5 Verified Methods to Convert AVI to MOV on Mac

5 Verified Methods to Convert AVI to MOV on Mac

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When you have downloaded some AVI files to your MacBook, you cannot play the AVI files directly with QuickTime Player. Whether you need to play AVI files, or edit the movies with Final Cut Pro, you need to convert AVI to MOV on Mac. What are the best AVI to MOV converters to transcode the AVI with the original quality? Just learn more about the 6 most efficient methods from the article.


Part 1: The Ultimate Method to Convert AVI to MOV on Mac

Video Convert Ultimate for Mac is not only an AVI to MOV converter, which you can adjust the different video and audio settings, but also enables you to trim the videos, merge different AVI clips, and edit the videos. It is an all-in-one video converter that you can convert, edit and manage the AVI files from different channels.

Step 1

Download and launch Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. Go to the Converter menu and click the Add Files button on the interface. Select the Add File button or the Add Folders button to add the AVI file you decide to convert. You can also drag several AVI files to the program directly.

Add AVI files Mac

Step 2

Click the format field on the right side of the interface. Choose the MOV option from the left menu. Moreover, you can also tweak the different parameters, especially when you need to convert AVI to MOV for Final Cut Pro, such as the video codec, bitrate, resolution, and more others.

Choose MOV As Output Mac

Step 3

Choose the location for the converted files. Then click the Convert All button at the bottom to start the converting process. After the AVI to MOV converting process being finished, you can find the MOV files in the folder that you choose.

Part 2: 4 Efficient Online Methods to Convert AVI to MOV on Mac

When you need to convert a small AVI file to MOV, you can also use the online AVI to MOV Converter. Just learn more about the 4 most frequently used online methods with the following information.

1. Free Online Video Converter

Free Online Video Converter is a free and web-based AVI to MOV video converter. It has a simple interface and doesn't need any installation or sign-up. All the processes can be finished on a website.

Download Launcher

Pros Cons

2. Online Converter

This tool is designed especially for converting videos. The interface is simple and organized, and the speed of converting is not slow. It's an ideal AVI to MOV converter on Mac online.

Pros Cons

3. Cloudconvert

It not only converts AVI to MOV but also allows you to transform many formats of videos online. Also, you can make simple editing and adjust it.

Pros Cons

4. Zamzar

Without any purchase or download, Zamzar is a convenient online converting tool to convert AVI to MOV.

Pros Cons

Part3. FAQs about Convert AVI to MOV

1. Should you convert AVI to MOV on iPhone?

Yes. If you are using products from an Android phone or iPhone, you may find that AVI files can't be played directly on your devices. The AVI file format is not compatible with all devices, which means you need to convert AVI to MOV.

2. Can I directly play AVI files on Mac?

Yes. VLC player is an ideal choice for you to play AVI files on your Mac. You can visit VLC official website to download this software. But when you need to edit the AVI files on Mac with Final Cut Pro or others, you have to convert AVI to MOV beforehand.

3. What are the differences between AVI and MOV?

AVI is short for Audio Video Interleave, which was developed by Microsoft as the file format for its media player application. You can playback the video with Windows devices. MOV was developed for Mac OS and QuickTime application by Apple. MOV supports MP4 codecs like H.264 while AVI does not.


Here are 5 methods to convert AVI files to MOV on Mac. Video Convert Ultimate is the best choice to convert, edit and manage the AVI files. Meanwhile, there are 4 free AVI to MOV converters online that can convert some simple AVI files. If you want to know more about AVI to MOV converter, please leave a message below.

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