An Insight About BUP File: What is Its Importance for DVDs

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Certain files are meant to be opened by certain applications, and now you have encountered a BUP file, you also wonder if this is also the case. But what is a BUP file? And why is it important to learn about its purpose? You are in the right place since this article talks about BUP files, providing you with comprehensive steps on how to use or convert them. Let’s begin.

What Is a BUP File

Parte 1. Part 1. What is a BUP File

A BUP file is a backup file used by different applications to ensure no important data is lost. You'll most commonly encounter .bup files on DVDs, where they act as a safety net for information stored in IFO files. IFO files hold crucial data about the DVD's content, like menus, chapters, and audio/video tracks. If the IFO file gets corrupted, the BUP file steps will allow the DVD player to access the information it needs to function properly.

Parte 2. Part 2. BUP VS VOB VS IFO VS TS

Working on DVDs will likely introduce you to various file types, especially DVD BUP, VOB, IFO, and TS. These are a bit complicated, but here is a short breakdown of these files and their functions.


The BUP file on DVD contains an exact copy of the vital information stored in an IFO file. If the IFO file gets scratched or corrupted, the BUP file swoops in, ensuring the DVD player has the correct data for a smooth video playback


This type of file holds the actual video and audio data of a DVD movie, like the visual and audio tracks on media. However, VOB files are often split into smaller chunks to fit on the DVD and ensure compatibility with older players.


You could say IFO is the DVD’s instructor since it contains crucial instructions for the player, like chapter markers, subtitles, menus, etc. It tells the player where to find everything and in what order.


This term isn't a separate file type but rather a reference within the VIDEO_TS folder, the main directory on a DVD. It acts like a chapter heading in a book, indicating a specific section of the movie. It helps identify and organize the different parts of the movie on the DVD.

Parte 3. Part 3. How to Play BUP Files

If you are looking for a BUP file player, then Reproductor Blu-ray is the best choice for Windows and Mac. The media player is set to read data over DVDs, so VOB, IFO, and BUP files will play videos smoothly. Of course, you can expect a clean interface where all playback controls and visual effects can be used for optimizing the desktop streaming. On top of that, it also supports a wide range of formats, so it is easy to play any type of media, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, MP3, AAC, etc.

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Paso 1.Download and install the BUP DVD player on your PC and launch it. Grab our DVD and insert it into the optical drive. Click the Disco abierto button to import.

Blu Ray Player Open Disc

Paso 2.The option includes playing a movie, chapter, or title. Choose one, and the Blu-ray Player will automatically stream it.

Blu Ray Player Automatically Play Bup

Paso 3.The settings can be easily adjusted using the options at the upper part of the interface. Go to the Audio menu to select a new track or adjust the volume level. Go to the Tools menu to change the video effects or language. Once done, enjoy the show.

Blu Ray Player Audio Video Effects

That’s how quickly you can stream BUP files from DVDs. Blu-ray Player allows any type of DVD files, and will undoubtedly give you the highest playback quality. Click Free Download to get this amazing BUP DVD player on your PC.

Parte 4. Part 4. How to Convert .BUP Files to .mov/.mp4

A common question asked is if there is a BUP file converter to MP4. Unfortunately, there is none because BUP can’t be converted directly to a common video file. What you can do is use Extractor de DVD by Blu-ray Master to convert DVDs and VOB files to videos like MP4, MKV, HEVC, etc., and then you can extract BUP files from them. The desktop tool consists of excellent features that help to rip and convert DVDs and will gladly keep important data, such as DVD menus, titles, chapters, audio tracks, and more. It also has customization options so that you can pick your preferred resolution, video bitrate, size, etc. DVD Ripper is a top-rated choice for DVD ripping on Windows and Mac.

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Paso 1.Download and install DVD Ripper on your computer. When it is started running, insert the disc and wait until it is detected. Click the Cargar disco button to import the DVD movies with BUP files to rip.

Disco de carga del extractor de DVD

Paso 2.Once the movies are uploaded, navigate to Format and choose the desired output formats. To change further output settings, click the Perfil personalizado button at the bottom of the main interface.

DVD Ripper Output Formats

Paso 3.Before ripping, select the location folder from the Save To menu. Finally, click rasgar todo, and the BUP converter will process it automatically.

Extractor de DVD Extraer todo

Now, you have discovered how to convert BUP files to MP4, MOV, and others. No need to look for a BUP file converter online because DVD Ripper will extract DVD content in just one click.

Parte 5. Part 5. How to Burn BUP Files to DVD

The BUP files from movies can be burned on discs by using Creador de DVD. It helps you transfer video and audio data from Windows or Mac to a blank disc, including important content, such as video, resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and so on. Since it is essential to edit media files, the desktop software offers customization with menus, templates, cropping, and other editing tools. On top of that, it has the newest technology for a fast-speed process. Download the best DVD creator, or try it now by clicking the Download button.

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Paso 1.Download DVD Creator and install it on your computer. Launch the software and insert a blank disk into the compartment. Once done, choose the DVD Disc option and click the Agregar archivos multimedia button to import the BUP, VOB, or IFO files.

DVD Creator Agregar archivos multimedia

Paso 2.Access the Powerful Tools menu in the upper right corner. There, different kinds of editing features can be used to crop, trim, merge, and split clips. Proceed to select the Disc Type, Aspect Ratio, and Video Quality at the bottom part.

Herramientas eléctricas para crear DVD

Paso 3.The next thing you will have to work on is creating a DVD menu. The good thing is that there are templates to choose from, which are also customizable, so you can edit them as you prefer. Other options include adding background music, image background, and opening film. Preview, then click the Burn button.

Vista previa de la plantilla de menú de DVD Creator

Etapa 4.Since you are burning the videos into a disc, tick the checkbox for the Burn to Disc option. Select the desired TV standards and how many copies you want, then click the Comenzar button to initiate the burning process. It will only take a few moments, and then the BUP and other files will be burning to your new disc.

Inicio de salida de DVD Creator

DVD Creator makes your dream disc in high quality with just a few clicks. You will only need to look for a BUP player and enjoy the high-quality burned movies.

Parte 6. Part 6. FAQs about BUP File


In this article, you have read what a BUP file is and how it is important for DVDs. While it serves as a backup file for IFO, BUP is only meant to activate when IFO is corrupted, allowing a BUP player to play DVDs correctly. But if you want to rip or burn this file type, you will need professional help, such as DVD Ripper and DVD Creator by Blu-ray Master. These tools are essentially designed to bring outstanding results in DVD creation. Try them today on the latest Windows and Mac versions!

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