A Detailed CleanShot X Review: Is it Worth the Money

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Your Mac computer has default screenshot utilities to capture the screen entirely or partially. Unfortunately, the screenshot functions might hinder your workflow most of the time you need it. Looking at the best alternatives, CleanShot has caught your eye. But since there are more options to try, you might wonder if this tool is right for you. To help you decide, this review shall cover the most important details about the screen recording software.

CleanShot Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict

When choosing an alternative for screenshots, you will need to make sure that the tool will not stop your productivity progress. This is the goal of CleanShot as a third-party application for Mac, as it offers dedicated screenshot functions almost the same as the default ones. But the best part is that it offers other capture modes that are not on your computer. If what you are looking for is more than a basic screenshot tool, then CleanShot X app is the right one for you. With that said, let’s proceed to the details of the software, reviewing its features, pricing, platforms, and so on.

Part 2. CleanShot Features

CleanShot X proves it is the best alternative to your Mac’s default screenshot feature by providing extensive benefits. The following list is all the key features of the software and other beneficial options for effective screenshots:

Part 3. CleanShot Pros

Next, here are the advantages of having the CleanShot X on your desktop. We will review the tool’s measurements, including the user interface, functions, quality, supported formats, and pricing.

All-Around Screenshot Functions

Overall Rating:

Its main purpose is to provide a screenshot function that is beyond the Mac’s default tool. But CleanShot X knows how a user needs a versatile screenshot. So, it furnishes screenshot options for fullscreen, scrolling capture, partial, window, and region. The best part is the PixelSnap integration, which helps to measure objects on the screen and hold important dimensions for the screenshots.

Cleanshot x All Around Screenshot Functions

Intuitive UI Layout

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CleanShot’s interface is full of functions for taking and editing screenshots. It looks cluttered initially, but exploring the whole layout will open you to a coordinated menu. Additionally, the interface is directed to the screenshot folder, so all recent photos are accessible for immediate editing.

Cleanshot Intuitive UI Layout

Smart Cursor Modes

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Not only is it best for taking a full screenshot on your Mac screen, but CleanShot is also equipped with crosshair and magnifier options. These two can accurately screenshot the content, providing measurements and zoom-in modes. What’s more, the Freeze Screen mode is the perfect screenshot mode for videos, as it will temporarily stop the motion and capture the object.

Quick Access Overlay

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This function temporarily shows at one of the corners of your screen. It allows you to view, edit, and share the recorded footage or instantly save, copy, and drag it to other apps. Quick Access Overlay also provides options to adjust the size to crop a screenshot on Mac, restore recent overlays, and configure the auto-close setting.

Cleanshot Quick Access Overlay

Reasonable Offered Plans

Overall Rating:

CleanShot pricing starts at $29, which is a one-time purchase. It is ideal for personal use on a Mac with 1 GB storage provided. For a year, you will get new updates that improve the overall experience. If you have a team with the same work, CleanShot also offers another plan, which is $8 per user. It is a combination of accessibility on any Mac device with unlimited cloud storage, perfect for more workloads and custom branding.

Cleanshot x Reasonable Offered Plans

Overall, CleanShot X offers excellent screenshot utilities that benefit you with a smoother workflow. On the other hand, it is an outstanding program that a small team can use for collaborative projects.

Part 4. CleanShot Cons

No software is perfect. In fact, the reason there are many screenshot options in the market is because of differences regarding the offered services, results, navigation, and so on. This is also the case for CleanShot X, and you must learn more about its disadvantages to consider whether you still want to get it.

Part 5. Best Alternative to CleanShot

Have you considered CleanShot not a suitable tool for you? In that case, there is another alternative that exceeds your expectations.

Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder is a cross-platform program for Windows and Mac. One of its powerful assets is Snapshot, which can be used to take a photo of your screen.

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for macOS

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It is straightforward to use but captures precise measurements with the crosshair option. You can say it is on par with CleanShot X, but this alternative offers more output image formats, allowing you to export JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP. Surprisingly, it has screenshot options for scrolling capture, windows, and more. You can download Screen Recorder for free to try the Snapshot feature and its screen recorders for video, audio, game, and webcam.

Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder Cleanshot Alternative

Let’s compare CleanShot X and Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder to see which one is fitting for your needs. Here, we included categories like device compatibility, formats, and sharing options.

Comparison Bu-ray Master Screen Recorder CleanShot X
Device Compatibility Windows and Mac OS Mac OS only
Supported Formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc. JPEG and PNG
Sharing Options Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, emails, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. Email provider
Advanced Functions Configurable output codec, format, and other output settings; real-time annotation with text, shape, and paint. None
Special Features Video, gameplay, webcam, browser, and phone recorders Scrolling Capture

Part 6. FAQs about CleanShot X

Wrapping up

To sum up this CleanShot review, you have learned its main highlights and how it can be worth it for work projects. Here, we have discussed the tool’s main functions, editing tools, pricing, and more. But despite all its excellent offers, CleanShot X can be expensive because it can be for only one device or user. So, if you want to make your money worth it, download Screen Recorder by Blu-ray Master, as it has more features for screen capturing. Also, it is available on Windows and Mac, supporting the latest OS version. Don’t forget to share this article to help others online.

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