DVD to USB: How to Transfer Data from a Disc to Flash Drive

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DVD has been superior when it comes to excellent playback quality. And, of course, anyone would love to watch movies anywhere with a good visual. But since discs need to be played with DVD players, this is almost impossible. Still, there is a chance that you can copy DVDs to USB for convenient playback anywhere you are. We will talk about the most effective solutions that can keep original video quality and fast-speed transferring speed.

Ferramentas DVD Data Types Velocidade Fácil de usar Prós Contras Preço
Default Copier DVD-5-DVD-9, CD Lento Fácil • Built-in tool for DVD copying.
• Accessible on any Windows version.
• Only convert DVDs to VOB format.
• Output Quality is not guaranteed.
Estripador de DVD DVD-5, DVD-/+RW, DVD-/+R, DVD-9, etc. Rápido Fácil • Easy to use but it professionally copies and rips DVDs.
• More editing tools to enhance videos.
• Fast-speed ripping technology.
• The free version limits the user to use other features $48.09
Walmart Service DVD, YesDVD, DVD, MiniDVD, etc. Rápido Fácil • You only need to send the discs to the store, and they will convert DVDs to USB.
• Wide range of output filing, such as digital, export in devices, etc.
• Too expensive.
• Takes time to deliver the discs.

Parte 1. Part 1. How to Copy DVD to USB Flash Drive Directly

One of the most convenient options you can try first is the default copy tool on your computer. You will only need a compatible USB that can store most of the data from the DVD. However, it is only right to let you know that this method is not too effective, such as for copy-protected DVDs or complete copying of the data. Furthermore, converting DVD to USB only allows you to save the files as VOB, which makes the process longer since you will need to convert them afterward. But if you wish to proceed, here are the simple steps:

Passo 1.First, insert the disc into the optical drive and plug the USB drive into the port. Wait for a few moments until your computer recognizes the plugged tools.

Passo 2.Once the content from the DVD is detected, open the DVD drive and select the files you want to copy. You may press Ctrl e C altogether or right-click your mouse and select the cópia de opção.

Windows Default Copy DVD to USB

Etapa 3.Finally, open the USB drive and paste the data. If you select too many files, it may take some time to transfer them to the drive. Also, remember that this method will likely lose some data, so it is better to take it slowly.

It may be convenient to have this solution, but it links to some unfortunate issues, which no one would like to experience. It is advisable to make a few practices in converting DVDs to USB directly, or use another solution in the next part.

Parte 2. Part 2. How to Transfer DVD Movie to USB Flash Drive on Windows or Mac

Would you like to save movies on your USB to watch them wherever you are? The best DVD-to-USB converter you can get your hands on is Estripador de DVD from Blu-ray Master.

The software is packed with essential features that help transfer media files to various locations without data loss. Not only can it copy and paste media files on a USB, but it also transfers to ISO, folder, and digital formats like MP4, VOB, MOV, AVI, and more. Right before you export video or audio files, the DVD Ripper provides a wide collection of editing tools so you can trim, add effects, or compress them as you wish. On top of that, it has a GPU acceleration for fast-speed processing. It becomes easy to convert DVDs to USB on Windows and Mac with the number one DVD-ripping software, so click the Free Download button to try it today.

Download grátis

Para Windows

Download seguro

Download grátis

para macOS

Download seguro

Passo 1.Download DVD Ripper from the official website and install it on your computer. After that, launch the application and insert the DVD into the optical drive. Instantly, the DVD Ripper will recognize it. Click the Carregar DVD button from the main interface, other options are also included from the dropdown list, such as Load DVD ISO, DVD Folder, AVCHD Disc, and AVCHD Folder.

Disco de carregamento do DVD Ripper

Passo 2.Depending on the Load option you choose, the content must appear on the main interface as a sign of successful upload. The next thing to do is to choose the output format you would like to export the file. Open the Formatar menu and pick MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc., as you wish.

DVD Ripper Output Formats

Etapa 3.For editing tools, you can either choose the Edit (star wand) or Cut (scissors) option. On the open windows, you can either add effects or filters, trim unwanted parts, and more. Click the OK button to apply the changes to the video. Other editing options can be seen on the Toolbox menu, where you can enhance, upscale, and optimize the DVD files.

DVD Ripper Edit Toolbox

Passo 4.The next thing you will do is to select a designation or location, which, in this case, is the USB drive. Insert the USB into the port and wait until the computer detects it. Then, choose the Browse and Select Folder option from the Save To menu. Finally, click the Rasgar tudo botão para processar.

DVD Ripper Ripar tudo

And that’s how to easily put a DVD on a flash drive using DVD Ripper, whether you are using a Windows or Mac. You can also try it for free by clicking the Free Download button or upgrading to the premium version to unlock more excellent features.

Parte 3. Part 3. How to Convert DVD to USB Near Me

What if you don’t have a computer to do a copy of your DVD collection? Well, one of the best options to try is via Home Movie Transfer Services like Walmart. You will only need to bring your discs to the store, and the staff will do the job of transferring the data from the disc to the desired output drive. Before that, this service offered various options for data transferring, and they also varied in price, so it is best to learn more about them.

Walmart Photo

For this option, you will only need to file an order online, drop off the disc to the nearest Walmart store, then they will turn the DVD into digital files. You can access the files from your MemoryCloud account, which you can download or transfer DVDs on a thumb drive. Walmart Photo charges one digital copy for $12.96 and only for the first 30 minutes. From there, the price can go up.

Walmart Photo DVD to USB Services

CVS Photo

The second option accepts most discs, such as DVDs, CDs, YesDVD, etc. It has the same procedure as Walmart Photo since you will only need to file online, send the disc to the local store, and then they will digitize the data. They will send back your discs; then, you can view or download the files from your MemoryCloud account for 60 days. The difference with CVS Photo is it charges $25.99 for 90 minutes and is only accessible via one device. It is a bi expensive than Walmart Photo.

CVS Photo Service DVD to USB

Forever Studios

You can transfer DVDs to USB without a computer via Forever Studios. The service includes transferring content to USBs, storage disks, and others. You will need to specify the media quantity you want to transfer, and it will cost $15 per DVD. The store will send back your discs once done, along with the USB copy. Other than this, you can choose a Forever Cloud link or a DVD set as the output drives.

Forever Studios DVD to USB

Truth be told, it is quicker and safer to find a service to backup DVDs to USB. However, it costs too much money per item, and most of the options mentioned do not accept transferring content from copyright-protected discs.

Parte 4. Part 4. FAQs about DVD to USB


Existem muitas maneiras de convert DVDs to USB, and even on a Windows computer, you will find the default way to do this. Optionally, services from Walmart, CVS, and Forever Photos can help you quickly transfer or copy data from your discs, but the services offered are expensive. So, if you want a more affordable and effective way, Blu-ray Master DVD Ripper is the best choice! Try its amazing ripping and converting abilities, and enjoy high-quality videos stored on your USB drive. Try it today for free.

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