Where Are Cameral Pictures, Videos, Screenshots Stored on Android?

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Taking pictures or screenshots is easy to operate, but it might be a litter harder to find the desired pictures, screenshots, or even videos among a quite number of file folders in your Android phone or tablet. In this post, we will show you where the cameral pictures, screenshots and videos are stored on Android devices. In this way, you can quickly navigate the folder and find the files on Android you need.

Stored on Android

Where Are Cameral Pictures Stored on Android?

After taking a camera photo, the photo should be saved in the Gallery of your phone by default. If you can't find the photos in the Gallery, you can locate the photos in the memory space via a file explorer app.

The path to finding camera pictures in the phone memory: /storage/emulated/DCIM/Camera

The path to finding camera pictures in the SD card: /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera

Where Are Screenshots Saved on Android?

Screenshots will be placed under either the DCIM > Screenshots folder, or Pictures > Screenshots folder. First, you need to open your device's Photos app. Tab Menu, and then just tap Device folders Screenshots. Also, you can find screenshots in the internal storage via the directory /internal storage/Pictures/Screenshots or /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots with a file explorer or Settings > Storage > Explore.

Where Are Videos Stored on Android?

The videos taken by your phone camera are stored in the same location as the camera photos, which can be accessed via /storage/emulated/DCIM/Camera. If you can't find some videos when connecting your Android phone or tablet to the computer in PTP mode, you can change the mode to MTP as the USB option.

Easily Manage Photos, Screenshots, and Videos on Android

You might keep tons of photos, screenshots and videos on your Android device. When you want to find specific ones, it can be truly chaotic. Here we'd like to share an Android data management tool – AnyMP4 TransMate that is capable of handling the management of photos, screenshots, contacts, music, videos, etc. on Android. You can also transfer the data mentioned above from Android to computer or from Android to iOS devices with ease.

Steps to Manage Photos, Screenshots and Videos on Android

Step 1

Free download and install the TransMate on your computer by clicking the download button below. After you install it, just launch the program

Step 2

Plug your Android phone into the computer with a USB cable. Once it's connected and detected by the program, your Android data will show in the screen. Here you can manage the following data: Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages.


For example, for managing photos on your Android, you are able to add photos from computer to Android, sync photos from one phone to another, export images from phone to computer, delete photos from phone and create new photo albums.

FAQs of Pictures, Videos, and Screenshots Stored on Android

1. What is the DCIM folder?

DCIM, short for "Digital Camera Images", is a part of the Design Rule for Camera File System specifications, which specifies that the camera file system should contain a DCIM directory to store photos on most smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.

2. What is a thumbnails file for?

In a thumbnail folder, you can find thumbnails - smaller versions of pictures and downloaded images. Thumbnails help a smartphone to open an image from the Gallery more quickly.

3. Where are thumbnails files are stored?

Thumbnail files are stored in DCIM folder: /storage/emmc/DCIM/.thumbnails (if only phone memory is used). If there is an SD card in the phone, you may check: /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/.thumbnails (if there is an SD card in the phone)

4. Can I delete thumbnails in Android?

Yes, you can delete thumbnails in Android. Nothing will happen, and you can delete them anytime. But you need to know it will take longer time to load images.

Now you know the location of the pictures, screenshots and videos on your Android phone. If you can't find the data you want, you can try using a data recovery tool like AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery to help you retrieve the lost pictures, screenshots or videos on your Android phone.

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