Different Ways on How to Edit a GIF on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Online

Different Ways on How to Edit a GIF on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Online

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Nowadays, the use of animated GIFs in the digital world is prevalent. They make the conversion funny and exciting. The GIFs must be comprehensive for them to be appealing. Discover how to edit a GIF using the commendable GIF editors by reading today’s post.

Edit GIF

Part 1. Edit Animated GIF with the Best GIF Editor

If you are looking for an all-in-one editor tool for your editing needs, Video Converter Ultimate comes in handy. It will not just allow you to convert different audio and video formats, but you can also split, crop, trim, flip, reverse, rotate and add text on your animated GIF. All you must do is launch the program on your desktop. Learn how to edit a GIF with text without worrying about the slow internet connection because this tool perfectly works offline. With so much excitement, here are the steps below on how to edit a GIF frame by frame.

Key Features

Step 1

Run the GIF editor

To begin editing the animated GIF, you must download the tool first. Go to the main page of Video Converter Ultimate. Download and launch the program on your desktop.

Step 2

Import the animated GIF

After successfully running the tool, go to the Converter tab and hit the Plus (+) button to import the GIF from your folder. For a quick import, drag-and-drop the animated GIF in the middle of the interface.


Step 3

Prepare to edit the GIF

Then, hit the Edit button with a symbol of a star to begin the process of editing your GIF. Upon selecting this, a new page will appear. It is where you can crop, rotate and add effects to your animated GIF.

VCU Click Edit Button

Step 4

Start cropping the GIF

Go to the Rotate & Crop tab, using the cursor, crop the GIF manually according to the desired length. Otherwise, you can change the aspect ratio of the GIF on the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu.


Step 5

Begin to rotate the GIF

On the same page, locate the Rotation section to rotate your GIF. You can Left Rotate, Right Rotate, Horizontal Flip, or Vertical Flip the media file based on your liking.

VCU Rotate GIF

Note: The good thing about the program, it has a preview panel where you can see the real-time changes on your output. You can instantly select Reset if you are not satisfied with the changes.

Step 6

Add effects on your GIF

Next, to add effects to the GIF, go to the Effect & Filter. Then, locate the Basic Effect section and adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, and hue of the GIF. There are also preset filters on the right side of the interface. You can click the preferred effect then adjust it through the Basic Effect section until the desired result is achieved.

VCU Add Effects

To save all the changes, hit the OK button. Upon hitting the button, you will be brought back to the main interface.

Step 7

Export the file

Before exporting the file, it is a must to check the output format of the GIF. To do so, click the Format icon. Click the Video tab > GIF > Large GIF.

VCU Change Format

Finally, click Convert All to export the animated GIF. After exporting, you may now share it to your most-loved social media accounts with your friends!

Export GIF

Part 2. Easily Edit a GIF on Mobile Phone [iPhone and Android]

Using phones to edit GIFs will make it more convenient for us. If you want to be knowledgeable on how to edit a GIF on Android and iPhone, Giphy is the best solution. Giphy is a downloadable tool on mobile phones. You can make and modify your GIF here. Yet, you need to create an account first before maximizing the app. Look at the steps below to edit a GIF on an iPhone.

Step 1

First, open the Giphy app. Then, on the Search bar, find the desired GIF you want to edit and save it on your gallery.

Step 2

Next, upload the GIF. Upon importing, the editing tool will open. Click the Scissor icon. This is where you can trim the GIF and remove the unwanted areas on the GIF. Next, to add text to your GIF hit the Texticon. When you are done, hit the Check button to save the changes.

Giphy Edit GIF

Step 3

At last, you may now hit the Save Video or Save GIF on your phone.

Giphy Share GIF

Part 3. Quickly Edit a GIF in Paint

Paint is a versatile built-in application on Windows. It has many great features because it allows users to merge, rotate, resize images and add text in just a few taps. Most of the users utilized this for basic digital drawing. That is why most of the pros prefer using another tool since Paint supports only basic editing and doesn't provide filters and retouching options. Below are the steps on how to edit a GIF in Paint.

Step 1

First, locate the animated GIF on the folder, right-click and select Open with Paint. Upon clicking, the GIF will automatically be uploaded on the build-in tool.

Step 2

You can now add text to your GIF by hitting the Add Text icon. Type the desired caption you want to appear on your GIF.

Paint Add Text

Next, if you want to crop the video, locate the cropping. Choose between rectangular selection or free-form selection. Then, crop your video manually using the handlebar. To finalize the crop video, hit the Crop button on the top panel of the interface.

Paint Crop GIF

After that, resize the animated GIF to the desired size by pressing the Resize button on the menu bar. You can choose to resize the GIF through percentages or pixels. Input the desired value on the box. When everything is set, hit the OK button.

Paint Resize GIF

Step 3

Lastly, click the File on the menu bar to export the file. Then, hit Save as > GIF picture. Now, you can share your animated GIF with your friends!

Paint Export As GIF Picture

Part 4. Professionally Edit a GIF in Photoshop

Photoshop is another GIF editor that helps crop, trim, split, add filters and effects to your animated GIF. It is one of the most-used programs worldwide because of its wide range of advanced editing tools. Yet, if you are new to editing, you might be overwhelmed because of its complex interface. Meanwhile, look at the methods below on how to edit a GIF on Photoshop.

Step 1

Launch Photoshop on your desktop. Next, to upload the GIF, locate the File tab and select the Import button. Upon importing, drag the GIF on the timeline.

Step 2

Make sure that you can view the animation of the GIF by selecting Windows > Timeline. Next, on the left side of the interface, click the Rectangular Marquee Tool to crop the GIF in a rectangular shape or hit the Crop Tool to crop it freely. After that, use the cursor, move it through the handlebar and manually crop the GIF.

Photoshop Crop GIF

After cropping, you may now proceed in adding text to your GIF. Hit the Horizontal Type Tool and begin typing the preferred caption. Modify the text by changing the font size, color, and style to make it more visible and appealing.

Photoshop Add Text

Step 3

Finally, when you are done editing the GIF, select the Export button on the right corner of the interface. Now, you know how to edit a GIF file on Photoshop.

Photoshop Export

Part 5. Freely Edit a GIF Online

GIFGIFS.COM is one of the most-treasured GIF editor users utilize nowadays. It helps you to cut and crop your animated GIF immediately. What's more, you can modify your GIF such as resizing, reversing, adding text, and splitting it. However, be patient in exporting it because the process may be slow because of the unstable internet connection. Meanwhile, take a glance at how to edit a GIF online using GIFGIFS.

Step 1

Go to Gifgif by visiting its official page. Launch it on your browser. Next, click UPLOAD GIF to import the desired GIF you wish to edit.


Step 2

After importing the GIF, locate the Tools section and click Add text to GIF. Next, type the text you wish to insert to the TEXT ON GIF box. You can change the font color, size, angle, and shadow, respectively.


Step 3

After importing the GIF, locate the Tools section and click Add text to GIF. Next, type the text you wish to insert to the TEXT ON GIF box. You can change the font color, size, angle, and shadow, respectively.

GIFGIF Convert

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Part 6. FAQs on How to Edit a GIF

1. Is editing GIF complex?

Editing GIFs isn't that hard. You need to find the right GIF editor. Look for an easy-to-use program with excellent editing features. You can use Video Converter Ultimate. It has a straightforward interface and offers a lot of great editing tools.

2. Can I play the GIF in reverse?

Yes, but you cannot automatically reverse a GIF on your computer or smartphone. You can download a third-party application that can reverse your GIF quickly.

3. How to play a GIF once using Photoshop?

Hit the Window tab and choose timeline. After that, look for the Forever option and click Once. Then, hit OK. This will make your GIF play once.


Done! We have given you various excellent GIF editors and the steps to follow to edit your GIF at ease. You can now crop, trim, add effects, apply transitions, and more. If you want to edit the GIF easily and quickly, Video Converter Ultimate is the best GIF editor for you. Install it now and give it a try!

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