5 Excellent Methods to Add AI Filter Video with Best Alternative

5 Excellent Methods to Add AI Filter Video with Best Alternative

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Do you find it boring to watch a standard video? Then why don’t you try adding AI video filters to it to make it more exciting to watch? In this post, we will give the five best video editors you can use to add an AI video filter to your video. We even included the steps to make it more understandable to you. Also, apart from the five methods, we provided the best alternative you can access for making your video more wonderful. So, to learn and discover all the editors, you can try reading the post and see it yourself if the information is worth keeping about AI video filters.

AI Video Filter

Part 1. What is an AI Video Filter

AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics you may encounter in this modern world. It is because since we are in the technological world, AI can be a big help to ease the work of a person. In terms of video editing, an AI video filter is among the best video editing functions that help users make their videos more engaging to watch and wonderful. An AI video filter is available in various video editing features online and offline. With the help of an AI video filter, you don’t have to enhance or improve your video manually by adjusting various parameters. The AI video filter can automatically add a filter to your video in a single click. To give you more insights about AI video filters, let us give you an example by giving a filter to a certain video. So, to learn everything, see more detailed information below.

Part 2. How Do You Make an AI Video Effect


One of the tools with the best video AI filters is Kapwing. It is an online tool with an AI feature that can help you add filters to your video automatically. With its function, you don’t have to enhance the video manually. All you need is a single click, and you can already see big changes in the video. But, you must ensure that you have a good internet connection, or else it will become challenging to edit the video. Also, after you edit the video, the tool will insert an annoying watermark when using the free version. So, purchasing a subscription plan to get rid of the disturbing watermarks. To edit your video, see the simple way below.

Step 1

Go to the Kapwing official website and click the Edit Video with AI button. After that, insert the video and attach it to the timeline.

Edit Video with AI Kapwing

Step 2

After that, go to the right interface and proceed to the Effects > Filter section. Then, you can already choose the filter you want for your video.

Effectss filter Function

Step 3

To save the edited video, hit the Export Project button and choose your preferred video format. After that, you can already download the video on your computer.

Export Project Save Video


Another AI video filter online you can use to add filters to your video is Veed.io. If you think Kapwing is challenging to use, you can use Veed.io since it has more features you can enjoy and can offer an easier way to add filters to a video. After you access the tool, you can begin editing the video. But before doing that, since it is an online tool like the other tool above, an internet connection is recommended. You can also get the paid version if you want to experience more exciting features.

Step 1

Access Veed.io and click the Create Video with AI option. Then, you can add the video you want to add a filter.

Create Video with AI Veed IO

Step 2

Navigate to the left interface and select the Filters section. After that, you can go to the Effects section and choose your preferred effect for your video.

Filters Effects VEED IO

Step 3

Hit the Done button on the right corner to save and download the edited video from Veed.io.

Save Edited Video VEED IO

Wondershare Filmora

Suppose you are still looking for another excellent program to add an AI video filter to your computer. Use Wondershare Filmora. After launching the program, you can add the video and start adding filters to the video. Also, Wondershare has more features than you imagine. You can add more effects, elements, overlays, and more. But in spite of all of the good features, Wondershare also has drawbacks. Its interface is complicated to view, making it confusing for beginners. Also, its full feature is not available in the free version.

Step 1

Launch the Wondershare Filmora software after the installation process. Then, upload the video and attach it to the program’s timeline.

Step 2

From the interface, go to the Effects settings and choose the Filter section. After that, choose your preferred filter. After clicking, you will see the changes to your videos instantly.

Effects Filter Wondershare

Step 3

After you edited the video, you can save it by clicking the Export button from the center interface of the program

Click Export Wondershare


Do you want an AI anime filter video? Then, you can use Picsart. It is a mobile application capable of editing your video to make it like an anime. With this, you can be more entertained when editing a video. Aside from that, Picsart can also provide more AI video filters if you want to create more videos. But make sure that you have a large storage space on your phone. This is because the application has a large file size. Also, there are times when the app is not working well, especially if the connection is too slow.

Step 1

Download and Install Picsart on your phone. Then, launch it to proceed to the editing process.

Step 2

Go to the Create option and click the AI Video Filters section. When done, upload the video you want to edit.

Create AI Video Filter

Step 3

After that, click the Anime option and use the AI anime video filter. Click the Next button to begin the process. After that, you can already save your final output on your phone.

Anime Next Option

Videoleap: AI Video Editor

Another AI filter for video you can use is the Videoleap. It is one of the best mobile apps that can help you add an AI video filter to your video. So, if you want to prefer editing a video using your phone, then the Videoleap app might be the editor you are looking for. But it only offers a seven-day free trial. If you want to use the app continuously, it is required to get a subscription plan, which is costly. Also, some of its functions are malfunctioning, which can bring an unsatisfying result. Follow the method below using this AI video filter app.

Step 1

Install Videoleap: AI Video Editor on your mobile phone. Then, launch it and add the video from your Gallery.

Step 2

After that, go to the lower interface and select the Filter option. Then, the video will change automatically, and it will become clearer and better to view.

Filter Option Lower Interface

Step 3

When you are done adding filters to the video, you can get the final output by pressing the Export button above. Then, you are finished adding AI video filters to your video.

Export Button Videoleap

Part 3. AI Video Filter Alternative

Thanks to the video editors above, you can already add AI video filters to your videos. However, all of them have some disadvantages, which is not great when editing a video. In that case, you can use the Video Converter Ultimate. Compared with the editors above, this program can offer more wonderful features without worrying about the disadvantages. It doesn’t require an internet connection or any subscription plan. All you need is access to the program, and you are already set. When adding a filter, you can finish the task in just a few clicks. Also, you won’t get confused since its interface is suitable for all users. Aside from that, under the Effects and Filter feature, the program can allow you to make some changes. It includes cropping the video, adding subtitles, enhancing color effects, and more. So, you can follow the instructions below to add a filter using this best AI video filter software alternative.

Step 1

Open your browser and download the Video Converter Ultimate from its official website. For an easier process, simply hit the Free Download button below.

Step 2

After the installation process, run the program and navigate to the Converter menu. Then, hit the + sign to insert the video.

Hit Plus Sign Insert Video

Step 3

Then, from the video file, click the Edit function (or the wand icon). After that, another interface will show up, and choose the Effect and Filter section. Then, you can select your desired filter for your video from the Filter section and click OK.

Choose Desired Filter

Step 4

The final process is to click the Convert All button to save the final video. Afterward, you can already try watching your video by opening it from the designated file folder.

Convert Button Edited Video

Part 4. FAQs about AI Video Filter

1. Is there an AI that can edit videos?

Yes, there is. You can use various online tools to edit videos. You can use Kapwing, Veed.io, and more. With these tools, editing a video will be easy.

2. What AI filter is everyone using?

Based on further research, almost all users use various editors and applications. In terms of video editors, they are using Kapwing. In terms of application, they used TikTok to add AI filters to their videos.

3. How do you make an AI video effect?

To make an AI video effect, you must use an editor that has AI features. You can use Veed.io, Kapwing, Videoleap, and more.

4. Can you have a filter on a video?

Absolutely, yes. Filter is among the editing tools to make the video more beautiful. So, if you want to add a filter to your video, you can do so.

5. What app is used for AI filters?

You can use AI filters from Picsart, Videoleap, and other mobile applications. The first thing you need to consider is if the application supports AI features to use AI filters.


AI video filters can make the video more satisfying to watch. Also, it can give another flavor to a video that can make viewers happy and astonished. So, you can use all the video editors above to add an AI video filter to your video. Moreover, if you are looking for the best alternative to add a filter to a video, use the Video Converter Ultimate. The program can offer various filters with trouble-free methods during the editing process.

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