How to Copy Blu ray Full Disc?

How to Copy Blu ray Full Disc?

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July 12, 2012 08:05Posted by to Copy Blu-ray

If you have a Blu ray movie and want to enjoy it on computer, how will you do that? The safest way is to copy the full Blu ray disc to local hard drive or blu ray iso image files. During the process, the most important tool is Free Blu ray Copy.

There is no one but exceeds Free Blu ray Copy to copy or burn Blu ray movies. It practically does well in copying Blu ray, which provides two modes: full copy and main movie. Many users would prefer to copy full disc to learn more about the copied movie, such as trailers, bonus footages and menus, etc. In a word, copy Blu ray full disc will help you save the whole movie in case of sound or image loss.

It pays to select Free Blu ray Copy, as it spares no effort to help users copy Blu ray full disc for free. That is to say users needn't pay for it. The following are the steps to copy full Blu ray disc.

Free Blu-ray Copy

Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray Disc/folder and ISO files

Backup Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc or ISO files

Copy Blu-ray main movie or full disc

Copy Blu-ray
Step 1

Download and install Blu ray Copy.

After free download this Blu-ray Copy, install it, and you'll see its friendly interface as below.

Guide Screen
Step 2

Load Blu ray.

Click "Source" drop-down list to load your Blu ray disc.
The "Target" option helps you select destination; you can select to save the Blu ray movie as BD Folder or ISO.

Source And Target
Step 3

Choose "Full Copy" as copy mode.

Copy Mode

According to your need, open "Copy mode" option to select "Full Copy" as output copy mode. It will help you copy full disc of Blu ray movie to your destination for enjoyment.

Step 4

Copy Blu ray.

Click "Copy" button to copy full Blu ray disc to local hard drive.

By the way, after that, you can enter a Blu ray disc to the Blu ray drive to copy Blu ray to Blu ray.

It needs to take just a moment to copy full Blu ray disc, and the steps are easy, as Free Blu ray Copy is easy to use. Then users can view the Blu ray movies with enjoyment.

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