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This Screen Recorder Captures Everything

Easy Recording with Various Modes

Audio and video recording is super easy here! With the ability to record your entire screen, a single window, and an area of your screen, this Screen Recorder fulfills your needs in every recording task. Meanwhile, you can add an overlay to your current video recording by capturing your webcam at the same time. Additionally, it offers high-quality recordings, not HD or 1080p, but pure 4K and 8K. Now, you don't have to worry about whether your recording is clear or appealing enough.

Easy Recording
Record And Edit

Real-time Annotation and Useful Editing Tools

Annotate on your screen as you record a video. You can draw an arrow or a circle to emphasize what you are talking about. This will make your video recording more vivid and engaging, and it is also a good way to create a tutorial video. If you don’t have a clear space on the screen for annotations, just use the whiteboard within this Screen Recorder to illustrate your opinions. After the recording is done, you can use the built-in editor to trim, cut, compress, and merge your video and audio recordings when previewing them.

Record a Video with No Lag or FPS Drops

When recording a video on Windows and Mac, lagging and FPS drops are two troublesome factors that affect recording quality. With this Windows and Mac screen video recorder, you can record up to 120 fps at a constant frame rate. All these amazing outcomes are achieved by its Hardware Acceleration techniques, which ensure no suffering from frame drops. The whole recording will look smooth and stable.

No Lag or FPS Drops

Capture System Sound and Your Voice

Looking for an efficient way to capture sound from your computer or microphone? Use this screen and audio recorder to capture any audio from your computer's system sound and your narration. Whether you're recording audio calls, lectures, or your voice for a tutorial or music site, this tool is perfect. It can clearly record conversations, lectures, and your voice through the microphone, allowing you to save and playback these recordings as needed.

Take a Screenshot in One Click on a PC or Mac

Whether you're taking a regular region capture or a full-page screenshot, this software lets you freely take screenshots on your desktop. All it takes is one simple click. After capturing your screen, this tool offers various editing tools to mark the screenshots, draw a shape, add text, blur out private information, or pin the screenshot to the desktop. What makes it better is that you can directly take a screenshot and export it in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF format.

Ta en skärmdump
Blu-ray Master

Here is More that Makes Recording Easier

Simplify your daily recordings with this Screen Recorder's advanced features and tools.

Brusreducering Mikrofonbrusreducering

Even when recording in a loud environment, Screen Recorder uses noise cancellation to record your voice as clearly as possible.

Schedule Recording Uppgiftsschemainspelning

Set up a time and let your recording start automatically in the background. You can then focus on your meetings or gameplay without any interruption while getting the recordings done.

Snabbtangenter Styr med snabbtangenter

Find it hard to remember default screenshot shortcuts on your Windows or Mac? No worries. Use this Screen Recorder, and you can customize your hotkeys for screenshots and video/audio recordings.

Record GIF Record GIFs

You can easily make a fun GIF by directly capturing a video you see. Set up GIF as its output format, and the recorder will capture a GIF from your screen in one click.

Telefoninspelare Telefoninspelare

Recording on smartphones is not a hard task, even if you are on a computer. Just connect your phones (iOS and Android are both compatible) and let this tool record a video for you.

Anpassa utdata Anpassa utdatakvalitet

Video recording will never be blurry here. Because you can adjust the output video quality in a few steps. You can choose the quality from Low to Very High or Customize by Bitrate.

Hur man använder Screen Recorder

Here is a simple guide to recording a video on your desktop.

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Gratis nedladdning

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FAQ About Screen Record

Here are some frequently asked questions about Screen Recorder with detailed answers.

Can I take a scrolling screenshot on my computer?

Yes, you can. By using the Screenshot tool from this recorder, you can capture a long screenshot or take a full-page screenshot for a webpage.

Does the video recording have watermarks on it?

No, it does not. There will be no watermarks on the video you recorded.

Where are my screenshots and recordings saved?

You can find where your files are saved in this Screen Recorder's Preferences. Go to the Preferences window and find Directory Settings in Output.

Can I record video and audio on a Mac?

Yes, you can. With this recorder, you can record video and sounds from both your Mac computer and your microphone.

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