All-round Review of the 6 Best Alternatives to QuickTime Player for Mac

All-round Review of the 6 Best Alternatives to QuickTime Player for Mac

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As a Mac user, you could agree that playing a video or any type of media is a bit challenging if you do not use the right media player software. Some video files do not play on other media players due to their dedicated suitability of one or some players. For this reason, users of Mac have seen or discovered how substantial the limitations of QuickTime (default media player) are. Therefore, it is very fortunate for a Mac user like you to know that there are great alternatives to QuickTime Player for your Mac. In connection with this information, a comprehensive review of the best players for Mac has been made to help you pick which one you should get for yourself. See them as you read the entire content below.

Best Alternative to QuickTime for Mac

Part 1. 3 Best Alternatives to QuickTime Player for Mac

As mentioned above, QuickTime is the default media player for Mac. For this reason, we bring you the three best media players that you can use as alternatives to be utilized on Mac computers.

1. Blu-ray Player: Choice of Blu-ray Master

Best Blu-ray Player

Platform: Available on Mac and Windows.

Price: Free trial; $24.96 for one monthly license and $45.96 for a lifetime license.

Best For: Beginners.



First to watch out for is this Blu-ray Player, which is the best choice for the Blu-ray Master. This best alternative to QuickTime Player is a flexible and reliable media player to obtain on Mac computers. It comes with a super smooth process for downloading, making your Mac secure. Furthermore, this amazing player software has extensive support for almost all types of video formats, including the ones that Mac supports. Besides that, it also supports any type of Blu-ray with high-quality ones, including ISO files, DVD folders, and IFO. You will surely love how elegant, simple, and intuitive its interface is, making it the best to recommend for beginners and professionals alike. Despite being simple, the control set for its playback is shown to be one of its finest since it comes with everything you need, such as play, pause, stop, rewind, forward, skip, volume, expand, and even a snapshot button!

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player Mac

Platform: Available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Price: Free

Best For: Intermediate



If you are looking for a free media player, then this VLC media player should be on your list. VLC provides you with a simple but rock playback control. Aside from being a free media player, it is also known due to its extra functions, such as a file converter, speed controller, video rotator, and many more.

3. Cisdem Video Player

Cisdem Video Player Mac

Platform: Available on Mac and Windows.

Price: Free; $19.99 for one license, $27.99 for 2, and $49.99 for 5 Macs licenses.

Best For: Intermediate



Last but definitely not least is this Cisdem Video Player. It is a media player on Mac and Windows that offers a free version. Despite the simplicity of its interface comes its smooth ability to play high-quality videos, including 4K and 8K. In addition, it comes with remarkable RAM making it runs very well.

Part 2. 3 Best Alternatives to QuickTime for Screen Recording on Mac

Now proceeding to the best alternative to QuickTime for the screen recording process, allow us to introduce you to the top 3 today.

1. Screen Recorder Chosen by Blu-ray Master

Best Screen Recorder QuickTime Alternative

Here is the top-most hot pick for screen recording today: the Screen Recorder. It is a screen recording software that comes with a total package of features and extra tools for both Mac and Windows versions. Furthermore, using it will give you great options for the screen recording process, sound, outputs, video quality, and many more, making you experience an exquisite recording process ever. In addition, this Screen Recorder for Mac efficiently provides you with powerful options such as enhancing the sound and using a noise-canceling microphone as part of this alternative to QuickTime for Mac tool.

Platform: Available on Windows and Mac.

Price: Free; $43.71 for a license.

Best For: Beginners



2. OBS Studio

OBS Screen Recorder QuickTime Alternative

Another recording tool that you can acquire on Mac is the OBS Studio. It supports many different formats along with its editing tools, such as transition and other mixing features, to enhance your screen-recorded content.

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, and BSD.

Price: Free

Best For: Professional



3. Screen-O-Matic

Screen Matic Recorder QuickTime Alternative

Here comes a screen recording software on the web that you can use as an alternative to QuickTime Player on Mac, the Screen-O-Matic. It is a free screen recording tool that lets you share and post the recorded content online.

Platform: Online

Price: Free

Best For: Beginners



Part 3. FAQs about the QuickTime Alternatives

Can I record the screen on QuickTime with a voiceover?

Yes. QuickTime lets you record audio and voice if you connect a third-party mic.

Is there an Apple QuickTime alternative for Windows?

Apple's QuickTime used to be available on Windows but unfortunately stopped in 2016. Thus, if you are looking for the best alternative media player for Windows, use Blu-ray Player.

Can I play an AVI video in QuickTime?

No, QuickTime technically cannot play .avi files. You can use Blu-ray Player picked by Blu-ray Master to play your AVI videos.


The media players and screen recorders presented in this post are the best alternatives to QuickTime Player for Mac. Therefore, you can acquire whichever catches your interest. However, you can be more practical if you choose each group's top 1, the Blu-ray Player and Screen Recorder.

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