Top 3 Feasible Tutorials to Rip Blu-ray to MP3 File Format

Top 3 Feasible Tutorials to Rip Blu-ray to MP3 File Format

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In some situations, there are times when you must rip your Blu-ray to MP3. Well, it is challenging, especially if you don’t know what to use. In that case, if you are a music lover and want to get an MP3 file from Blu-ray, it’s your time to learn. The post will guide you and give detailed tutorials on how to rip your Blu-ray to MP3 file format. So, what are you waiting for? Come to know more about how to rip Blu-ray to MP3.

Blu-ray to MP3

Part 1. Rip Blu-ray to MP3 Using Free Blu-ray Ripper

Blu-ray comes with great audio and video quality compared to others. This way, you can have a good experience watching or listening. But there are times that you wonder how to extract audio from Blu-ray. In that case, use Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper. Don’t you know that the program is capable of ripping your Blu-ray to MP3 in a simple way? Yes, you read it right. Free Blu-ray Player can rip Blu-ray to various audio files, especially MP3. Also, the process of ripping Blu-ray is too easy. It is because the program has a comprehensive interface with simple options. With that viewing and utilizing the program is perfect for all users. Aside from that, Free Blu-ray Ripper can offer more features than you imagine.

Besides ripping to MP3, you can also improve your video. It allows you to crop, add watermarks, adjust video colors, clip, and more. So, you can say that aside from ripping Blu-ray to audio, there are more things you can do, making it an ultimate tool. The program is also perfect for Windows users, and if you are using Mac, worry no more. We also have a Free Mac Blu-ray Player you can operate for ripping a Blu-ray to MP3 file format. Check the tutorial below for a complete procedure for ripping Blu-ray to MP3.

Note: Ensure that the Blu-ray is already connected to your computer.

Step 1

Access Free Blu-ray Ripper on your Windows computer. Then, after downloading the program, immediately begin the installation process and launch it on your computer. You can click the Download button for easy access.

Step 2

After that, you will see that the program’s main interface will show up on your computer screen. On the upper-left interface, click the Load Disc option. Then, select the Blu-ray from your computer folder.

Load the Disc Blu-ray

Step 3

When the Blu-ray file is already on the interface, the next thing you can do is select your preferred audio format. On the lower interface, you will see the Profile section. Then, click it and select the General Audio option. Then, choose the MP3 format as your output format.

Profile General Audio MP3

Step 4

Then, to set your destination file, select the Destination option and click the Browse button. You can select and assign where to save your final output.

Destination Click Browse

Step 5

After setting up the desired file format and destination file, you can go to the final process. Go to the lower-left corner of the interface and tick the Convert button to begin the process. When done, you can try and open your final file to your assigned destination file.

Convert Blu-ray MP3 Final

Part 2. Convert Blu-ray to MP3 Using VLC

If you are looking for an excellent Blu-ray to MP3 converter for free, never doubt the capability of a VLC Media Player. We all know that VLC Media Player is perfect for watching various videos or movies. Also, it even supports various video formats. But, little did we know the offline program is also an excellent Blu-ray to MP3 converter. With its converting feature, you can rely on this program to rip audio from your Blu-ray. In addition, the program can offer a fast ripping process, allowing you to save more time when turning your Blu-ray to MP3 format. And you also can use VLC to play Blu-ray. We can’t hide that VLC is an easy-to-download program, making it more helpful for all users.

However, there are more disadvantages you can experience when operating the program. If you are a Mac user, there are situations when you can’t rip Blu-ray to MP3. It is because some Mac versions don’t support VLC Media Player. Moreover, if you are unfamiliar with the tool, it will be challenging to rip your Blu-ray. It is because the interface of VLC is not that easy. The process is also confusing, especially for beginners. With that, we suggest that you may look for some tutorials to rip your Blu-ray when using the program. But don’t worry; we will show you effective instructions for ripping Blu-ray copies to MP3 file format.

Step 1

Download the VLC Media Player. Then, when you are finished with the installation procedure, run the software instantly.

Note: Ensure that the Blu-ray is already connected to your computer.

Step 2

After you open the VLC’s main interface, click the Media option and select the Convert / Save option. After that, another interface will show up on the computer screen.

Media Convert Save

Step 3

Then, on the upper interface, select the Disc > Blu-ray option. Then, click Browse to load the Blu-ray from your computer folder. When done, go to the lower interface and select the Convert / Save button.

Disc Blu-ray Browse Convert Save

Step 4

The following step is to choose the Profile option to view various file formats. Look for the MP3 format, and click it.

VLC Click Profile Option

Step 5

If you want to set where you want to save your final output, click the Browse option from the lower interface. This way, you can select your desired file folder.

Browse Destination File

Step 6

For the last process, click the Start button to begin the Blu-ray to audio ripping procedure. Then, you can have your desired final output after a few seconds.

Rip Blu-ray MP3 VLC

Part 3. Rip Blu-ray to MP3 Using EaseFab Lossless Copy

Another way to convert Blu-ray audio to MP3 is to use EaseFab Lossless Copy. The software has what it takes to turn your Blu-ray to MP3. It is because one of its main features is to convert various files to other formats. With that, don’t hesitate to determine whether the tool is effective. Just try it and see the result you can have. However, the Blu-ray ripping process of the program is too slow. It takes time to get the final result, which is not good for people who want to convert Blu-rays. So, when using the tool, expect you to consume more time. See the methods below and know how to convert Blu-ray discs to MP3.

Step 1

Access and install EaseFab Lossless Copy on your computer. After that, click the Blu-ray symbol to load the Blu-ray file.

Click Blu-ray Sign

Step 2

Then, click the Format option to see various file formats. Then, choose the Common Audio section and select the MP3 file format.

EaseFab Select MP3

Step 3

From the lower interface, click the Convert option to begin the ripping process. Then, you will get your final output after the ripping process.

EaseFab Convert Blu-ray

Part 4. FAQs about Rip Blu-ray to MP3

Is it illegal to rip a Blu-ray for personal use?

Actually, yes. It is considered a copyright violation. But, as you can observe, many people rip Blu-ray for some purpose. With that, if you want to rip Blu-ray for your personal reason, you can do it. But you need to know that sharing the file on other platforms will be considered illegal.

Is it possible to convert Blu-ray to digital?

Absolutely, yes. In this techy world, converting Blu-ray to digital is possible. You only need an excellent Blu-ray ripper or converter to achieve your goal. In that case, you can use Free Blu-ray Ripper. This offline program lets you convert your Blu-ray to digital or other file formats.

Can I copy Blu-ray to USB?

Definitely, yes. You can copy your Blu-ray to USB. Nowadays, people prefer watching movies using USB flash drives over Blu-ray discs. It is because some computers support USB and don’t support discs anymore. With that, you can copy your Blu-ray to your USB.

Can I rip Audio from Blu-ray?

Yes, you can. Ripping audio from Blu-ray is simple when using exceptional software like Free Blu-ray Ripper. Ripping audio using the program will greatly help you get your desired result. It also provides a simple procedure, making it good for beginners.


To rip Blu-ray to MP3, you can use the Blu-ray rippers/converters mentioned above. They are trustworthy programs that can assist you in obtaining your main goal, turning your Blu-ray to MP3 audio file format. But, if you prefer a faster ripping procedure with a simple approach, then Free Blu-ray Ripper is perfect. The program can give you everything you need during the Blu-ray ripping procedure.

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