5 Ways to Convert DVDs to Digital Free on Windows/Mac/Online

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We commonly use our devices to watch various videos, whether it is a short clip, an hour-long movie, or others. Because of this, the use of DVDs and DVD players is gradually decreasing, making it almost impossible to enjoy your movie collections. But one thing you can do so as not to waste your discs, is to learn how to convert DVD to digital for free. You are lucky because this article will talk about the process of turning discs into digital files so you can watch or share them from your computer to phones, tablets, and more. Let’s get started!

Convert DVD to Digital For Free

Osa 1. Part 1. Can I Turn My DVD into a Digital Copy

Yes, it is possible to do this, especially since there is a lot of free software to convert DVDs to digital. But how does it work if the content is from a disc?

In reality, the process of converting DVDs to digital videos involves ripping and extracting the video and audio data from the disc. Then, on your own choice, the output format depends on whether you want to convert the DVDs to MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, VOB, and so on. Also, you might need to consider choosing the right DVD converter if you want to further edit or enhance the videos before converting them. With that said, the following parts of this post will provide you with more details about recommended converting software.

Osa 2. Part 2. How to Convert DVD to Digital Free on Windows

Ilmainen DVD Ripper

What is better than a free dvd ripping tool on Windows with high output quality? Ilmainen DVD Ripper is a professional ripping program that has the latest technology to extract content from DVDs. Whether you have DVD-5, DVD-9, or others, it automatically rips and converts the files to MP4, MOV, MKV, VOB, AVI, and more output formats. It is super easy to use, designed with a clean interface for effective navigation for both beginners and pros. Nothing tops its fast-speed process as it converts multiple files at once in the blink of an eye. Free DVD Ripper is the free software to convert DVDs to digital on Windows and Mac.

Ilmainen lataus


Suojattu lataus

Ilmainen lataus


Suojattu lataus


  • Completely free for Windows and Mac.
  • Support batch conversion with a fast speed.


  • A few ads can be seen on the interface.

Vaihe 1.To begin converting DVDs to digital on Windows, click the Ilmainen lataus button and install the software on your computer. Insert a disc into the optical drive and wait until the program recognizes it. Then, click Lataa levy and select the videos you want to convert.

Ilmainen DVD Ripper Load Disc

Vaihe 2.After the files are uploaded, go to the Profile dropdown menu at the bottom part of the interface to choose a preset with the desired format. Then, proceed to click the asetukset button to change the video resolution, encoder, bitrate, FPS, etc. Click OK tallentaaksesi muutokset.

Ilmainen DVD Ripper -profiililähtö

Vaihe 3.Before converting the DVD to digital files, you must select a destination folder. Click the Selaa button on the Destination option and choose an existing folder or create a new one. Once you've done this, click the Muuntaa button and wait until the process is finished.

Ilmainen DVD-rippauskohdemuunnos

When it comes to fast-speed and high-quality digital files, nothing can top Free DVD Ripper. It is also free to download and use without limitation. However, it is recommended to upgrade to a premium version to unlock more helpful tools and an excellent converting experience.


VLC is a well-known media player for many platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. But one of its perks is to convert videos, including DVD discs. Aside from being free software, VLC also provides a handful of supported formats on its domain, so it is easy to choose MP4, VOB, AVI, and other common formats here. Furthermore, it is also easy to use, so you need to follow the steps below on how to make a digital copy of a DVD for free.


  • Multi-function converter, media player, and video editor.
  • Support a wide range of codec packs for continuous video editing.
  • Everything is free.


  • Takes a while to rip and convert files.
  • No assurance the video will be converted to its original quality.
  • Occasionally lagging and buffering.

Vaihe 1.Download the app from the official website and install it. Make sure the disc is already inserted, then go to the Media menu to choose the Disc vaihtoehto. Valitse Enable DVD option to continue.

VLC Media Menu Disc Tab Upload

Vaihe 2.Choose the videos you want to rip, then start editing for the output file setting. Optionally, you can add music background and subtitles, according to your preference. Then, click the alkaa -painiketta aloittaaksesi ripping DVDs in VLC.

That’s how easy it is to use VLC as your free converter for DVDs to digital. Unfortunately, the media player is inconsistent regarding the final results, and most probably, you will encounter errors during DVD processing.

Osa 3. Part 3. How to Convert DVD to Digital Free on Mac


If you are a Mac user, you might find it challenging to find a tool that converts DVDs. But HandBrake has always been available for many platforms, allowing you to rip and change the formats to AVI, VOB, WMV, MPEG, MP4, and others. With its free and open-source service, this tool is ideal for professional DVD ripping and converting.


  • Advanced output settings for resolution, FPS, formats, etc.
  • Excellent and quick batch processing.


  • Beginners find it intimidating.

Vaihe 1.Once HandBrake is downloaded and installed, you will need to install libdvdcss to allow the conversion on Mac.

Vaihe 2.Insert the disc and choose the DVD drive from the sidebar. When the videos are recognized, proceed to select a preset with resolution, format, quality, etc., or customize a new one. Click the Käynnistä Encode button to convert DVDs to digital files on Mac.

Hanbrake Disc Upload Edit Settings

HandBrake is a helpful tool for your Mac. However, due to the nature of the operating system, you will need to work with extensions for high-quality conversion results.


If what’s in your mind is to maintain the original quality of the DVD videos, MakeMKV will have to do it. Why? The tool focuses on creating MKV files out of DVDs, and this format can maintain the quality of various data, such as video, audio, subtitles, and more. It is also free to use on Mac and easier to set up, too.


  • Keep the original data and bonus features and content.
  • Work well for various DVD and Blu-ray formats.


  • Only MKV has the output format.

Vaihe 1.Prepare the software by installing it on your computer. Also, insert the disc that you want to rip and convert. Choose the videos from the menu and confirm.

Vaihe 2.You may need to tick the checkboxes of those data files you want to keep. Remember that maintaining all of the data content will determine the conversion speed and file size. Click the Make MKV button to start the process.

Makemkv Tick Checkboxes Start

MakeMKV is recommended for a quick conversion. However, its lack of supported formats might not be ideal for you.

Osa 4. Part 4. How to Convert DVD to Digital Free Online

If you have DVD VOB files to convert, an online converter can help. We recommend you try Zamzar, as it is accessible and free to use. Its clean interface makes the procedure easier, but it still provides the necessary functions to successfully convert your VOB files.


  • Accessible on the majority of browsers and platforms.
  • Convert to MP4, MPEG, WMV, MKV, etc.
  • Decent speed, even for multiple processing.


  • Users need to pay for bigger file conversions.

Vaihe 1.Visit the online converter and click the Valitse Tiedostot button. Upload the VOB files from your computer.

Zamzar Upload VOB Files Output Format Convert

Vaihe 2.From the next stop, open the dropdown menu and pick the desired output format. Once done, click the Muunna nyt button and wait until finished.

Zamzar simply finishes the job with a few clicks. But if you are not satisfied with its simplicity, you may try other online tools that support VOB converting, like Online-Convert, CloudConverter, and more.

Osa 5. Part 5. Which Way is the Best One

Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time trying all of these recommended tools. So, the table below summarizes their features and benefits in case you want to make a quick pick.

Työkalut Tuetut alustat Tuetut DVD-muodot Tulostusmuodot Tulostuksen laatu Muokkaustyökalut Limited Features Kopiointinopeus
Ilmainen DVD Ripper Windows, Mac DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-ROM, DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. High-quality Joo Limited file size Fast Speed
VLC Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS DVD-5, DVD-9, MicroDVD MP4, MKV, AVI, WEBM, etc. Inconsistent Ei No editing tools, Low DVD formats supported Slow Speed
Käsijarru Windows, Mac, Linux HD-DVD, DVD, Blu-ray, AVCHD MPEG, MP4, MOV, MOD, AVI, FLV, etc. Keskiverto Joo The output quality is not promising Decent Speed
MakeMKV Windows, Mac DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW MKV Erinomainen Ei Only one supported video format Decent Speed
Zamzar Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. VOB MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MPEG, MTS, etc. Inconsistent Ei Inconsistent with the output quality Low to Decent Speed

Osa 6. Part 6. FAQs about Converting DVDs to Digital for Free


Now, you can try the solutions to convert DVDs to digital file formats. Before ending, make sure to choose the tool that best fits your needs. But for an overall recommendation, Free DVD Ripper has it all, from a top-speed conversion, output quality, and easier navigation. Start today by clicking the Free Download button.

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