What You Can Do to Fix VLC Not Recording Video Or Audio Issues

What You Can Do to Fix VLC Not Recording Video Or Audio Issues

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VLC Media Player is a worldwide media player, converter and editor for desktop and mobile users. Actually, you can record video using VLC as well. Just choose Open Capture Device from the Media drop-down list. Later, you can capture the desktop or webcam video for free with VLC. However, you may find that VLC record button not working or other VLC not recording issues. If you have problems while recording screen video with VLC, you can do as the following paragraphs show.

Vlc Not Recording

Part 1: Why VLC Not Recording Video or Audio

If VLC cannot record video at the beginning, there might be something wrong with system bugs. For instance, the latest builds of VLC recording and transcoding are possible reasons. To reduce the incidence of VLC not recording video, you can install an older VLC version, like v.2.0.8, v.2.1.5, v.3.0.0 and more. You can also switch versions when VLC stops recording in the middle.

Part 2: Alternative Way to Record Screen Video with Audio

VLC is not designed for screen recording only. If you are looking for a free alternative of VLC, Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder can be your good choice. You can record streaming video online for free as WMV format. There is no maximum time limit. So you use it as a free VLC screen recorder alternative. It is enough to record screen video with audio on your Windows and Mac computer.

To unlock the hardware acceleration, scheduled tasks, hotkey preferences and other advanced recording features, you need up upgrade to its pro version, which is Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. In spite of recording screen video, audio and webcam, you can apply annotation, commentary, hotkey, video trimmer, and other effects. Here’re the main features.

Step 1

Free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. Then install and launch the program. Since VLC record not working, you can choose Video Recorder in the main interface instead.

Video Recorder

Step 2

Set the screen capture area and input audio source based on your need. You can record video with system audio and microphone voice.

Select Recording Region

Step 3

Click REC to start recording. You can take a screenshot and add drawing tools during recording. When the screen recording ends, you can preview and trim it. At last, click Save to save the recording video.

Tutoria Record Video

Part 3: 5 Ways to Fix VLC Not Recording

VLC Media Player does not offer many benefits of screen recording. If you just want to record a video quickly, you can use VLC as your free video recorder. VLC not recording can be divided into many cases. Here’re some common VLC not recording properly issues you can refer.

Way 1: The saved VLC recording video turns out in MP3 audio format

When the VLC not recording video only audio problem occurs, you can restart and reinstall the latest VLC version. If it does not work, you can disable video acceleration before recording with VLC. Just head to VLC Tools. Choose Preferences followed by Video. Later, uncheck Accelerated video output.

Way 2: The VLC Record button not working

Access the Windows Defender. You need to disable Controlled Folder Access to troubleshoot VLC not recording.

Way 3: The DVD recording video doesn’t include subtitles

Even though you enable subtitle overlay while recording, the recorded file contains no subtitle. This is because the subtitle is saved into a separate file. VLC cannot recognize the separate subtitle. During this time, you need to change a screen recorder to bypass VLC not recording screen issue. (Find solutions to VLC won’t pLay DVD issues )

Way 4: FLAC stutter delay

VLC may delay when you record screen video. To fix VLC delay issue, you can relaunch VLC. Choose Settings followed by Preferences. Select Audio and set the output modules. Click Advanced options. Then select Win32 output extension wave to fix FLAC stutter delay in VLC.

Way 5: VLC Recording Playback Crackle

Just choose VLC Tools. Select Preferences and then choose Audio. After that, change the output module to ALSA. You can get rid of VLC crackling sound while playing or recording successfully.

Part 4: FAQs of VLC Recording Problems

Where does VLC recordings save?

All media files will be saved into the Videos folder by default. You can find it in the Users folder. Choose a folder named with your user name. Then you can find the recording path folder.

What format does VLC record in?

VLC can record, transcode and stream video and audio in multiple formats. You can save the recording video file as MP4, ASF, AVI, FLAC, MOV, OGG, WebM and more.

What to do when VLC keeps crashing?

You can download diagnostic, reset preferences, disable hardware acceleration and fix corrupted program files to troubleshoot VLC crashes.

After fixing VLC not recording with the above methods, you can continue recording, playing, converting and editing video and audio files with VLC. Or you can turn to Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder and its online alternative to get better screen recording experience. If you still have problems of VLC video not recording, you can feel free to contact us.

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