How to Flip and Rotate MP4 Videos for Free

How to Flip and Rotate MP4 Videos for Free

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"I've got a video, for some reasons it's rotated by 90 degrees, which makes it very difficult to watch," posted by Kenny from Indonesia. When we take photos or record videos, some smart devices do memorize the orientation of it and write it in the metadata of the file. However, they are often not smart enough and make our videos wrongly rotated by 90 degrees or 180 degrees. If you are in this kind of trouble, you came to the right place. This article will share with you how to rotate MP4 videos step by step.

Rotate MP4 Video

Part 1: Ultimate Way to Rotate MP4 Video and Save

Unlike pictures which can be rotated freely using most of the popular image viewers, videos cannot be easily rotated in your multimedia player. So you need a professional tool for this task. Video Converter Ultimate is your ultimate choice. It is easy to use but powerful enough to do some basic video editing operations including trimming and rotating. Here are several key features of it:

Steps to rotate MP4 video and save with Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1

Free download, install, and launch Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows or Mac. In the main interface, you can import your MP4 video using the Add Files button in the top left corner. Instead, you can directly drag and drop your MP4 video file in the main interface to import.

Add File into the program

Step 2

When the MP4 files are fully loaded to the program, click the Edit button on the file. This will prompt the Rotate & Crop interface where you can rotate the MP4 video.

Click Edit on the MP4 File

Step 3

There are four buttons, namely Left Rotate, Right Rotate, Horizontal Flip, and Vertical Flip. You can use them to rotate your MP4 video 90 degrees. If you want to rotate multiple video files, you can use the Apply to All button. At last, don't forget to click the OK button in the bottom right corner of the interface.

Rotate the MP4 Video Frelly

Step 4

Back in the main interface, you can choose the output format using the Convert All to menu. Click on the drop-down button to present the menu. If you want to remain the file as MP4 format, just select MP4. Hundreds of other formats and profiles are also available here. At last, click the Convert All button in the bottom right corner to start processing the MP4 video rotation.

Select MP4 as output format

When the files are fully processed, you will see the destination folder pop up.

Above is the best way to rotate your MP4 videos. If you want to do the job without downloading and installing a program, you can move on to the next part for an online solution.

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Part 2: Rotate MP4 Videos Online and for Free

Clideo provides online video tools for video merging, compressing, resizing, cutting, cropping, rotating and more functions. If you don't mind a watermark on your video, you can consider using Clideo rotating tool to rotate your MP4 videos online.


1. It will leave a watermark on the produced video unless you purchase.

2. Takes a long time to upload your video and download the processed file.

3. You must take the risk of uploading your video to the server.

Steps to rotate and save MP4 video online for free:

Step 1

Visit in your browser. In the center of the webpage, click the Choose file button and then import your MP4 video in the pop-up file explorer window. The uploading and preprocessing will take some time to complete.

Click Choose File to Import Video

Step 2

When your MP4 video is fully imported and the interface is shown, you can use the two rotate buttons to the right of the webpage to rotate your MP4 video. At last, click the Export button to export the rotated video. Then you just need to wait patiently for the online tool to finish the job and present the next page.

Use Rotate Buttons

Step 3

When it's done, you can download the result file by clicking on the Download button. If you want to remove the watermark, click Remove watermark.

Download the Rotated MP4 Video

Part 3: FAQs about Rotating MP4 Videos

1. How to flip MP4 videos?

You can both flip and rotate MP4 videos using Video Converter Ultimate. Just as we talked about before in this article, the flip buttons are beside the rotate buttons.

2. Will the rotation operation reduce MP4 video quality?

Yes, it will. To rotate an MP4 video, you have to recode the whole video file. But you can apply a high bitrate and efficient video codec to maintain the majority quality of the video.

3. How to rotate the first 30 seconds of an MP4 video?

The rotation you make will affect the whole MP4 video file. To merely rotate a segment of the video, you can cut the video beforehand and then rotate the specific clip using Video Converter Ultimate. At last, just merge them into one.


This post provided you with two methods to rotate MP4 videos. One is to use Video Converter Ultimate. The other is to use Clideo video rotating tool. Rotating a MP4 video will inevitably damage the video quality. To remain the best video quality, we recommend you use Video Converter Ultimate. If you are looking for the quickest solution and don't mind a watermark, Clideo is also a not-bad choice.

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