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When watching videos, there are times when you need to take a screenshot of your favorite acne. In that case, you can try using PickPick as your screen capture tool. So, if you want to explore more about PickPick, especially its features, pricing, pros, and cons, read this article. Then, in the last section, we will give another worthy program you can use as a replacement for PickPick. Hence, read this PickPick review and obtain all the details you need.

PickPick Review

Part 1. What is PickPick

PickPick is a downloadable offline program you can get on your Windows. Its main feature is to capture your computer screen in various ways. With this program, you can take a screenshot easily and quickly. Similar to the Snipping Tool, the program includes custom selection tools for refining the captured area of the screen. Aside from that, you can capture the entire screen, window, region, and more. Plus, you can even capture a scrolling window, making it more convenient for users. In addition to that, PickPick also offers editing functions you can use. This way, you can enhance your screenshots based on your preferred result. Furthermore, PickPick can also offer more features than you imagine. PickPick is also capable of recording your computer screen. The feature allows you to record your video, images, and any content from your desktop. So, if you want to learn and explore more about the features of the program, it is best to download PickPick.

What is PickPick

Part 2. PickPick Features

The PickPick app is an astonishing screen capture tool you can utilize on your Windows computer. But, there are more capabilities you can find out when using the program. So, to learn all of them, come to this section as we give all the PickPick’s capabilities.

Screen Capture Feature

Screen Capture PickPick


PickPick is an excellent tool to use for capturing your computer screen. Its screen capture feature allows you to take a screenshot in various ways. You can capture any region, window, window control, and more. With these capabilities, you can get all the results you want in just a second.

Provide Editing Tools

Editing Tools PickPick


After capturing your computer screen, you can edit them if you want. This is because PickPick can offer annotation tools and editing functions you can use. You can add effects, such as mosaic, drop shadow, motion blur, control brightness, and more. You can also resize and rotate the captured screen.

Screen Recording Feature

Screen Recording Feature


Besides capturing computer screens, PickPick has another feature you can encounter. The tool has a screen recorder feature that allows you to record your computer screen effectively. Aside from that, you can record a video with audio, making it more helpful for users.

Customizable Hotkeys

Hotkeys Customize


In taking a screenshot, it is important to know every shortcut key you have to use. It is because if not, it will be difficult to capture your computer screen based on your needs. One of the best features of PickPick is its capability to customize hotkeys. The tool lets you customize your hotkeys when using the PickPick software. Also, if you want to use the standard hotkeys, you can do so. To learn more about the shortcut keys for capturing your computer screen, see the details below.

PrintScreen – If you want to capture the entire computer screen, use this hotkey.

Alt + PrintScreen – To take a screenshot of active windows, use this hotkey.

Shift + PrintScreen – You can use this shortcut key to capture a region from your screen.

Shift + Ctrl + PrintScreen – To capture a fixed region, use this hotkey.

Ctrl + PrintScreen – This hotkey is useful for taking a screenshot of window control.

Ctrl + Alt + PrintScreen – This hotkey is for capturing scrolling windows.

Shift + Ctrl + Alt + PrintScreen – If you want a freehand capture process, use this hotkey.

Part 3. PickPick Pricing

PickPick has a free version you can use for capturing and recording your computer screen. You can even edit the captured image without any payment. However, features are limited when using the free version. In that case, if you want to access the Single Plan, it will cost $24.00 per user. Then, for the Team Plan, you must pay $96.00 for five users.

Part 4. Strengths of PickPick

Simple Screen-Capturing Process

PickPick can offer hassle-free ways to capture your computer screen in various ways.

Enhance Captured Images

Another great thing you can experience when using PickPick is its capability to enhance your captured images using the editing and annotation tools. You can make your screenshot understandable and good to view.

Supports Various Image Formats

The offline tool can also let you save your captured images in various image formats. You can save it to JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and PDF.

Support Various Languages

PickPick can also offer various languages you can use. From the program’s settings, you can change the language that you prefer. It supports English, Francais, Deutsch, Dansk, Netherlands, and more.

Part 5. Drawbacks of PickPick

No Label Functions

One of the challenges when using the PickPick app is its various options and functions. Its functions have no label or name on it. With that, it is complicated to know what the capabilities of the functions are.

Limited Supported Format

When recording a screen, the program only allows you to save it in limited formats, such as MP4 and GIF. With that, if you want to save the recorded video in a different format, it is better to use another program.

Part 6. Final Verdict

As our bottom line, PickPick is an excellent offline program to use for capturing your computer screen. You can capture your entire screen, windows, region, and more. Also, it can help you record your computer screen using the screen record feature. Therefore, if you want to experience and enjoy its features, all you need is to download and install PickPick on your computer.

Part 7. Best PickPick Alternative

PickPick is a great tool for capturing screens. However, in terms of accessibility, you can only download it on your Windows computer. Also, there are some possibilities that the software won’t perform well. In that case, it is better to find an alternative tool, like Screen Recorder, for capturing and recording computer screens. You can access this program on both Windows and Mac computers, which you can’t experience when using PickPick. Also, the program can capture your computer screen, no matter what application you use. You can capture your games, videos, photos, and more. Aside from that, you can even record your screen, making it a better offline program than PickPick. Its interface is also simple to use, and the process is trouble-free. With that, you can ensure that during the screen capturing and recording process, you won’t encounter any difficulties.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

PickPick Alternative

Program Feature User Interface Platform Interface Users
PickPick Capture Screen Record Screen Simple Windows Easy Non-professional
Screen Recorder Capture Screen
Record Screen
Edit Captured Screen
Simple Windows
Easy Non-professional

Part 8. FAQs about PickPick Review

Wrapping up

Well, there you go. This guidepost discussed everything about PickPick. It includes its capabilities, food and bad things, and the pricing. Also, if you are looking for another program that may help you capture and record screens, you can use Screen Recorder. It lets you capture the computer screen easily and instantly. Also, it is more accessible compared with PickPick since it is available on both Windows and Mac computers.

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