How to Extract Audio from Video Without Damaging the Quality [Solved with Proven Tools]

How to Extract Audio from Video Without Damaging the Quality [Solved with Proven Tools]

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February 17, 2023 10:40Posted by to Convert Video

Do you need to uproot your video's sound but need to know how? Well, we cannot avoid recording a video that comes with noises or unwanted sounds taking over. Or in some cases, people want to extract audio from video because they want to have a separate file for the audio of their video. For instance, you have recorded a video of your favorite person singing your favorite song, and you want to use the audio only or vice versa, the video only, for some reason. How, then, would you do it without damaging the video file's original quality? That is what this article post is all about. It outlines the guidelines for detaching the sound from the video file and how to separate the audio video and make another file for its audio. Let's learn that below.

How to Extract Audio from Video

Part 1. How to Extract Audio from the Video Quickly

Extracting audio from the video can be prickly. Others suggest muting the video as the means of extracting it. But did you know that you can also extract or separate the audio from your clip by converting the entire video into a video file? Hence, if you want to learn both quickly, then here is the best way.

Video Converter Ultimate is one of the famous audio video editing tools you can obtain on Windows and Mac devices. It is a standalone software that can help you detach the audio from your video by muting the file or converting it to an audio file with its Converter feature. Thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced technologies, this method will enable you to rip audio from video without experiencing a hard time. Furthermore, this Video Converter Ultimate supports all the popular video and audio file formats, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, MP3, WMA, AAC, and 500 more. On top of that, you can also import high-quality videos, for it supports up to 4K quality.

Moreover, it contains many powerful editing features for your videos and audio, such as a compressor, enhancer, video merger, color correction, volume booster, and more. Meanwhile, it comes with an ultra-speed conversion process, making your work 50% faster. Hence, there are no reasons for you to decline it. Therefore, to learn how to separate audio from video, here are the steps for muting the bulk videos and the steps for converting the videos to audio files below.

Main Features:

How to Extract Audio by Muting the Videos

Step 1

Acquire this Video Converter Ultimate on your computer using the Download buttons above. Then, click the Plus icon at the center of the interface to upload all the videos you need to work on.

Ultimate Mute Load Files

Step 2

Once the videos are shown in the interface, it is time to mute them. To do so, click the first drop-down icon under the Output section, and click the Audio Track Disabled option. Please do the same for all the uploaded files.

Ultimate Mute Disable Audio

Step 3

After that, you can now hit the Convert All button to produce new muted video files.

Ultimate Mute Convert

Extract Audio Files from Video Via File Conversion

Step 1

In the conversion process, upload the video files by doing the same procedure of file importation above. Once the videos are loaded, click the arrow tab in the Convert All To section.

Ultimate Convert Load

Step 2

Now, click the Audio tab in the popped-up window, and choose the format you want for your output. Then, click the quality you want to apply as well.

Ultimate Convert Output Selection

Step 3

Then, you can already begin the conversion process by clicking the Convert All button.

Ultimate Convert Process

Part 2. How to Separate Audio from the Video Using iMovie

Another program that will enable you to extract audio from a clip in iMovie. It is the standard video editor of Apple devices that has enough editing features to lavish. Similar to the first one, iMovie also has an intuitive interface, allowing beginners to edit their files easily. You also can use iMovie to slow down videos. But despite that, users cannot extend their iMovie experience on other computers besides Mac. Nevertheless, follow the guidelines below to learn how to separate audio from video iMovie.

Step 1

Launch iMovie on your Mac and load the video by hitting the Import Media tab.

Step 2

When the file is ready, drag it to the timeline. Then, click the Modify tab from the menu bar, and choose the Detach Audio tab from the options given. After that, you will see a new audio file in green under the video file, which means the audio has just been separated from the video.

iMovie Detach Audio

Step 3

You can now save the file as a video alone without the audio. But if you want the audio alone, click the Export tab, choose the Audio Only option, and click your desired format.

iMovie Export

Part 3. How to Detach Audio from the Video File with Premiere

If you are looking for a professional program, then you want to know how to separate audio from video in Premiere. It is a popular video editing software that will give you expert experience, even detaching your video's audio. Furthermore, it comes with many powerful tools that you can use to maintain the high quality of your video. And you can stabilize videos in Premiere. However, not all users can navigate it efficiently, for many beginners have difficulty editing their video files due to its complicated navigation. Thus, here is a simplified guideline to help you use it.

Step 1

Launch Premiere Pro on your computer, and upload the video by going to the File menu and clicking the Import tab.

Step 2

Then, drag the file to the timeline panel and right-click the video. After that, click the Unlink tab, and that's how to separate audio from video Premiere Pro.

Step 3

Now decide if you will delete the video or the audio file, then proceed to save it.

Premiere Detach Audio

Part 4. FAQs about Extracting Audio from Video

How to separate audio from video Final Cut Pro?

You should import the video to the timeline to use Final Cut Pro with this task. Then, right-click the video and click the clip tab, followed by the detach audio button.

Can I use an online tool to extract the audio from my clip?

Yes. You can use the Free Video Converter Online and convert your video to an audio file for free to extract the audio from your video online.

Can I use VLC to separate audio from a video?

Yes. VLC is also capable of extracting the audio from your video file. You can use its conversion process to do so. Go to the media tab and click the convert/save button. Then, proceed to upload the video file and convert it to an audio file.


There you go, folks, the proven ways to separate or extract audio from video. Make this journey not only for reading but also for applying the learnings on hand. All of them are proven reliable by the users themselves. Hence, if you want excellent, multifunctional, and much easier navigation, use Video Converter Ultimate.

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