8 Best GIF Resizers Software and Applications on Desktop and Online

8 Best GIF Resizers Software and Applications on Desktop and Online

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There are a lot of reasons why you have to convert animated GIF images to MOV. As an image format, the GIF cannot store background sound. Therefore, you have to transform the animated image into a video to deliver with audio. Although GIF is popular on social media, MOV offers better quality. In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert animated GIFs to MOV videos on a desktop or online easily.

GIF Resizer

Part 1: Top 8 GIF Resizers

Top 1: Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate

The best GIF resizer should be easy to use. That is essential for beginners. Moreover, it must be able to protect the image quality. That is why Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate appears on the top of our list.



How to Make and Resize a GIF

Step 1.

Open a video

Launch the best GIF resizer software after you install it on your PC. There is another edition for Mac. Switch to the Toolbox window from the top of the interface, and choose GIF Maker.

Drag and drop the video that you want to turn into a GIF.


Step 2.

Resize GIF

Now, you can resize the GIF by entering the new dimensions in the Output Size boxes. If you want to crop the GIF or do another editing, click the Edit button under the timeline. Set other options accordingly and preview the effect. If you are satisfied, click the Folder button and choose a specific location. At last, click on the Generate GIF button.

Video To GIF

Top 2: RealWorld Paint

RealWorld Paint

If your GIFs are not perfect for posting on social media, you will need a powerful GIF resizer, such as RealWorld Paint. Unlike professional photo editing software, this program is free of charge. Plus, it gives you an array of GIF editing features.



Top 3: GIMP

GIMP Screenshot

It makes sense that people are more likely to use freeware. GIMP is a free GIF resizer due to open source. It was launched by a group of developers. In addition to still images, it can edit animated GIF images with the layer feature.



Top 4: Picosmos

Picosmos Screenshot

Picosmos is a one-stop GIF resizer program. It integrates an image viewer, editor, and a lot of useful features. If you need to edit and resize GIFs regularly, it is a great choice. Although it is not free, the price is affordable.



Top 5: Photoshop

Export GIF PS

Photoshop is the most famous photo editor software around the world. In the latest versions, Adobe has added GIF support. It can import a GIF, resize it as a still image, and export it without changing the format.



Top 6: EZGIF

EZGIF Resizer

Some people do not like to install software on their hard disk partly because of limited storage. Fortunately, EZGIF can meet your need. It allows you to upload an animated GIF image, and change the dimensions according to your condition.



Top 7: IloveIMG

Iloveimg Resizer

As its name indicated, IloveIMG is a GIF resizer app online. The clear design makes you love GIF editing. It provides both a free solution and a premium plan. If you just want to resize several GIFs, the free plan is enough.





GIFGIFS is another online GIF resizer worth you to use. It is a good option for beginners and average people. There is no extra custom option. Moreover, it can import a GIF from the URL address.



Part 2. Comparison of Best GIF Resizers

System requirement Advantages Disadvantages
Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7
Mac OS X 10.12 or above
Easy to use
Support GIF making
Resize GIFs without quality loss
Require a license
RealWorld Paint Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Provide GIF effects
Free to use
Resize GIF on layers
Not available to Mac
GIMP Windows 7 or over macOS 10.12 Sierra or over x86-64 and AArch64 Open-source
Resize GIFs easily
Support plugins
Looks outdated
Picosmos Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista Edit GIFs quickly
Offer plentiful tools
Not available to Mac
Photoshop Windows 10 64-bit or later
macOS Catalina or later
Resize a GIF without quality loss
Support GIF compressing
Expensive and difficult to learn
EZGIF All systems with a browser Resize GIF online
Free of charge
Upload a GIF up to 50MB
IloveIMG All systems with a browser Batch resize GIFs
Process GIFs online
Include ads
GIFGIFS All systems with a browser Resize GIFs online for free Cannot view GIFs

Part 3: FAQs about GIF Resizer

Can you make the GIF file size smaller on Windows 10?

Windows 10 does not provide any feature related to animated GIF editing. You have to compress GIFs with a third-party GIF compressor.

Does GIF resizing make it smaller on file size?

When you resize a GIF, it means that you are changing the dimensions of the image. If you reduce the dimensions, the file size will become smaller.

How to pause a GIF?

A GIF is up to 15 seconds. Generally speaking, the playback cannot pause. In a browser. You can open it in a GIF editor and play it frame by frame.


Now, you should learn the top 8 best GIF resizers for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They can help you change the GIF dimensions maintaining aspect ratio or not. Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate, for example, can produce the best output quality. If you have better suggestions, please leave a message below this post.

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