How to Convert YouTube Videos to HD AVI Format without Quality Loss

How to Convert YouTube Videos to HD AVI Format without Quality Loss

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When converting YouTube videos, you might be facing oceans of choices since there are too many multimedia formats on market. It is well-known that AVI is a lossless video format used to store high definition contents without compressing. It is a great choice if you want to enjoy YouTube videos in high quality offline. The new question is how to download and convert YouTube videos to AVI format. This guide will answer the question in detail.

YouTube to AVI

Part 1: How to Convert Downloaded YouTube to AVI

Method 1: Convert YouTube to AVI on Desktop

There are a lot of YouTube downloaders online, but only a few of them can export AVI files. Chances are that you just get a MP4 video from the YouTube address. At such time, Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate can help you a lot.

Main Features of the Best YouTube to AVI Converter

How to Convert YouTube Videos to AVI

Step 1

Add YouTube videos

Run the best YouTube to AVI converter once you install it on your computer. Then click the Add Files menu and follow the instructions to import all download YouTube videos that you wish to watch in AVI.

Add File

Step 2

Set output format

Click and expand the drop-down list next to Convert All to, select AVI in the Video tab, and pick a preset. You can also change each option by hitting the Gear icon.

Profile Format

Step 3

Convert YouTube to AVI

Locate the bottom area in the interface, and click the Folder icon to set a specific folder to store the AVI output. Finally, click on the Convert All button at bottom right side to begin converting YouTube to AVI.

Convert All

Method 2: How to Convert YouTube to AVI Online

Sometimes, you just do not like to install YouTube to AVI converter software on your hard disk. Blu-ray Master Free Online Video Converter is an alternative solution. It is free and works online completely.

Step 1

Open in your browser. Click Launch Free Converter button to get the launcher.

Download Launcher

Step 2

Click Add File menu on the launcher and uploader several YouTube videos. Go to the bottom area and select AVI.

Convert MP3 MP4

Step 3

Hit the Convert button and wait for the process to complete. Then download the AVI files to your computer.

Convert Complete

On top that, you can also use this online video converter to convert MOV files to MP4 easily and quickly.

Part 2: Top 5 Online Apps to Download YouTube to AVI

Online YouTube to AVI converter is a convenient choice to download and convert online videos to AVI directly. However, they are usually not stable and you’d better learn more than one app.

Method 1: Convert YouTube to AVI with FLVTO

FLVTO has been around for years. It lets you to download a YouTube video to AVI or other popular formats through the URL. Moreover, it is available in dozens of languages.

FLVTO Converter

Step 1

Open a browser, copy and paste in the address bar and press Enter key to go to the home page.

Step 2

Create a new tab and find the YouTube video that you want to convert to AVI. Copy the video address and put it into the box on FLVTO.

Step 3

Make sure to select AVI from the dropdown list and click Convert To button to begin converting YouTube to AVI. When prompted, hit Download to get the AVI file.

Method 2: Download YouTube to AVI on Ytbto

Ytbto is an online YouTube to AVI downloader and converter. Similar to FLVTO, it does the job through a URL. Plus, it does not require any technical skill since no custom options on the webpage.

Ytbto Homepage

Step 1

Visit in your web browser directly. Or you can visit Ytbto website and find the AVI converter.

Step 2

Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video to convert to AVI into the box and press the Convert it button.

Step 3

Wait for the process to finish, click the Download button next to AVI file and save it to your hard drive.

Method 3: Convert YouTube Video to AVI by Clip Converter

Clip Converter is a well-known YouTube to AVI downloader and converter online. It was shut down for several times, but you can still use it until now. However, it just extracts video files from the URL. If the address does not contain AVI, you won’t get it.

Clip Converter

Step 1

Access in a browser to open the home page.

Step 2

SPut the YouTube video address that you wish to watch in AVI offline into the box and click GO button.

Step 3

After loading, you will get a list contains all video files in the address. Click the Download button next to AVI file if there is one.

Method 4: Convert YouTube to AVI via Online Video Converter

As its name indicated, Online Video Converter is a video converter app online. The good point is that you can convert a video address to AVI directly.

Vided Converter

Step 1

Open in your browser. Paste the YouTube video address into the box.

Step 2

Click and unfold the Format dropdown list and choose avi under Video Format. It also allows you to decide the video quality in More Settings.

Step 3

Hit the Start button to begin analyzing video from URL and convert it to AVI. Finally, download the result.

Method 5: Convert YouTube to AVI Using Y2mate

Y2mate is last but not the least option to download YouTube in AVI video. It just a YouTube downloader but not converter, so you cannot get a AVI file if the URL does not include one.

Vided Converter

Step 1

Put into the address bar of your browser and press Enter key to visit the YouTube downloader.

Step 2

Copy and paste the video address into the box and click the download icon to begin extracting video files.

Step 3

After that, you will get a list with all files downloadable. Pick the AVI video and download it to your hard drive.

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Part 3: FAQs about YouTube to AVI

Is it legal to convert YouTube to AVI?

It is not legal if you download YouTube videos to AVI for commercial purpose. When it comes to personal use, there is no regulation involved.

Is online YouTube converter app safe?

It is difficult to answer. The YouTube to AVI downloader and convert apps we shared above are safe to use since we have tested all of them in our lab.

Why I cannot download YouTube video online?

Firstly, YouTube has performed serious copyright regulations, so you cannot download the encrypted videos anymore. Moreover, you need a verified YouTube downloader to do the job, which enjoys higher success rate.


This guide has shared top 7 ways to download and convert YouTube videos to AVI format, so that you can enjoy them without losing quality. The web apps are not reliable, so we shared five verified YouTube converters online. If you can just download MP4 from YouTube, don’t worry, Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate can help you convert them to AVI easily. Moreover, it is pretty easy to use. More problems? Welcome to leave your message below this post.

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