Samsung Music App: How to Add Music, and the Reasons and Solutions on Failing to Play Music

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For Samsung mobile users, it is easier for them to access music libraries with the Samsung Music app. However, if you are a first-time user of Samsung phones, and do not know how this music app works, then you have just landed on the right post. In this article, you will learn the overview of the app, as well as the process of adding music to it, and the reasons with solutions when the music fails to play. All that, when you continue reading the entire content below.

How to Use Samsung Music App

Part 1. An Overview of Samsung Music Player APK

What is Samsung Music? It is a built-in app on Samsung devices that allows you to access and listen to music from various storage. Furthermore, this app will enable you to organize songs, create custom playlists, synchronize music, and adjust sound quality. If you are wondering if you can use this app for free, then the answer is yes. However, for those who want to experience more of its features that include listening to other devices and offline playback, then a subscription to a streaming service must be done.

Samsung Music

Part 2. How to Add Music to Samsung Music

In this part, we will show you the easiest method to add music to Samsung Music using Google Play. As a Samsung Music user, you can transfer your saved songs from your Google Play Music and add them to your playlist. Here’s how you add Google Music and songs to your Samsung app.

How to Put Google Play Music on Samsung Music Player

Step 1.Launch your Google Play Music app, and select your desired album or playlist that you want to transfer to the Samsung Music Player app. You can choose from My Library storage.

Step 2.Then, tap the Download button to grab a piece of music. After that, tap the File Manager and open the file storage that contains the music.

Step 3.Now select and hold all the songs and tap the Move To option. Then, transfer them to the folder you set as your file destination.

Part 3. Reasons and Solutions of Samsung Music Failed to Play Track

There are various reasons why Samsung Music failed to play the track. For this reason, we have gathered a few possible reasons with their corresponding solutions below.

Reasons for Failing to Play Music

Solutions Fix Samsung Music Failed to Play Track

For this reason, we highly recommend you use this Video Converter Ultimate. Yes, you read it right. It is a video converter that will let you convert audio files using its ultrafast technology. That means all your audio files can be converted in bulk at a 70 times fast speed rate. Furthermore, it supports all the audio formats that Samsung Music supports, plus the other 500 different, making you cater to your other music players for Samsung. Moreover, many video and audio editing tools are present such as a volume booster, audio sync, trimmer, compressor, and many more.

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Step 1.Grab the tool on your computer by using the Download buttons above for faster transactions. Open the tool once done, then click the Plus icon at the center to import all the music you want to convert.

VCU Upload Audio Files

Step 2. Next is to reach the Arrow button of the Convert All To section for you to see the audio format selection. From there, choose the format supported by the Samsung Music app.

VCU Select Audio Format

Step 3. As simple as that, you can now hit the Convert All button to begin the fast conversion process. Then, check for the converted files after.

VCU Convert Audio Files

Part 4. FAQs about Samsung Music App

  • Why is my Samsung phone playing music by itself?

    This mainly happens when there is a command you are permitted to continuously play music. Otherwise, you may want to check for a malfunction or stuck button, making you play the music alone.

  • Does the Samsung Music app stream online music?

    The app is primarily used for playing local music. However, it can have an integration into the streaming services that will allow you to access online music.

  • Does Samsung Music have a lyrics display?

    Yes. The music app contains a lyrics feature synchronized to the currently playing song.

Wrapping up

The Samsung Music Player is a nice app that you can enjoy when listening to your favorite music. Furthermore, adding music to it has been easier due to the steps presented in this article. If you are experiencing any error in playing, such as a sudden stop or failure in the playback, assess the reasons and solutions provided in part 3 of this post. Then, for your file conversion needs, we have presented you with the best software you can trust: the Video Converter Ultimate.

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