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KMPlayer and Best Free Alternative Solution that You Won’t Miss

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Today, we already enter a video era. There are oceans of video contents on social media, webpages, and mobile apps. To help people distribute animated contents, developers and technology giants released a lot of video file formats, such as FLV, MP4, WebM, MOV, WMV and more, as well as HD, 4K, 4K Ultra, etc. In result, we need a powerful media player, such as KMPlayer, to get the best experience. We will share an unbiased review in this article.


Part 1: KMPlayer Review

KMPlayer interface mac

KMPlayer is a multimedia player but not a simple video player. A proper multimedia player is essential on any system since almost everyone would like to get entertainment on their digital devices. Since released, KMPlayer free player has gained enormous popularity and become first priority for music and movie lovers.

Main Features of KMPlayer

Brief Review of KMPlayer

KMPlayer interface



How to Use KMPlayer to Play Videos

Step 1

Download KMPlayer from the official website or trustable source. Open it from your desktop once installed it.

Tip: You should monitor the installation carefully since it will install Open Candy and more extra software.

Step 2

Double-click on the blank screen part when you want to play a video or song. Then find and select the file, and hit Open.

Watch movies on KMPlayer

Step 3

After the video is being played, you will get the several buttons at the bottom to control the playback.

Play video

Note: If you want to change the custom options in KMPlayer, press F2 to access the Preferences dialog. We suggest beginners not to try it since KMPlayer will work abnormally if you set options improperly.

Part 2: Best Alternative to KMPlayer

Though KMPlayer is a great video player, it still has some shortcomings, like ads. Therefore, you may want to learn more options to play videos for free. Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player is a good option.

Basic Features of the Best Alternative to KMPlayer

Briefly speaking, Free Blu-ray Player is the best alternative solution to KMPlayer for watching videos for free. Also, it lets you play Blu-ray movies with high quality,

How to Play Videos without Ads or Lag

Step 1

Open a video

Install the best alternative to KMPlayer as long as you are willing to watch a HD video, 4K movie, DVD or Blu-ray disc. Then launch it, click the Open File button to import a video from your hard drive, or press the Open Disc button to load your disc.

Guide interface

Step 2

Control video playback

After video loading, it will begin playing in the main interface. Now, you can see the quick controls at the bottom, such as fast forward, stop, pause, rewind, etc. To take a snapshot while playing video, hit the Camera icon. You can adjust the Volume at the bottom right side.

Play Blu-ray

In addition to basic controls, the top menu bar offers more advanced features. If you need to change subtitles, audio tracks or other option, go to the Controls menu and you can reset them easily. The Audio and Video menus provide advanced options for audio and video effects. If the image color is not good, go to the Tools menu, select Effects, and adjust Hue, Brightness, Contrast and other parameters.

Adjust settings

Part 3: FAQs about KMPlayer

Is KMPlayer safe to use?

KMPlayer does contain a lot of ads and extra software. So, you must be carefully when using the media player. According to our test, KMPlayer is safe to use. If your antivirus software blocks the installation, you have to disable it when installing KMPlayer.

Is KMPlayer open source?

Though KMPlayer is a free multimedia player, it is not open-source. It was developed and released by a Korea software company. When you download the player, you will be asked to donate for the software, but you can ignore it.

How to reset KMPlayer to default settings?

Step 1: Open KMPlayer and press F2 on your keyboard to trigger the Preferences dialog.

Step 2: Click the Reset Current Preset button at the bottom left side. When prompted, hit Yes to confirm it.


This article has talked about one of the most popular free video player, KMPlayer. Though it is free of charge, users can get a lot of useful features and custom options from the multimedia player. However, it may slow down your computer due to the high level of CPU usage. Moreover, it relies on ads to provide free features. That may make users annoying. So, we also shared a free alternative to KMPlayer, Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player, which is easier to use. More questions? Please write them down below.

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