WMV on Android – 4 Best Ways to Play WMV on Android Phones and Tablets

WMV on Android – 4 Best Ways to Play WMV on Android Phones and Tablets

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How do you play WMV files on your Android phone? If you have created some videos in WMV with Windows Movie Maker, what are the best ways to convert and play WMV on Android? You can simply convert WMV videos into an Android-compatible format or download WMV players for Android phones. Here are the 4 most efficient ways you should know.

Best H.265/HEVC Video Player

Part 1: 2 Excellent Ways to Convert and Play WMV on Android

Way 1: How to Convert and Play WMV on Android for Free

If you just need to convert and play WMV on Android without any charge, Free Online Video Converter is an easy way to convert WMV to MP4, 3GP, and more other compatible formats. Moreover, it also enables you to tweak the different parameters for the output videos.

Step 1

Go to the online video converter on your browser, you can click the Launch Free Converter button to download the installer. Then you can click the icon again to import the WMV into the online video converter.

Step 2

Once you have imported the WMV, you can choose the MP4 as the output format. Moreover, you can click the Gear icon next to the output icon. You can tweak the frame rate, bitrate, etc.

Step 3

After that, you can click the Convert button to convert WMV files to Android formats. Transfer the converted WMV to the Android phone via the original USB cable and play WMV on Android.

Way 2: How to Convert and Play WMV on Android as a Profession

When you need to cut out the desired WMV part, compress the videos, or even add watermark on WMV files, Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile way to convert WMV to Android compatible formats. Moreover, you can also choose the optimal Android presets, such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, and others.

Step 1

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Converter menu and choose the Add Files option to import the WMV files you want to convert. Moreover, you can drag-n-drop multiple WMV files.

Add File

Step 2

Click on the format icon next to the video and choose the Device tab. Select the desired Android device, such as Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei Mate, and more others. Moreover, you can also tweak the encoder, frame rate, resolution, and more others.


Step 3

It also enables you to trim the desired WMV only or apply the 3D video filter. Click the Convert All button to start converting WMV to Android-compatible formats. After that, you can transfer and play the WMV on an Android phone in an optimal way.

Convert All

Part 2: 2 Best WMV Players for Android to Play WMV Videos

Way 1: VLC Media Player – Versatile WMV Player for Android

VLC Media Player is a popular WMV Player for Android, which enables you to play most of the video formats. It provides on-screen gestures to enhance the playback experience. You can also play videos from YouTube and other online streaming sites within the application.

Step 1

Once you have installed VLC Media Player, you can launch the program on your Android phone. It will scan for all the media files on your Android phone and display them on the main screen.

Step 2

Navigate through your WMV media files using the simple tap, hold and drag gesture. You can also directly open the WMV file on Android from any other file manager.

VLC for Android WMV Player

Way 2: MPlayer – Free WMV Player for Android

MPlayer is another free WMV Player app for Android, which can detect all video files on your SD card and play them with an intuitive and concise layout. It supports all subtitle formats, proper audio/video sync features, as well as stream URL support.

Step 1

When you installed MPlayer on your Android phone, you can launch the app and scan for the media files within your Android phone, including the WMV files you have imported.

Step 2

Select the files from the related folder to open and play WMV on your Android phone. Moreover, you can also click the Open URL menu to playback the videos from online streaming sites.

MPlayer WMV Player Android

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Part 3: FAQs about Playing WMV on Android

1. What are the Compatible Formats of Android Phones and Tablets?

H.263 encoded 3GP, MP4, and MKV files.

H.264 AVC encoded 3GP, MP4, TS, MKV files.

H.265 AVC encoded MP4 and MKV files.

MPEG-4 SP encoded 3GP files.

VP8/VP9 encoded WebM and MKV files.

AVI encoded MP4 and MKV files.

2. How to Import WMV Videos to Android Phone from PC?

To transfer and play WMV files on Android, you can simply connect the Android phone to a PC with the original USB cable. Then you can transfer the video to the Gallery or other folders within your Android phone. Of course, you can also use Syncios and other professional transfer tools.

3. How to Change The Default WMV Player for Android?

Just go to the Settings app on your Android phone. Head to the Applications section and head over to the Manage section. Now find the default video player. Tap it and tap the Clear default option and choose another WMV Player for Android.

Recommended WMV Player for Windows and Mac

When you want to have a versatile WMV player for Windows and Mac, Free Blu-ray Player is the desired one you have to take into consideration. It has an advanced hardware acceleration algorithm that enables you to playback the WMV files with the best quality.


To play WMV on Android, you can either transcode the WMV to a video format compatible with the Android phone, or simply install a WMV player for Android. Just learn more details about the process and choose the desired way according to your requirement.

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