Capture Anything Happening on the Screen

Screen Recorder is the powerful screen capture software to grasp anything that is happening on your computer screen. Whether you want to make a game paly tutorial, or save the online conference for playback, even grasp the videos from desktop, it can be the best video recorder in your list.


Record Gameplay

To show off skills, you can record gameplays like Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, Half-Life: Alyx, Marvel's Avengers, Halo Infinite, Vampire: The Masquerafe, etc.


Record Videos

It easily record any video from desktop screen activities with or without sound and voice, and then share them with the world.


Record Online Conference

Not missing any points, you can record online meetings from GoToMeeting, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, TeamViewer,, Pexip, etc., even without permissions.


Capture the Online Course

Cannot get all the knowledge points in an online course? Just take the screen recorder to capture the course for loop playback, until you absorb all the points.


Make Online Training Tutorial

A video speaks faster than words. Take the screen recorder to make your cooking video show, movie explanation, and other course trainings with your audience.


Record Video Calls

Whether you are chatting with your friends, families, customers, etc., the screen recorder can record the video calls from Skype, Google Duo, Messenger, FaceTime, etc.

Grasp Any Audio from Microphone and System Sound

Looking for an efficient way to grab the sound from your computer or microphone? Take this screen recorder software to grasp any audio coming from your computer's system sound. Moreover, it lets you capture your own narration when you want to show others your voice.

Icon2Record Audio Calls and Lectures

While you are listening to a lecture, or chatting with others via speech, this audio recorder can save the whole conversion and lecture speeches, so that you can play the audio file in an infinite loop on your device.

Icon3Record Your Voices via Microphone

When you want to add your own narration for a video tutorial or want to share your voice with some music sites, this audio recorder is exactly for you. It can record your own voice via microphone clearly.


Edit Recording During the Process in Real-Time

Without installing any extra editor, this screen recorder lets you edit the recording during the process in real-time. It offers the built-in editors to create the annotations to your screen recordings; add arrows, lines, shapes, change the font size/color/styles, and add callouts into the video tutorial, etc. Besides, while previewing the recording file, you can use the clip feature to cut down unwanted parts from the video or audio recording easily.


Take a Fast Screenshot of Any Scene

This software also offers the free screen capture software to take the screenshots for any screen on your computer. Whether you want to take a freehand rectangular shape or snap the full screen, it can be done via one click. After taking screenshot, its editing collections let you pin to screen, or edit the image (add a line/shape, add text, spray color, etc.) and export the images to your computer directly.


What Else Make It the Best Screen Recorder


Various Recording Modes

You can hover over windows or regions to auto-select the area. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to create the recording area, and use the advanced recorder to lock or exclude window recording.


Real-Time Drawing

While recording the video, you can use the real-time drawing feature to add the shape, draw free-hand shape, add the text with your mouse, spray the color and other drawing features you use in Paint.


Task Schedule Recording

The schedule task can record the screen without sitting in front of the computer. You just need to enable the schedule task to set the time, date, and recording length, and then it will start auto-recording.


Add Your Logo

The built-in editor lets you add the text in customized font style/color/size as your video logo. Moreover, you can draw any shape to set as the watermark before you share the video with others.


Create GIF

When you want to create an animated GIF image, this screen capture software will record the animated GIF images from any video you are watching, and make the great emoji collections easily.


Highlight Mouse Clicks

You can highlight the recording actions by setting the mouse clicks, mouse cursor and mouse area. The mouse color can be customized as you wish, so that the audience can recognize them conveniently.


Control with Hotkeys

Mouse is not the only tool to control the whole recording. You can set the hotkeys to stop/start recording, resume/pause recording, even open or close the webcam and show/hide float panel while recording.


Customize Output Quality

You can make the settings to adjust the video and audio recording quality before starting it. You can get he lossless quality to create the 4K video recording, and upload the recordings quickly by selecting the low quality.

How to Use Screen Recorder

  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Record Webcam
  • Take Screenshots
  • Step 1. Free download this software, install and run it on your computer. Initiate the window, and select Video Recorder.
    Step 2. Adjust the audio recording source and select the recording area.
    Step 3. Click REC to start recording, and click stop to preview and save the video recording on your computer.

    Record Video
  • Step 1. Free download, install and launch this software on your computer. Select Audio Recorder.
    Step 2. Toggle on or off the Microphone and System Sound button to record what audio you want to record.
    Step 3. Click REC to start recording the audio, and click stop to preview and export the audio recording on your computer.

    Record Audio
  • Step 1. Run this software on your computer, and select Video Recorder from the initiated window.
    Step 2. Toggle on Webcam and disable DISPLAY1 to record webcam only. For creating picture-in-picture recording, you need to toggle on DISPLAY1 to select recording area.
    Step 3. Click REC to start recording the webcam, and stop button will direct you to preview and save the webcam recording.

    Record Webcam
  • Step 1. Launch this software on your computer, and open the screen where you want to take the screenshots.
    Step 2. Select Screen Capture, and hover your mouse over the window to take the screenshot for window. Alternatively, drag your mouse to select the screenshot area to take the screenshot.
    Step 3. Use the editing tools optionally to edit the screenshot or click Save to save the screenshot on your computer.

    Take Screenshots

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Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

Mac OS X 10.10 or above

User Reviews

T1 By Maison

It works nice, and no limitations to record the video and audio as long as I wish. Great Screen Recorder software for me to make the video tutorial.

T2 By Wyatt

I tried the free trial version and it has some restrictions; it still works great to record the short videos. That is perfect for me to upload the short videos to YouTube.

T3 By Isaiah

I love this screen recorder software. It really helped me start my YouTube career. I really love it to record my cooking tutorial for my followers.

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