The Region Free Blu-ray Player Software for You

The Region Free Blu-ray Player Software for You

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When you have some Blu-ray discs, you might find the Blu-ray from a different region. You should know the different regions of the Blu-ray and use the region free Blu-ray player software to playback Blu-ray files. Free Blu-ray Player should be the powerful region free tool that can meet your requirements.


Regions for Blu-ray discs

If your favorite Blu-ray was first released in the United Kingdom, you should check whether the free region Blu-ray disc is available. It would be a large amount to find region free Blu-ray Player from Best Buy or use PowerDVD Blu-ray code free. Region free Blu-ray player software should be the best solution for you.

Before you use the Blu-ray region killer, you can find the region map for Blu-ray discs as below. Whether you need to play Blu-ray discs with any region, you can use Free Blu-ray Player software to watch the Blu-ray on PC without region restriction.

Region A: U.S., Japan, Latin America, East Asia (except China).

Region B: Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Region C: China, Russia, India, remaining countries.

Blu-ray Region Code

How Region Free Blu-ray Player software works

Free Blu-ray Player can play Blu-ray disc with region code removed automatically. Whether you are dealing with Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO files or ripped Blu-ray videos, you can get the Region Free Blu-ray Player to work according to your requirements. It should be the initial Blu-ray software to work with the purchased Blu-ray discs.

Free Blu-ray Player

Free Blu-ray Player is a region free Blu-ray tool. Whether you need to enjoy the Blu-ray movies on wide screen or play any video format on PC or Mac at will, the free Blu-ray Player can remove the region restrictions for you. And you can also enjoy Blu-ray movie with the intuitive interface.

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How to use region free Blu-ray Player for Mac

Step 1

Launch region free Blu-ray Player for Mac

Just download and install the latest version of Region free Blu-ray Player on Mac, and then launch the program to load the Blu-ray files as the screenshot.

Step 2

Load the Blu-ray files

Click the “Open Files” to load the Blu-ray ISO files. The region free Blu-ray player will remove the region restriction from the load Blu-ray file automatically.

Load Disc
Step 3

Playback Blu-ray without region restriction

After that you can choose the titles and adjust the video to play the Blu-ray videos on computer easily without any restrictions for the region of Blu-ray.

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