How to Play MP4 Files on Mac When QuickTime Doesn't Play MP4

How to Play MP4 Files on Mac When QuickTime Doesn't Play MP4

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QuickTime is the default media player on Mac. It supports various formats of video and audio. However, MP4 files might not be recognized by QuickTime at some time. If you have a movie in MP4 format and you want to watch it on your Mac, how to solve QuickTime can't play MP4 so that you can watch the movie? This article provides you 3 verified ways to solve QuickTime can't play MP4.

QuickTime Player Cant Open MP4

Part 1. How to Solve QuickTime Can't Play MP4 by Converting MP4 to MOV

To solve the issue of QuickTime doesn't play MP4, you can use third-party tools to convert MP4 files to MOV since MOV can be perfectly compatible with QuickTime Player.

1. Free Tool to Convert MP4 to MOV Online

Many online free converting tools allow you to convert MP4 to MOV files. Bluraycopys Free Online Video Converter is one of the best converters online for free. It's safe and efficient, you can convert an MP4 file by adjusting the parameters of it. Since it's an online tool, all you need is to connect to the Internet and use a browser to start the converting.

Step 1

Go to the official website of Free Online Video Converter. Click the Launch Free Converter button on the top of the screen. Then you can add the MP4 file you want to convert by clicking the Add File button on the screen.

Free QuickTime to MP4 Converter

Step 2

Then you need to select the output format at the bottom of the screen. Just click the dot before the MOV format. Before converting, you can adjust the parameters of the MOV file. Click the Gear icon to open the window. You can adjust the resolution, frame rate, and video encoder in it.

Free Convert QuickTime MOV to MP4 Online

Step 3

To start the converting, you need to click the Convert button at the bottom of the screen. When the converting is completed, you can click the Folder icon to open the folder that saves the MOV file.


Free Online Video Converter allows you to convert MP4 files to MOV easily so you can play it on QuickTime. But it doesn't have more advanced editing features to process the MOV video. (QuickTime Player can't play MOV? )

2. The Best Way to Convert MP4 to MOV on Mac

If your QuickTime can't open MP4, Bluraycopys Mac Video Converter Ultimate is a more professional tool for you to convert and edit your MP4 file to MOV format.

Step 1

After downloading and launching Mac Video Converter Ultimate, you can set the folder that saves the export files. Click the Menu of Mac Video Converter Ultimate on the top of the screen and then choose the Preference. Go to the Convert and find Output Folder selection. Then you can set the folder to save the export files.


Step 2

Click the Converter tab on the main interface. Then add the file by clicking the + in the middle of the screen. You can also drag the file directly into the interface. Then click the Convert All to the field to choose the MOV format.

Add Files

Step 3

Edit the parameters of the export file like video quality, resolution, and frame rate. Then you can click the Scissor icon to trim the video. you can cut the video clip by setting the start and end point on the timeline.

Adjust Custom parameters

Step 4

To export the MOV video, you can click the Convert all button at the interface. Then the video is saved in the folder you set.

Part 2. How to Fix QuickTime Can't Play MP4 by QuickTime Alternative

There is another way to solve QuickTime can't open MP4 files. You can find alternatives to QuickTime which are compatible with MP4 videos. Bluraycopys Free Mac Blu-ray Player might be an ideal choice for you.

Step 1

Download and launch Free Mac Blu-ray Player. Then click the Open File button at the interface. You can select the MP4 file in the browser window.

Install Program

Step 2

Then it will play the MP4 file automatically. You can go to the top menu to adjust video and audio parameters. To add subtitles, you can go to the Video menu and find Subtitle Track. Then you can select or add subtitles.

Top Video Setting

Step 3

You can also adjust the screen size in the Video menu. It allows you to play videos on full screen and in different sizes.

Part 3. FAQs about Solving QuickTime Can't Play MP4

1. Why can't I open MP4 files on QuickTime?

The most reason QuickTime can't play MP4 files is that the video's codec is not compatible with QuickTime. You can also transcode your video to H.264 so that QuickTime can open it.

2. Does QuickTime support MP4 files?

It depends. QuickTime supports MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v) but MP4 files have various video and audio codecs. Some of these codecs are not compatible with QuickTime. So, sometimes QuickTime can play an MP4 file, sometimes it can't.

3. What files are compatible with QuickTime?

QuickTime supports various formats including MOV, MPEG-4(MP4, M4V, M4A, MP3), MPEG-2, DV Stream, etc. It also supports audio formats like WAV, AIFF, AAC.


This article introduces you 3 efficient ways to solve the QuickTime can't play MP4 files. You can convert MP4 files to MOV with Bluraycopys Free Online Video Converter and Mac Video Converter Ultimate. Also, you can use QuickTime's alternative to play MP4 successfully. You can try to use them by visiting the website or starting a free trial. If you have any questions about QuickTime and opening MP4 files or you want to know more about these tops, you can leave your comment below.

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