How to copy Blu ray to Blu ray for free?

How to copy Blu ray to Blu ray for free?

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Blu ray is a very popular media storage technology. As the next generation of mainstream CD, Blu-ray disc is very expensive. However, due to various reasons, Blu ray disc is very easy damaged. So we need to backup Blu ray to prevent the blu ray disc and the data of disc be damaged.

Copy Blu ray to Blu ray can help users to solve this problem, so a Blu ray copy software is essential. The Free Blu ray Copy, which is designed by Blu ray Master, can help users to copy Blu ray disc to a blu ray disc with the original image/sound quality.

The Free Blu ray Copy is powerful and free Blu ray to Blu ray copy software which allows users to backup Blu ray disc to Blu ray disc with easy. You can copy Blu ray main movies, copy Blu ray to Blu ray folder and Blu ray iso image files.

Step by step guide to copy Blu ray to blu ray

Preparation: Download Free Blu ray copy, install and double click this program shortcut to open this blu ray copy software, and you will see the interface in the follow:

Guide Screen

Free Blu-ray Copy

Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray Disc/folder and ISO files

Backup Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc or ISO files

Copy Blu-ray main movie or full disc

Copy Blu-ray
Step 1

Load Blu ray disc.

Insert Blu ray disc to the Blu ray drive you want to copy. The external Blu ray drive is available. The Blu ray Disc may be a BD25 or BD50.

Source And Target
Step 2

Choose the output hard drive.

You can choose the same one Blu ray drive and also you can choose another Blu ray drive as you like. In this guide, we choose the same Blu ray drive. Usually we have only one Blu ray drive.

Step 3

Choose the copy mode as you like.

There are two copy modes you can choose. Click the drop-down button and select the “Full Copy” or “Main Movie”. Full Copy helps you to Copy the whole Blu ray to another whole Blu ray disc, and the Main Movie helps you to copy Blu ray main movies only.

Copy Mode
Step 4

Copy Blu ray movies to local

Click the “Copy” icon to start copy Blu ray to hard drive. This process will need several minutes. It depends on the size of the Blu ray disc.

Step 5

Enter the blank Blu ray disc and start to copy

After finished copy Blu ray to hard drive, it will remind you to enter a Blu ray disc to the Blu ray drive, and then click “OK” to start copy Blu ray to Blu ray.

So this is a totally free Blu ray to Blu ray copy software, the fast copy speed and simple operation will help you to backup your Blu ray movies more conveniently.

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