2 Ways to Convert MP4 to MKV on Mac/PC/Free Online

2 Ways to Convert MP4 to MKV on Mac/PC/Free Online

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For different needs, you want to convert your file to another format. Are you looking for a simple way, especially a free way to convert MP4 to MKV ?

Convert MP4 to MKV

There are a large number of video converters offered on the internet that can help you make various video and audio conversions, including the MP4 to MKV converting. This post will share 2 easy ways to help you convert MP4 to MKV or change MKV to MP4 on Mac, Windows PC, and free online.

Part 1. Convert MP4 to MKV Free Online

When you Google how to convert MP4 to MKV on internet, you can see many searching results are free online video converters. So, at the first part, we like to show you a free way to change MP4 to MKV online.

Here we sincerely introduce you with the popular Free Online Video Converter to help you make the video conversion from MP4 to MKV. Compared with other online converter tools, it doesn't have any file size limit. Moreover, there is no account or sign in requirement. You can directly start the MP4 to MKV converting with it.

Step 1

On your browser, go to the Free Online Video Converter site. This online MP4 to MKV converter is compatible with all frequently-used web browsers including Microsoft IE, Google Chrome, Yahoo, Firefox and Safari.

Step 2

Click on the Launch Free Converter button and follow the instructions to quickly install a small-size launcher for the video converting. After that, you can browse and add your MP4 file through the pop-up window.

Open Free Online Video Converter page

Step 3

Now you will be guided to the main converting window. Here you can see many popular video formats like MKV, MOV, WMV, MPG, VOB, MP4 and more listed there. Select MKV as the output format.

Convert MP4 to MKV Online Free

Step 4

Before the final MP4 to MKV converting, you can click the Settings icon next to the output MKV format and custom various video and audio settings. You are allowed to freely adjust video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, audio channel, sample rate, volume and more. Click OK to save your changes.

Custom output Vidoe Audio Settings

Step 5

After all these operations, you can click Convert button to start the video conversion from MP4 to MKV. The output file will be automatically saved on your local computer as soon as the converting is finished. If you want to convert MKV to MP4, you can also rely on it.

Part 2. Convert MP4 to MKV on Mac/PC Without Quality Loss

Even though many video converters can help you make the video conversion from MP4 to MKV, there will always be some image and sound quality loss during the converting. If you don't want any quality loss, you should use the powerful MP4 to MKV converting software, Video Converter Ultimate. Video Converter Ultimate is an all-featured converter which can convert MP4 to MKV or change MKV to MP4 with high quality.

Step 1

As you can see, this MP4 to MKV converter provides you with both Windows PC and Mac versions. You can pick a right version based on your system and then free install it on your computer.

Step 2

pen this MP4 to MKV converter and click the big + icon to import the MP4 video you want to convert. You can also directly drag and drop your MP4 file for the loading. It offers a batch converting feature, as it mentioned above, that allows you to convert several MP4 videos at a time.

Add Files

Step 3

Before converting, you can edit video and custom the output effects as you like. It carries many useful editing features including trim, crop, rotate, merge, adjust effects, enhance quality, add 3D effect, add watermark and more. After that, click Convert All to on the right side and select MKV as the target format.

Convert MP4 to MKV

Step 4

Click on Convert button to start converting MP4 to MKV. With the adoption of the advanced accelerate technology, it can complete the MP4 to MKV conversion in a super-fast converting speed. More importantly, the converted MKV will keep exactly the original image and sound quality.

This software can also convert DVD to MKV so that you can open DVD movies without a DVD player.

Part 3. FAQs of Converting MP4 to MKV

1. Is MKV better than MP4?

You can't simply say that MKV is better than MP4, or MP4 is the better format. Relatively speaking, compared with MP4 format, MKV can store higher quality videos and has some advantages. But MP4 is still the most popular video format which can be supported by more systems and devices. You should tell which one is better depending on the specific usage.

2. What's the main difference between MP4 and MKV?

The main difference between MKV and MP4 is the compatibility. MP4 can be supported by almost all media players and devices. While MKV can't be compatible with most players. Moreover, MKV can store more files than MP4. So comparably, MKV file has a larger file size.

3. Can VLC convert MP4 to MKV?

Yes. VLC is able to convert MP4 to MKV. You can click the Media menu in VLC, choose the Convert/Save feature and click Add button to import your MP4 video. Click Convert/Save to enter the main Convert window. Here you can select MKV as the output format and then click Start button to confirm your operation of converting MP4 to MKV.


After reading this post, you have known 2 great MP4 to MKV converters that enabling to convert your MP4 video to MKV. When it comes to the MP4 to MKV conversion speed and video editing features, you are recommended to use the professional . If you are looking for a free converter, then turn to Free Online Video Converter.

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