacity and the type of video quality they can hold. Typically DVDs have at least 4.7 gigabytes, while Blu-ray discs can store data up to 50 GB.

Where can I play my DVD videos?

If you want to play a DVD file on your TV, you need to connect a physical DVD player first. As for computers, the built-in player on the device can easily read the disc. Also, you can also try using VLC Media Player. But you may encounter problems of VLC not playing DVDs sometimes.

How much is the cost of a DVD tape?

In today’s time, the price of DVD tapes is significantly lower than any modern storage device in the market. However, the cost of DVD tape may vary from the storage capacity but is still affordable.


What a piece of cake! Now that you learned that you could burn any video file to DVD, go and install a program for yourself. What is more, you are backing up your videos in a cheaper way. Of course, we understand how you want to go for the best, and AnyMP4 DVD Creator is what we recommend the most. Its outstanding and robust features will help you customize your DVD menu, edit clips, and author without hassle.

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