What is RealPlayer: Review of The Long-Running Media Player

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A multimedia player lets you watch downloaded movies or homemade videos, listen to music, and view images. Many programs are available online, but only a handful will most likely give you what you need. In this case, RealPlayer caught our eye, and this article will be a detailed review of it. Stay a while to see if it’s worth trying, given you are looking for a player with abundant features and excellent performance.

RealPlayer Review

Part 1. Overview of RealPlayer

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Formerly known as RealAudio Player, the program was developed by RealNetworks and released in April 1995. It is a cross-platform player, which makes RealPlayer downloadable for Windows 10/11, macOS, and Android. The first introduction of RealPlayer was capable of media playback on the internet. But with multiple updates until 2007, the media player could transfer files on websites like MySpace and Facebook and even download video clips from YouTube.

RealPlayer Review Overall

In 2016, RealPlayer Mac consisted of the previous versions’ features while adding more to its functions. It includes transferring content to other devices and using plug-ins to watch from streaming services like the BBC site. Now, the current version consists of these main features:


RealPlayer is free to download and use. But it also offers various plans to unlock more of its features or eliminate restrictions. You can subscribe to a plan once you find the media player effective. Below are the current plans as of 2023.

Features Free Downloader Express ($24.99) Plus($39.99) Premium($49.99)
Cloud Storage No No 1GB per year 25GB
4K Resolution No Yes Yes Yes
Update with New Features No No Minor Releases All Releases
Advertisements Ads Ads No Ads No Ads
File Converter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play & Burn DVDs No No Yes Yes


RealPlayer can be downloaded on the following platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, Palm, Symbian, BeOS, and Solaris.


  • Abundant features from the free version.
  • Provide helpful features for video and audio editing.
  • Outstanding performance and speed.
  • Lightweight with standard system requirements.
  • Enable to put media files in private.


  • It has advertisements even with a subscription.
  • The program will force close because of random glitches.
  • Some buttons are hard to find in the interface.

Part 2. RealPlayer Review


Despite its outdated looks, RealPlayer’s interface gives easy navigation when opening media files. From the left panel, it lists all important menus, such as Stories, Videos, Photos, etc. You can also find the Recent Activity, where all histories within the program are kept. At the bottom part of the window, all playback controls are positioned to give you the needed functions when playing a video or audio.

RealPlayer Interface RealPlayer Review

Support Various Formats

Naturally, RealPlayer supports various formats, including videos, images, and audio. But it still covers more formats via plug-ins. These plug-ins allow the media player to open Envivio, Digital Bitcasting, LearnKey RealCBT, Ogg Vorbis/Theora, Mode2 CDs, and more.

RealPlayer Supported Formats

Support Plug-ins

Plug-ins on the RealPlayer downloader extension are not only for formats but also open other functions. They offer audio enhancements, visualizations, and other tools for playback, skin creators, and Firefox Browser downloads.

RealPlayer Supported Plug Ins

HD Resolution

Resolutions vary on subscriptions. Video playback on the media player is expected to be decent, but it also allows the user to upgrade and play HD videos to ultra-high definition or UHD 8K. If the device does not support UHD, RealPlayer has settings to improve the playback resolution, quality, and performance.

Android Version

RealPlayer released an app version for Android devices with a couple of special features to offer. Downloading the media player will sync files from other devices, allowing users to access them on smartphones and PCs. It is best for offline streaming while you are on the go.

RealPlayer Android Version

Part 3. RealPlayer Alternative

RealPlayer is not the only media player to get on your computer. And even with its long-running program, some users are not satisfied with its performance. So, the best alternative to try is Blu-ray Player. It is more than freeware to play videos and audio professionally. It also supports formats, in which you can edit the output for the best quality and resolution. Furthermore, it is a lightweight Windows program requiring a minimum system to run smoothly. It has an affordable plan that will unlock more features to open and play Blu-ray discs, ISO image files, and more.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Part 4. FAQs about RealPlayer

Wrapping up

In summary, RealPlayer has been a known media player for many years. And as it evolves continually, it can now offer more than playing media files. You have learned that it also can convert, transfer, and download videos from supported websites. As for the Real Player alternative, Blu-ray Player is recommended because of its intuitive media player for any file format. You should try the free version to experience its high-quality playback.

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