What Can Play RMVB Files Smoothly? Here're Your Best Free RMVB Player

What Can Play RMVB Files Smoothly? Here're Your Best Free RMVB Players

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A good RMVB player really matters if you want to get excellent audiovisual effects. The RMVB (RealMeida Variable Bitrate) format is not compatible with many media players. You cannot play RMVB files with Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player unless you install a RMVB codec.

Best free RMVB player review

If you want to make RMVB files playable, you can convert RMVB to MP4 or other formats. But why not choose a free RMVB file player to easily play RMVB files with better video and audio experience? You can watch movies in RMVB and other formats without conversion directly.

Part 1: Best Free RMVB Player for Mac and Windows

Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player is a free RMVB player that can play RMVB videos and other 1080p HD videos smoothly. There is no need to install codec packs for RMVB playback. You can open RMVB files with perfect video and audio experience for free. The free RMVB video player is 100% free and safe to use.

You can adjust video effects while playing a RMVB video. Moreover, you can watch videos in RMVB format on your widescreen computer with selectable screen modes. It is also supported to take a snapshot while watching RMVB on Mac or PC. The default image format is JPG. You can also change the snapshot format within the RMVB player manually.


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Part 2: How to Free Play RMVB Files with High Video and Audio Quality

Step 1

Download the free RMVB player on PC. Launch the program. Click "Open File" to load RMVB files for offline playing.

BD Free blu-ray player

Step 2

If you want to watch RMVB in full screen, you can choose "Full Screen" in the "Video" list. You can also apply RMVB audio effects from the "Audio" list on the top of the free RMVB media player.

Adjust screen size

Step 3

You can control the RMVB playback with buttons, such as "Play/Stop", "Pause/Resume", "Fast Forward" and "Back Forward". You can get those options from the "Controls" list on the top too.

RMVB playback control

Step 4

Click the camera-like "Screenshot" button to take a snapshot of the playing RMVB file. To get the RMVB screenshot quickly, you can click the "Folder" button beside. In addition, you can choose "Effects" from the "Tools" list to adjust RMVB video effects, including hue, brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma.

Adjust visual effects

Part 3: 3 RMVB Player Alternatives to Play RMVB Files

There are also other free media players that can open RMVB files on Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android for free. Thus, you can enjoy RMVB videos with a free RMVB player app on your smart phone too.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and open source RMVB player and converter. There is no need to download separate RMVB VLC player codec packs. You can play RMVB on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux for free. However, the RMVB player app is rather complicated for beginners. The RMVB playback is not as smooth as other RMVB players.

VlC media player

2. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is a free RMVB player for Windows 10 and Linux with good playback quality. When you leave the program, your previous playback position and personal settings will be saved. Thus, next time you open SMPlayer, you can continue watching the RMVB movie. Sadly, there are no playback controls for the RMVB player for Windows 7. The installer is bundled with OpenCandy. You have to download two programs for playing RMVB files.


3. RMVB Player

Just as its name shows, RMVB Player is specially designed for playing RMVB files on Windows. You can create a playlist to put favorite RMVB video files into the same folder. The RMVB Player freeware offers a built-in search engine. You can find the certain video from large amounts of RMVB files quickly.

RMVB Player

Part 4: FAQs of Best Free RMVB Player Review

1. What is the best free video player for Windows 10?

If you are seeking an easy and multi-function RMVB player on Windows 10, Free Blu-ray Player will be the best one. If you are finding a reputable RMVB player on Windows 10, VLC will be the best one.

2. How do I convert RMVB to MP4?

For converting RMVB to MP4, you will need AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It is the easy-to-use RMVB to MP4 converting software. Step 1. Click Add File to import one or more RMVB files. Step 2. Select MP4 from the drop-down list of Profile. Step 3. Click Convert to start converting RMVB to MP4. The detailed guide is here: How to convert RMVB to MP4.

3. How to play RMVB files on Windows Media Player?

The default video codec on Windows Media Player does not include RMVB. So, for playing the RMVB files, you need to install the RMVB codec. Go to Tools menu and click Options. Then click Player tab to select Download the RMVB codecs automatically and click OK. Then play the RMVB files and click Install in the prompt window. After that, you can play the RMVB files on Windows Media Player now.

4. Can VLC play RMVB?

Yes, VLC is the media player to play RMVB, 3GP, FLV, AVI, MP4, MXF, QuickTime, etc. Just run VLC on computer, click Media to select Open Files or Open Multiple Files to import the RMVB files. Then VLC will play the RMVB files automatically.

You can watch RMVB smoothly with any RMVB player mentioned above. Free Blu-ray Player can play all RMVB and HD videos on Windows and Mac for free safely and smoothly. The RMVB player VLC is more proper for professionals due to its complicated interface. SMPlayer can open files with RMVB file extension. Though you need to install its bundled software first. As for RMVB Player, it can play RMVB files on Windows only. Obviously, Free Blu-ray Player is the best free RMVB player that is worth to free download and have a try.

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