Copy Blu ray Movies to .iso Image Files for Free

Copy Blu ray Movies to .iso Image Files for Free

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Blu ray is more and more popular than DVD, many people brought Blu ray movies online and view it with Blu ray player. While they enjoy this high visual feast, they have to worry about the protection of their Blu ray disc and the physical drive use. So we need to backup Blu ray to other Blu ray or copy it to local disc to protect the source Blu ray disc. Also, you can use the iso image and virtual drive to reduce the physical drive’s frequency of utilization. So, we need a Blu ray Copy software, or a free Blu ray Copy to save a lot of money.

To copy Blu ray movies for free, there are three ways:
One : Copy Blu ray movies to Blu ray disc (You need a Blu ray disc (BD-R))
Two : Copy Blu ray movies to Hard Drive (You can save as a Blu ray folders, blu ray iso image)
Three : Copy Blu ray movies to iso image

All of these ways you need a software, I use a Free Blu ray Master tool – Free Blu ray Copy. Free download it from Blu ray Master.

For the first way learn more from here: How to copy Blu ray movies to Blu ray disc
And for the second way you can learn more from here: How to backup Blu ray movies to Hard Drive

Now I will teach you how to copy the Blu ray movies to .iso image. I think this is the best way for you to enjoy your Blu ray movies.

Choose copy movies to iso image from Blu ray disc, iso image use the virtual drive, so you can reduce the wear of the physical drive and extend the life of it. And also, you can share this iso image file with your friends through website or discs.

Preparation: Download Free Blu ray Copy, install and run it on your computer, and you will see the friendly interface:

Guide Screen

Free Blu-ray Copy

Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray Disc/folder and ISO files

Backup Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc or ISO files

Copy Blu-ray main movie or full disc

Copy Blu-ray
Step 1

Load Blu ray movies

Click “Source” drop-down button to load the Blu ray movies.

Tips: You can click the “Settings” button in the load function, choose the check box “Enable loading Blu ray automatically”. When you run this program, it will auto-detect your Blu ray drive and it will list in the source box.

Load Function
Step 2

Choose the target source.

Click “Target” drop-down button and choose iso image, and then choose the output path for your iso image, you can copy it to local disc or another Blu ray disc you connect to computer by USB cable.

Choose ISO
Step 3

Set the copy mode.

Click the “Copy Mode” drop-down button, and you can choose the “Full Copy” for all the Blu ray disc and “Main Movie” to the movie.

Step 4

Rename Disc label

Enter the name of the Blu-ray you want to copy in the Disc label field.

Step 5

Start to copy

Click the copy button and pop up the prompt window as bellow, you can ensure all your information displaying on the window and then click “OK” to begin to copy process.

Now you can enjoy your BD movies not using physical drive anytime and it will not have limiting of number.

Copy Blu ray movies to .iso image has another advantage – if your BD movies was broken, .iso image can be replace a source file, and you can copy it to Blu ray disc, Blu ray folder and Hard Drive. But one thing you need to remember: When iso image file as the source files, you need install a virtual drive, or it will not display in the source box.

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