How to Record Zoom Meeting

How to Record Zoom Meeting

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Zoom is mainly designed for video conferencing, group chats and business collaboration. Recently, you may rely on Zoom to make online meeting, web teaching, and various working stuff. Do you have the need to record Zoom meeting?

For different reasons, you may want to record a Zoom meeting to refer back to some specific segments later. But you may notice that, you are not allowed to directly record Zoom meeting unless you are the host. If you are a meeting guest or participant, you have to get the host permission for the Zoom recording.

Record Zoom Meeting

Here comes the question, is there any good Zoom recorder to record Zoom meeting without permission? Considering your need, we like to share 2 great Zoom recorders to help you record Zoom meeting with or without host permission.

Part 1. Default Zoom Recorder to Record Zoom Meeting

As we mentioned above, Zoom allows you to directly record your Zoom vide conference if you are a host or your account has permission. It provides you with 2 Zoom meeting recording ways. You can choose to record a Zoom meeting with local recordings and cloud recordings. If you have the host permission, you can follow the guide below to capture your Zoom meeting.

Step 1 You are offered one kind of straight-forward way to record a Zoom meeting if you have the permission. You will see a Record button next to the Chat, on the bottom-right of the meeting screen. When you want to record Zoom meeting, you can simply click on the Record button.

Step 2 After clicking the button, you will be offered two recording options, Record on this computer or Record to the cloud.

Step 3 Here you'd better select the Record on this computer option to make the Zoom meeting recording. By doing so, you can save the Zoom recording file on your local hard drive for better view and manage.

Zoom Meeting Record Button

Step 4 While the Zoom meeting recording, you will see a small Recording label appear in the top left corner. During this step, you can freely pause or stop the recording process based on your need. Click the Stop icon when you want to finish the Zoom meeting recording.

Step 5 After recording, there will be a prompt saying that The recording file will be converted to MP4 when the meeting ends. The recorded Zoom meeting will be saved in a Zoom folder by default.

Record a Zomm Meeting

If you are not a Zoom meeting host or didn't get the host permission, you won't see a Record button offered there for the recording.

Part 2. Best Zoom Recorder to Record Zoom Meeting any time

You can't record a Zoom meeting secretly without the permission. Because as we mentioned above, you won't have the record button. So, what you should do if you still want to capture the Zoom meeting, even without a host permission?

To solve the problem, you can rely on the popular Zoom recorder, Screen Recorder. It has the capability to capture any activities including the Zoom meeting on your computer. This Zoom recorder is able to capture a high-quality even up to 4K. So, you don't need to worry about the output quality. Now you can take the following guide to record Zoom meeting without permission.

Step 1 Double click on the download button above to free install and run this Zoom recorder on your computer. It offers both Windows and Mac versions.

Step 2 Choose the Video Recorder feature to record your Zoom meeting. This Zoom recorder also gives you the audio recording and screenshot features.

Zoom Recorder

Step 3 Now you custom the video and audio recording settings according to your need. You can adjust the screen recording area based on the Zoom meeting window. This Zoom recorder allows you to capture audio from System Sound and Microphone. Moreover, it enables you to record from Webcam.

Zoom Recording Setting

Step 4 Click the REC button to start the Zoom meeting recording on your computer. When the Zoom meeting is over, you can click the Stop button to stop the recording.

Step 5 Some basic editing features are designed in this Zoom recorder. After recording, you will be guided to the preview window to view and edit the recording file. After that, you can click the Save button to save it. The recorded Zoom meeting will be saved in MP4 format by default. If you want to output another format, you can go to Settings option to change the output format.

Apart from recording online meeting, this Zoom recorder can work as the game recording software to capture the gameplay on computer.

Part 3. FAQs of Recording Zoom Meeting and Zoom Recorder

Question 1. Where to find my recorded Zoom meeting files?

The Zoom meeting recording will be automatically saved in a Zoom folder. You can find it in the C:/Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom on Windows PC. If you are using a Mac, you can check Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom. To change the saving path, you can go to the Recording Settings.

Question 2. How to record Zoom meeting on Android?

As a host, you can rely on the cloud recording feature to record your Zoom meeting on an Android device. You can't record Zoom meeting locally from an Android phone.

Question 3. How to record Zoom meeting on iPhone?

You can rely on the screen recording feature in iOS to capture the Zoom meeting on your iPhone or iPad. You can enable this feature in the Settings app. Tap Control Center and then choose the Customize Controls option. You can add Screen Recording to Control Center. When you want to record Zoom meeting on iPhone, you can open Control Center and use the screen recording feature to start the recording. (iOS Screen Recording is not working?)


Whether you have the host permission or not, after reading this post, you can find a suitable method to record Zoom meeting. We introduce you with a great Zoom recorder to ensure you can make the Zoom meeting recording even you don't get the permission. If you still have any question about the Zoom recorder, you can leave us a message.


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