How to Remove VideoScribe Logo with the Most Proficient Methods

How to Remove VideoScribe Logo with the Most Proficient Methods

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When using the VideoScribe software to create a video, you will see a VideoScribe logo on the video. But when playing your edited video, it will become annoying. But if you want to purchase a subscription plan, you must spend a lot of money. So, you must go to this post to learn another way of removing the logo. In this blog, you will learn how to remove the logo with payment and for free. To learn more about the topic, read the post about how to remove the VideoScribe logo perfectly.

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Part 1. Can I Remove the VideoScribe Logo

Many people ask if they can remove the VideoScribe logo from their videos. But before answering that query, let us give you simple information about VideoScribe. The offline program can help you create animation, edit videos, and more based on your reasons. However, if you use the accessible version of VideoScribe software, the program will insert a logo from your video after creation. It is because VideoScribe wants to tell users that the program is the one that helps them create an engaging video. So, going back to our discussion, if you want to know if you can remove the VideoScribe logo, yes, you can. You can use two solutions to remove the logo from your video. The first one is to activate or purchase a subscription plan from VideoScribe. But of course, purchasing it is expensive. In that case, the second solution may help you. Another way is to use a logo remover to eliminate the VideoScribe logo from the video. After knowing that, how can you remove the VideoScribe logo from the video using the two solutions? If so, read the succeeding parts of the post.

Part 2. How to Remove VideoScribe Logo

As mentioned in the previous part, we can remove the VideoScribe logo from the video using the 2 solutions. So, without anything else, we can immediately learn to eliminate the logo.

How to Remove Logo in VideoScribe

If you are using VideoScribe software to remove the logo, the effective way is to purchase a subscription plan. You can purchase the software before creating your video or after the creation process. The best thing you can see from the program is that it offers various templates to make the video more satisfying to play and watch. You can also use more editing functions that can help you produce videos with effects, transitions, images, and more. If you want a detailed step when using VideoScribe to remove the logo, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Download the VideoScribe software to your computer. Then, set it up by installing it on your device and begin launching when the process is done. After that, you can log in or sign up to get your VideoScribe account.

Step 2

When you are done creating the VideoScribe account, the main interface will appear on the computer screen. Click the Create a new scribe button from the left interface to begin the creation process. You can also use the free templates on the middle interface.

Create a New Scribe Button

Step 3

You can use all the functions you need to create your video in the creation process. You can also click the Image function to add the image that you want for your video. You can add the image from your computer or online platforms. You can hit the Preview function to see the possible outcome of your project video.

Creation Process Use Function

Step 4

As you can see, there is already a VideoScribe logo while editing and creating the video. In that case, hit the Buy Now button above to purchase a subscription plan. You can choose what plan you prefer.

Hit Button Buy Now

Step 5

Click the Share button from the top right of the main interface. Then, click the Download function to save the edited video without a logo on your computer.

Download Save the Video

How to Remove VideoScribe Logo on Video Converter Ultimate

The first method above is effective when purchasing the subscription plan. But if you can’t afford the plan, using the VideoScribe software is not applicable. But there is no need to be hopeless because we will provide you with the most exceptional program. To remove the VideoScribe logo, use the Video Converter Ultimate. If you have a video with a VideoScribe logo, you can remove it using the program. It offers a watermark-removing function that can quickly eliminate the logo. Also, the program interface is easier to understand than VideoScribe. With that, you can operate the software smoothly and quickly. Plus, even if you are among those non-professional users, you can still operate the software. Aside from that, you don’t need to create an account after launching the program. After installing the downloadable program, you can remove the logo. Without further ado, let’s proceed to discover the best way to remove the VideoScribe logo using the Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1

Get the Video Converter Ultimate by clicking the Free Download button below. After the installation process, run the software to see the main interface.

Step 2

The following process is to choose the Toolbox section to view the functions below. Select the Video Watermark Remover function to remove the logo. After clicking the function, another layout will come up.

Toolbox Section Watermark Remover Click

Step 3

From the new interface, tick the Plus button. When the computer folder appears on the screen, click the video with a VideoScribe logo.

Add Video with VideoScribe Logo

Step 4

The best way to remove the VideoScribe logo is to click the Add Watermark Removing Area button. Then, cover the logo by adjusting and dragging the box object to the logo area.

Cover VideoScribe Logo

Step 5

The final procedure is to save the video without a VideoScribe logo. To do that, navigate to the lower right interface and click the Export button.

Save Without VideoScribe Logo

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Part 3. FAQs about Removing the VideoScribe Logo

Does VideoScribe have a watermark?

Yes, it has. Using the accessible version of VideoScribe, you will get your video with a watermark/logo. To efface the watermark from VideoScribe, you must purchase the paid version.

How do I remove the Videoscribe watermark for free?

The most effective way to remove the VideoScribe watermark is to use the Video Converter Ultimate. After removing the watermark using the video watermark removing function, you can save and download the video without spending your money.

Is it legal to remove the VideoScribe watermark?

It depends. It will become illegal if you don’t get the owner’s permission when removing the watermark. But if you use the video for personal use only, you can remove the watermark.

Can we remove the watermark from any video?

Yes, as long as you are using the best watermark remover. But if you have no idea what program to use, we recommend using the Video Converter Ultimate. When using the software, you can eliminate any watermark from the video without encountering any difficulties.


How to remove the VideoScribe logo from a video? As you have read above, there are two best methods to follow. But if you can’t afford the subscription plan from the VideoScribe software, you can try using the Video Converter Ultimate. The program is the most recommended when removing the logo from the video without spending a penny.

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