MKV to AVI – 2 Best Ways to Convert MKV to AVI without Losing Quality

MKV to AVI – 2 Best Ways to Convert MKV to AVI without Losing Quality

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Why should you convert MKV to AVI? Both MKV and AVI are two popular video formats. When you download some movies and TV shows, you should find the files in MKV format. But the lossless MKV files are large and use a large resource for playback. To play the movies without stuck or playback the files on other devices, you have to convert MKV to AVI instead.

Since AVI does not retain the sharpness, contrast, and colors of the original video, the device does not need lots of resources to playback the movies when you convert MKV to AVI. Moreover, since the AVI is a video container that supports all video codec, you can preserve the original quality compared to MP4 or other video formats.


Part 1. How to Convert MKV to AVI Online for Free

If you just need to convert some simple MKV files for an Android phone, Free Online Video Converter is the online MKV to AVI converter that converts video files without size limitation. Moreover, it enables you to adjust the videos with various aspects, such as the length and the resolution. Just learn more details about how to convert MKV to AVI online for free as below.

Step 1

Go to the Free Online Video Converter with any web browser, you can click the Launch Free Converter button in the middle of the page to import the MKV files into the online program.

Download Launcher

Step 2

Choose the AVI option from the bottom of the user interface. Besides, you can also set the video encoder, frame rate, resolution, video bitrate, and other settings by clicking the Gear icon.

Convert AVI

Step 3

Click the Convert to start converting your MKV file to AVI. Choose the location to save the converted AVI video. The converting process will start automatically. When the converting is finished, the AVI file will be saved on your computer.

Part 2. How to Convert MKV to AVI without Losing Quality

Video Converter Ultimate is the ultimate MKV to AVI converter that enables you to convert various video and audio formats. Different from the online MKV to AVI converter, it supports 1080P or 4K videos. Moreover, you can personalize the MKV video with various parameters. Moreover, you can also rotate, edit, trim, crop, and merge the MKV according to your requirements.

Step 1

Download and launch Video Converter Ultimate from the official website. Choose the Converter menu and click the Add Files on the interface to add the MKV file you decide to convert. You can drag several MKV videos from your hard drive directly to this program.

Add Files

Step 2

Then you need to set the information of the output file. Click the format field on the right side of the interface. Then a list of types of files will show up. Choose the AVI option and set the file settings. Moreover, you can also choose the AVI HD file, or even select the desired device you want to convert.

File Format

Step 3

You can click the Scissors icon to edit the video part of the MKV files. Set the start frame and the end frame to extract the video part you want to reduce the size of the MKV files. Of course, you can also combine multiple MKV files into one AVI file by checking the Merge into one file option.

Step 4

Choose the destination location for the converted MKV files. Then click the Convert All button at the bottom to start the MKV to AVI converting process. After the process is finished, you can find the AVI files in the folder that you set.

Part 3. FAQs about convert MKV to AVI

1. What is the difference between MKV and AVI?

MKV vs AVI. AVI support multiple video or audio streams based on the codecs when MKV stores multiple tracks of audio, video and subtitles. AVI is commonly used for most video players, mobiles, and other devices, but MKV is not suitable for tablets or mobiles because of the large size. It is the reason that you need to convert MKV to AVI.

2. Is it the best solution to converting MKV to AVI with the best quality?

It depends. MKV supports H.264/AVC and HEVC/H.265, which are not supported by AVI. When you find the video codec as H.264/AVC or HEVC/H.265, instead of converting MKV to AVI, you need to convert MKV to MP4 or other video formats to preserve the original video quality.

3. Can the VLC Media Player convert MKV to AVI?

Yes. You can convert MKV to AVI in VLC Media Player by clicking the Media button and then find the Convert/Save. Click the Add button and find the location of the MKV video file, then import the file. Choose AVI in the Settings option and select the location you want to save the AVI file. Click the Convert button to convert the file.


When you need to convert MKV files to AVI video format on Windows and Mac, you can learn more about the 2 verified methods from this article. If you also want to edit the AVI files, merge different MKV files, convert MKV to mobile devices, or preserve the best video quality, Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice you can download and try. If you have any queries, you can feel free to leave a comment.

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