What is WinX DVD Copy Pro: Description, Pros, Cons, and Alternative

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WinX DVD Copy Pro is widely used nowadays. With the help of this program, you can duplicate your DVD in less than an hour. But that is not the only capability of the program. It can give various functions you can enjoy when utilizing it. So, if you want to explore everything about WinX DVD Copy Pro, we are here to guide you. This detailed review will help you to dig deeper into the program’s capabilities. We also included the best WinX DVD Copy Pro alternative you can use. With that, you will have more options when duplicating DVDs. Without anything else, come here and begin reading the whole content of this post.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Review

Part 1. What is WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro is one of the versatile DVD Copiers developed and designed by Digiarty Software. It has a modest tech requirement, making it an ideal DVD copy tool. It is also accessible on Windows 2000 up to the latest version of Windows operating systems, including Windows 11. The program can also provide 9 copy modes, including extracting only the video and audio and duplicating a DVD with a single drive. What’s more, WinX DVD Copy Pro is reliable, fast, and capable of different disc types. It can even deal with scratched and 99-table DVDs. Aside from that, it can preserve the original video and audio quality. With that, you can tell that the program can ensure a smooth and excellent performance. What’s the best thing here is that the software is simple to navigate. Its functions are easy to understand, making it suitable for any type of user.

To give you more idea about the features of WinX DVD Copy Pro, see all of its capabilities below.

Full DVD to DVD Backup

Full DVD to DVD

After using the program, we discovered various features you can enjoy. One of the core features of WinX DVD Copy Pro is the Full DVD to DVD-to-DVD backup. With this feature, you can copy a DVD to a blank disc for safe storage. The good thing here is that you can copy a DVD without affecting its original quality. We also tried various things when using the program. While exploring, we have learned that WinX DVD Copy Pro can copy DVD 9 to DVD9, DVD5 to DVD5, and more. It can also clone intact DVD audio-video data to blank DVDs.

Clone DVD to VIDEO_TS or ISO Folder

Clone DVD to ISO

Another great feature we have discovered upon using WinX DVD Copy Peo is its capability to clone DVDs to another file, such as ISO and VIDEO_TS folder. While cloning, the program ensures that it won't decrease the quality of the content from the DVD. It can also preserve various data, including the Menus, Languages, and Subtitles. Moreover, the DVD backup software can remove unnecessary procedures with the help of an enhanced DVD to IS copy engine. With that, it can produce better outcomes while consuming less time.

DVD Burner and ISO Mounter

DVD Burner ISO Mounter

While exploring, we found out that the WinX DVD Copy Pro is also capable of burning DVDs and mounting ISO files. With the help of this built-in DVD burner and ISO mounter, you can mount and burn them to DVDs, making the process possible and easy. In addition to that, when mounting an ISO file, the software can create a virtual drive. With that, the cloned and duplicated DVD ISO image is virtualized as the original disc is loaded into the drive.

Part 2. Good Things about WinX DVD Copy Pro

Simple User Interface

Simple User Interface


After launching the program, we already knew that we could navigate its functions easily and smoothly. This is because the program has an easy-to-understand user interface. You can already see all of the options you need for copying, cloning, or duplicating your DVD. In addition to that, the cloning process is simple and fast. In just a few minutes, you can already get your preferred outcome when using the program. Therefore, based on our own experience, we can tell that WinX DVD Copy Pro software is among the programs that are perfect for both beginners and skilled users.

Wide Range Copy Modes


What we like about WinX DVD Copy Pro is its capability to copy DVDs in different ways. As we have our discovery about the program, it gives us excitement while trying all of its features. With that, we also discovered that it can copy/clone DVDs. It can copy DVDs to DVD, ISO, and VIDEO_TF Folder. So, if you want to store data for backup purposes, you can rely on this software.

Extract Video and Audio

Extract Video and Audio


Another capability we can enjoy is the video and audio extract feature. With this good advantage, you can extract only the video or audio from the DVD. As a result, you can remove or take out any content without getting everything.

Accept DVD in Any Region Code


The most exciting part here is that no matter what region code the DVD has, WinX DVD Copy Pro can still support it. With that, you can insert any DVD type or region into the program for burning, copying, and extracting contents.

Part 3. What We Don’t Like about WinX DVD Copy Pro

Limited Feature

When using the free version of the program, you can only use the limited features. So, it is best to get the paid version to enjoy more features, such as enhanced video processing, advanced copy modes, advanced DVD handling, and more.

Large File Size

When accessing the program, ensure that you have enough computer storage space. The WinX DVD Copy Pro has a large file size, which may affect its performance on your device.

Part 4. Final Verdict

As our final verdict, WinX DVD Copy Pro download is considered a powerful DVD copier. It lets you copy or clone DVDs to DVD, ISO, VIDEO_TS Folders, and more. You can also extract video and audio content from the DVD easily. What’s more, the program has a simple user interface, which is suitable for beginners and professionals. However, you also need to know that the software has some drawbacks. When using the free version, you can only experience limited functions. So, you have to get its paid version. Also, you must have enough storage space since the program has a large file size. Having enough storage space will let you enjoy a good performance from the program.

Part 5. Best Alternative to WinX DVD Copy Pro

If you are still looking for another program with the same capability as the WinX DVD Copy Pro, then use AnyMP4 DVD Copy, chosen by Blu-ray Master. With this program, you can also copy DVDs most easily. Also, copying DVDs using the software is faster than WinX DVD Copy Pro. In just a few minutes, you can already get your final output. Another thing here is that the program won’t damage the quality of the file. You can still get the original quality after the process. Plus, the process is also simple since its main user interface is understandable. So, no matter if you are on an elementary level, you can still operate the program. Lastly, the program is more accessible compared with WinX DVD Copy Pro. The DVD Copy software is workable on both Windows and Mac computers, which is more convenient. With that, if you are a Mac user, you can enjoy the features of this program.

Best Alternative to Winx

Part 6. FAQs about WinX DVD Copy Pro

Wrapping up

With this WinX DVD Copy Pro review, you have given a lot of information that may help you, especially for copying and backing up DVDs. You also discovered various features, advantages, and drawbacks from the software. What’s more, the post introduced the best alternative to use, which is the AnyMP4 DVD Copy. So, if you are looking for an accessible program, this program is the right choice for you.

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