WinX DVD Author: Review of Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

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Jun 06, 2024Posted by Brittany Garcia to Create DVD

WinX DVD Author works as a medium to create the desired DVD video. In this case, it allows you to add or remove elements of your preference while providing the right tool to edit or configure the whole video. But since the software received both good and bad reviews, we will look deeper at the DVD Author and see if it’s still worth trying on your computer. With that said, check the following facts we gathered about the software.

WinX DVD Author

Part 1. Overview of WinX DVD Author

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The main job of Winx DVD Author is to give you a professional DVD-burning experience with personalized menus, chapters, subtitles, and others. Its development revolves around various video formats, allowing you to burn MP4, ISO, VOB, AVI, etc., according to your desired order, themes, and settings. It also has the ability to turn files into compatible formats like NTSC and PAL with resolution options. Moreover, it boasts the simplicity of the learning curve while providing excellent results.

How We Test
Steps Description
Software Installation The latest version of the software is installed on an updated computer for the test.
Sample Selection Since it is for burning DVDs, we chose MP4 videos within its scope. A few other files like VOB and ISO have also been uploaded to WinX DVD Author.
DVD Burning Testing After uploading the files, we used every software feature, including burning modes, editing tools, and advanced settings as part of the test.
Processing Lastly, the video files are run through the burning process. Speed and quality are both noted in this part.The processing speed is slow and average in scale, while the DVD quality is good to play on a common DVD player.

Part 2. WinX DVD Author Features

What we observe about the software is its library of tools and multiple functions. The following list highlights the things we got for WinX DVD Author.

Part 3. WinX DVD Author Pros

Straightforward Layout

The DVD Author is designed with a clean gray-colored interface, making the burning and editing process easier for beginners. Although it looks old-fashioned, we like that the interface is clean, even on the free trial version.

WinX DVD Author Straightforward Layout

Configurable Menu Templates

When trying its menu templates for making DVD menus, WinX DVD Author allows you to move the buttons around. Of course, this part of editing the video includes adding music, subtitles, and others, which is ideal if you prefer a quick edit.

Configurable Menu Templates

Satisfactory Output Options

The software’s burning capabilities manage to turn MOV, FLV, and other video types into DVD output formats. This includes DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-9, and DVD-5.

Winx Dvd Author Satisfactory Output Options

Sufficient Output Settings

You don’t have to worry if the aspect ratio or the standard TV format is wrong. The output setting has all the options you need to configure, such as the FPS, write speed, encoder, TV standard, and more.

Part 4. WinX DVD Author Cons

Any software has its downside, and it is only right to know about it before downloading and installing it on your computer. Here are the WinX DVD Author problems we discovered.

Slow Software Launch

The first thing we experience with the DVD burner is the slow launch progress. Given that DVD Author is an outdated application, no more update occurrence can be the possible cause.

High Pricing Plan

The free WinX DVD Author cannot meet your burning needs, so you will be required to choose the pro version, which costs $39.95 for only one device. We know that it offers a decent DVD-burning experience, but the price is too high for its features. You can find more free DVD creators here, if you have a limited money plan.

Limited Menu Templates

We discovered that there are only four menu templates within WinX DVD Author. Unlike most modern DVD burners, it does not offer built-in templates to match themes like holidays or anniversaries for homemade DVDs.

Part 5. Best Alternative to WinX DVD Author

Another thing we experience is WinX DVD Author burning process can go wrong. This can affect your workflow, especially for multiple videos to burn. However, you have DVD Creator by Blu-ray Master as an alternative. Its main objective is to provide an excellent burning experience with its updated interface and robust functions. Notably, it supports a wide range of input and output formats, including Blu-ray and DVD disc, folder, and ISO image file. When it comes to editing, it offers a library of customizable menu templates depending on the theme. On top of that, it has an abundant free version that you can download on Windows and Mac or buy the pro version for as low as $12.45 for a lifetime license.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

DVD Creator VS WinX DVD Author
$12.45 Pricing Plan $39.95
DVD and Blu-ray disc, ISO, and folder Supported Output Formats DVD-9, and DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW
Yes Fast-speed Burning Process No
1080p to 4K Resolution Option 720p
Frequent Software Update None
Windows 11/10, Mac OS X 10.9 and above Supported Platforms Windows 11/10/8/7
No Free Version Watermark No
Yes Customization Yes
Easy Complexity Easy

Part 6. FAQs about WinX DVD Author

Wrapping up

Wrapping up with the Winx DVD Author review, this post contains all the information you need about the software. It has a satisfactory performance, but the drawbacks can hinder your workflow. With this, the best alternative is DVD Creator because it can burn various DVD and Blu-ray types, edit with effective tools, and process the disc smoothly. Try it for free by clicking the Free Download button.

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