Easiest Way to Fix Instagram Not Playing Sound [Problem Solved]

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If you love surfing, then maybe one of the social media apps you use is Instagram. The application lets you watch various videos, which can be entertaining. However, there are times when the videos are not producing sounds. With that, it can bring dissatisfaction to the users. So, if you want to know the different reasons for that kind of struggle, it is best to read the post. Also, after discussing various reasons, we will teach you how to fix the problem. Therefore, see this post and discover how to fix Instagram not playing sound.

Instagram Video Not Playing Sound

Part 1. Why Instagram Video is Not Playing Sound

There are different reasons why audio from an Instagram video is not playing. It can be a network issue, app-related, device, and more. So, if you want to know why videos are not producing any sounds, grab the chance to read the detailed information below.

Device-related Issues

Application-related Issue

Video-related Issue

The abovementioned discussion is about the possible reasons why Instagram audio is not playing. Also, after giving the reason, you discovered a possible way to get rid of a certain problem. So, if you encounter this kind of situation when using an Instagram application, all you need is to read the discussion above.

Part 2. Quickest Solution to Fix Instagram Video Not Playing Sound

As we have told you, one of the problems why you can’t play audio when playing Instagram videos is the video-related issue itself. There is a chance that the video is corrupted. In that case, you will need the help of AnyMP4 Video Repair, chosen by Blu-ray Master. The program can offer a simple repair process that all users, especially beginners, can use. Also, the program’s main interface is understandable enough for all. All you need is to upload a sample video and the corrupted one. With that, the software will begin the repairing process, which only takes a few seconds. What’s more, you can access AnyMP4 Video Repair on your Windows and Mac. So, if you want to solve your problem, you can follow the simple procedure below.

Step 1.Get the AnyMP4 Video Repair installed on your Windows or Mac computers. After that, run it to see its main user interface.

Step 2.Ensure that the Instagram video is already downloaded on your computer. Then, upload the Instagram video file, along with the sample video.

Add the IG Video and Sample

Step 3.After uploading the two video files, navigate to the button interface and click the Repair option.

Click Repair Option

Step 4.If the result already shows up, click Save to completely save the fixed video on your computer. Then, you can already play the video with audio.

Click Save Button

Part 3. Manual Solutions to Fix Instagram Video Not Playing Sound

Solution 1. Reinstall the Application

One of the effective solutions to fix Instagram not playing sound is to reinstall the application. Reinstalling the app can help you delete any data from the app itself. Also, it can help you get the latest version of the Instagram app.

Solution 2. Clear the Instagram App Cache

Another solution is to clear the cache of the Instagram application. With that, the app will become as fresh and as good as new. To clear the cache, go to the settings menu and press the app option. Then, search the Instagram app and navigate to the storage section. Then, click the clear cache option.

Clear Cache IG

Solution 3. Force Stop and Restart the App

If you are still encountering problems with your application, especially with video/audio playback errors, try to force-stop Instagram. Sometimes, restarting the app can remove and eliminate some glitches that may cause video/audio playback errors.

Force Stop IG

Solution 4. Restart Phone

Sometimes, the problem is not the Instagram application. There are times when there are glitches on your phone that may cause audio errors when playing videos. If so, you can try to restart the phone. With that, it is possible that temporary glitches may be removed.

Part 4. FAQs about Instagram Video Not Playing Sound

Wrapping up

If Instagram is not playing sound, you can fix it by reading this post. We discussed the reasons why you can’t play sound, along with the best solution to follow. Also, if you want to repair the video for smooth video and audio playback, use AnyMP4 Video Repair. It lets you fix and repair the corrupted video file on your computer. With that, you can already play an Instagram video with sound.

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