5 Easy Ways to Download and Convert Vimeo to MP4

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It seems like an old tradition that we all prefer to download some videos for later playback or other usages, rather than just view them online. When you see useful and funny Vimeo videos, you may also want to save them on your computer. This post like to share 5 effective ways to help you download and convert Vimeo to MP4.

Vimeo to MP4

Vimeo is a popular video-sharing platform that allows users to watch, create and share high-quality videos. Its monthly viewers add up to approximately 170 million. It offers a great place to access various professional contents. Compared with YouTube, Vimeo gives you more control over the video content in terms of personalization and customization.

Surely you can find lots of videos you want to download from Vimeo. The following guide will show you how to directly download Vimeo MP4 videos, rip and convert Vimeo file to MP4.

Part 1. Download Vimeo MP4 Videos

Similar to the YouTube video downloading, there are many online video downloaders including free ones that can help you download Vimeo file to MP4. Here we introduce you with the popular Vimeo Downloader to save Vimeo videos in MP4 format.

Step 1

Open your browser like Chrome, IE, Safari or Firefox, and navigate to the Vimeo to MP4 downloader page. When you get there, you can see a white box offered for you to put Vimeo link in.

Vimeo to MP4 Downloader

Step 2

Open Vimeo and find the specific video you want to download. Then copy its video address.

Step 3

Back to the online Vimeo to MP4 downloader tool and then paste the copied Vimeo URL into the white box. Click on the red SUBMIT button to analyze this video.

Step 4

Vimeo Downloader allows you to download Vimeo video to MP4, preview Vimeo video, convert Vimeo to MP3, and take a thumbnail JPG file. Here you can click the Download Video button.

Download Vimeo to MP4 Online

Step 5

You will be guided to a new Vimeo video playing window. Click the 3-dots More button in the bottom right corner, choose Download option to save the Vimeo file as an MP4 video.

Download Vimeo MP4

You can see some ads in this free online Vimeo MP4 downloader. But these ads won’t interrupt the Vimeo file to MP4 downloading.

Part 2. Download Vimeo MP4 by Recording

You should know that, not all Vimeo videos can be analyzed and downloaded with the Vimeo Downloader above. Considering that many Vimeo videos are relatively short, so you can choose to download Vimeo content through recording way.

Here we strongly recommend a free Vimeo MP4 recording tool, Free Online Screen Recorder for you. It is able to record any Vimeo video with high quality and save it as an MP4 file. Besides Vimeo, it also enables you to capture videos from YouTube, Netflix, Vevo, Facebook and more.

Step 1

Go to this free online Vimeo MP4 video recording software on your browser. Click Launch Free Recorder button to download and install a small launcher file. Then you can see the main recording window appears.

Free Online Screen Recorder

Step 2

Open Vimeo site and find the video you like to download. Then arise the recorder and adjust the recording area based on it. You can also custom the audio recording source.

Step 3

The recorded Vimeo video will be automatically saved in MP4 format by default. So, you can directly click on the REC button to start the recording process.

Record Vimeo MP4 Video

Step 4

For more recording settings, you can click on the Settings icon. You can custom the output video format, quality, hotkeys, video codec and more.

Recording Settings

This free online screen recorder can work as a streaming video recorder to save online videos and music.

Part 3. Download Vimeo to MP4 with Browser Extension

You should know that, there are some browser extensions that can also download MP4 videos from Vimeo. Here we introduce you with the popular Chrome extension, VIDFROM Vimeo Downloader. It is an online extension that will help you convert Vimeo to MP4 with ease.

Step 1

Go to the Chrome Web Store on your Chrome browser. Search for the VIDFROM Vimeo Downloader extension. When you find it, click the Add to Chrome button on the top-right to install it.

Vidform Vimeo Downloader

Step 2

After the Vimeo MP4 downloader extension installing, you can refresh the browser and then find the Vimeo video you want to download. Click the extension icon and you will see some downloading options.

Download Vimeo MP4 with Extension

Step 3

You can choose your preferred one, and then click the Download button next to it to start the Vimeo MP4 video downloading. After that, you will be taken to the preview window. Here you should click the More icon and then choose Download to confirm your operation.

Part 4. Professional Downloader to Save Vimeo MP4

Similar to the online Vimeo MP4 downloaders or converters, there are also some desktop software that can help you download MP4 videos from Vimeo. SnapDownloader is a powerful Vimeo downloading tool which can help you download and convert Vimeo MP4 videos in 8K, 4K, QHD, 1080p HD, and other resolutions.

Step 1

Go to the official site of SnapDownloader, select a right version and then install it on your computer. Launch it and use the free trial.

Open SnapDownloader

Step 2

Open Vimeo and locate the content you like to download. Copy its video address.

Step 3

Back to the SnapDownloader and paste the copied video link into search box. It will automatically analyze the Vimeo video. Select the suitable video format and output quality, and then click the Download button.

Download Convert Vimeo to MP4

Step 4

You can click Downloads tab to access the downloading process and downloaded Vimeo files. Through our tests, there are still many Vimeo videos can’t be analyzed by this downloader. The downloading process takes really long time to complete. What’s worse, you may easily get the download error.

Vimeo MP4 Download Error

Part 5. Free Convert Vimeo File to MP4 Online

For some downloaded local Vimeo videos, you can use Free Online Video Converter to convert Vimeo to MP4. This Vimeo to MP4 converter supports all Vimeo formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV and more.

Step 1

Open the online Vimeo to MP4 converter on your browser.

Step 2

Click Launch Free Converter to quickly install a small launcher file for the Vimeo to MP4 converting. Upload your Vimeo file to it from the pop-up window.

Free QuickTime to MP4 Converter

Step 3

Select MP4 as the target format and then click Convert button to start the Vimeo video to MP4 conversion.

Convert to MP4 Online

Part 6. FAQs of Vimeo to MP4

Is Vimeo an MP4?

No. Vimeo supports many video formats including MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV and more. So you may not download a Vimeo video file in MP4.

Is Vimeo free to use?

Yes. Vimeo offers a basic and free membership. It allows you to browse and watch unlimited videos. What’s more, you have 5GB storage to upload high-quality videos.

Can I live stream with Vimeo?

Yes. But you need a Vimeo Premium plan to live stream with Vimeo.


We have mainly talked about Vimeo to MP4 in this post. You can get 5 useful tips to download and convert Vimeo file to MP4. For more questions about the Vimeo MP4 videos downloading or Vimeo to MP4 converting, you can leave us a message.

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