What is DVDStyler: A Full Review about the DVD Burner

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Anyone would love to burn videos into DVD without too much hassle. However, it takes time to find the best DVD-authoring program to accomplish the task easily. Fortunately, some users claim that DVDStyler is one of the best tools to use on Windows, Linux, and Mac. But before installing it, we prepared the things you should know about the software and if it aligns with your desired DVD burner. Here, you will discover if DVDStyler is effective in burning DVDs, affordable in price, and will not hold you back from getting a high-quality output.

Dvdstyler Review

Table of Contents

Part 1. What is DVDStyler

It is a DVD-authoring toolkit that was developed by Alex Thuring and released in December 2003. It specializes in creating professional-looking DVDs with supported input formats like MPEG, OGG, MP4, AVi, etc. Other than burning videos into discs, the software is practically a DVD player, allowing you to play various DVD types without too much hassle. Also, it offers DVD menus that you can use to design your desired DVD content. DVDStyler boasts that it is an effective tool for popular platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux and is also completely free under the GNU GPL. Go to the next part to see the other features offered.

Part 2. A Closer Look at DVDStyler Features

DVDStyler is packed with essential tools for the best DVD burning. Here is the full list of benefits of the software.

Part 3. DVDStyler Pricing

The software is free to use on any supported platform. Under the GNU General Public License, DVDStyler does not require users to pay, and it is also open-source, so further modification is welcome, as well as freely studying, sharing, and running the application.

Part 4. What We Like About DVDStyler

Robust Editing Features

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Just like its name, DVDStyler purposely edits videos and DVD menus with excellent sets of editing tools. We experience using its trimmer, merger, and splitter, as well as effects and filters. On top of that, you can find various backgrounds and buttons to create a stylish DVD menu, or you can upload your own pictures from your computer folder.

Dvdstyler Robust Editing Features

Wide-Ranged File Format Support

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Most of the time, a DVD-authoring program can only accept a handful of input formats, but DVDStyler proves that it supports more than the popular formats. And so, this can open an opportunity to burn videos from camcorders or with unique file extensions without the need to convert them.

Outstanding DVD Player

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Downloading DVDStyler not only gives you the power to turn videos into DVDs but also allows you to use it as a media player to play almost all kinds of media. This includes MP4, MP3, Xvid, VOB, and more.

Dvdstyler Outstanding Dvd Player

Proficient Output Settings

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Of course, the DVD burner is more noteworthy when it has the proper settings to select the desired DVD output. DVDStyler has the capacity to change the disc label, video/audio bitrate, format, capacity, and more.

Dvdstyler Proficient Output Settings

Overall, DVStyler is enough to provide your needs for DVD burning. Not only is it efficient, but it is also free to download on Windows, Linux, and Mac. However, it is only right to learn about the downsides that are inevitable on the software. Let’s see in the next part.

Part 5. What We Don’t Like About DVDStyler

Insufficient Output Support

Although it supports more input formats, DVDStyler does not recognize DVD-RW for output. Many reasons can cause this, such as software and drive incompatibility, the system is not updated, and more. In another case, you will need to format DVD-RW for it to be accepted on the DVD burner. However, the software itself does not have this ability. So, you will need to find another solution.

Fewer Documented Support/Help

It is easy to use DVDStyler to add video subtitles and audio tracks and burn them to DVD. However, its advanced features are challenging for beginners, and only a few forums and documentation are available. It is unlikely to build newer communities since the software is already outdated.

Part 6. Final Verdict

After reviewing DVDStyler, is it still worth it? The benefits you can get on the tool are unlimited, whether you want to use it as a player or burn videos. On the other hand, it is also important to learn about its downsides because they can affect your burning experience. In the end, it is still your decision to decide whether or not it’s a good DVD burner. Nevertheless, DVDStyler remains free to use, so you can try it anytime. If you find it lacking in your needs, we have prepared an alternative for you.

Part 7. Best Alternative to DVDStyler

DVD Creator is a Blu-ray Master tool made with advanced burning technology. It is cross-platform, which you can download on the latest version of Windows and Mac. It offers a sleek interface that makes it easy to upload, edit, and burn videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB, and others. Of course, the alternative also has editing tools that allow you to cut, rotate, merge, and flip your videos effortlessly. Since it is modern, DVD Creator is the best pick for creating your personalized DVDs, Blu-ray, or ISO image files.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

The table below guides you on DVDStyler and DVD Creator. Here, you can check the comparisons to decide which is better for DVD burning.

DVD Creator VS DVDStyler
Free, $12.45 Price Free
MP4, MPEG, MOV, WMV, AVI, VOB, MKV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, FLV, etc. Supported Input Formats MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, AC-3, MKV, etc.
DVD/Blu-ray disc, folder, and ISO image file Supported Output Formats DVD disc, folder
Windows 11/10/8/7. Mac OS X 10.9, Sonoma, and later Platforms Windows 10/8/7, Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina, Linux Mint, and later
Yes Video Editor Yes
Yes Menu Templates Yes
Yes Regular Updates Final release in 2021
Yes Low CPU Usage No
Yes Support Guide No

Part 8. FAQs about DVDStyler

Wrapping up

The DVDStyler review concludes here. As you have learned, the software was released in 2003, providing free DVD-burning service on Windows, Mac, and Linux. While it is prosperous in output settings and video editing tools, its few selected output formats might not help you create the best DVD. Also, support is scarce because there are only a few websites and forums that can help you understand the tool deeply. On the other hand, DVD Creator is the suggested solution for DVD burning, with its advanced technology and excellent output results. In this case, a seamless experience is reachable with a click on the Free Download button.

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