How to Play BDMV Files in Delightful Ways: Comprehensive Guidelines

How to Play BDMV Files in Delightful Ways: Comprehensive Guidelines

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Perhaps you do not have a clue about what a BDMV file is, and you tried to open it but did not have a capable tools of doing so. In that case, bringing yourself into this article is the best thing to do. This article will give you the information you need to have a piece of knowledge about the said file. In addition, you will also identify how it differs from another type of file called BDAV and, most importantly, the best ways to play them. So, begin the comprehensive learning by reading the contentsbelow without further adieu.


Part 1. Definition of BDMV File

What is a BDMV file precisely? First and foremost, this file’s name stands for Blu-ray Disc Movie Information, which stores movie content and information saved in a Blu-ray disc. However, this file extension cannot only contain the raw data of the media but also describes and keep the components associated with Blu-rays. The information may include the name, directory, and movie objects. Moreover, various BDMV files store information variously, such as index.bdmv, sound.bdmv, and movieobject.bdmv. Wherein the index stores the directory, the sound for the audio, while the movie object is for the information of the movie.

What is BDMV File


After deliberating on the BDMV, let’s now see how it differs from the BDAV extension format. Let’s begin by knowing BDAV or Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video. This kind of file is usually a product of BD cameras with HD quality. Often, it is burned BD file that doesn’t have a playback menu. And to bring you a comparison between the two, here’s a table differentiating them.

Video Quality Always in high quality. Various video quality.
Extensions .bdmv, .mpls, .clpi, .ssif, etc. .bdav, .bdm, .moff, .mpg, .modd, etc.
Purpose For commercial movies and complex video projects. Home video recorded and TV shows.
Compatibility Widely supported. Limited support of media players.

Part 3. How to Play BDMV and BDAV With the Top Players

1. Blu-ray Master’s Blu-ray Player

The leading player to mobilize for the BDMV and BDAV formats is this remarkable Blu-ray Player of Blu-ray Master. As given by its name, it is a powerful media player that caters flawlessly to any type of Blu-ray you have in your file storage, including BDMV and BDAV. Furthermore, it provides you with a nice and elegant ambiance of an interface, as it gives you a straightforward procedure. It is an all-in-one player that comes with all functions you need, from the playback controls, editing tools, and snapshot, to a playlist maker.

Key Features:

How to Play BDMV Blu-ray

Step 1

Launch the program after installing it on your computer.

Step 2

Upload the BDMV file by clicking the Open File button. Then, wait for the movie to initialize.

Blu-ray copys Open BDMV

Step 3

After initializing, the file will play electronically. Meanwhile, playback controls and menus will be available for navigation.

Blu-ray copys Play BDMV

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is another BDMV player on Windows, which is also available on Mac and Linux. It is an open-source player that also plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and regular digital videos. Like the previous player, VLC provides many nice features to improve the video, including adding subtitles and audio tracks. However, for you to have a smooth process of playing the subject files, you must use only the latest version of VLC.

How to Play Anime BDMV with VLC

Step 1

Fire up the latest version of this media player using your computer.

Step 2

Click the Main interface's Media>Open Folder buttons to upload and locate your Blu-ray folder. Then, click the Select Folder button from your local storage to open the file.

VLC Media Player Play BDMV

Step 3

After that, this player will also play the file automatically.

3. Macgo Blu-ray Player

If you want another player to let you play BDMV on Mac and Windows, try this Macgo Blu-ray Player. This program can play all types of Blu-rays, like the one in a disc, ISO images, and folders. Furthermore, it offers high image display and audio quality, just like the other two players. However, if your BDMV or other Blu-rays are restricted, then this player might disappoint you a little.

Step 1

Download the proper version of the Macgo Blu-ray Player for the computer you use.

Step 2

Launch the player, hit the Open Folder button, and locate the file you want to play.

Step 3

Once you find the file, click the Open button to play it.

VLC Media Player Play BDMV

Part 4. How to Convert BDMV without Losing Quality

If you need a BDMV converter to produce a standardized video for various media players, then see this Blu-ray Ripper from Blu-ray Master. This ripper allows you to achieve the same video and audio quality from your movie file. Making you enjoy a theater-like vibe on a smaller screen like your phone or tablet. In addition, it supports almost all digital video formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV FLV, 3GP, WMV, and hundreds more.

Key Features:

Quick Steps to Convert 4K BDMV to Digital Videos

Step 1

Cast the software after acquiring it. On its main interface, click the Load Blu-ray button and choose the Load Blu-ray ISO button. Then upload the BDMV.

Blu-ray Ripper Load BDMV

Step 2

After the initialization, click the arrow from the Rip All To button. Then, choose your desired format on the popped-up window.

Blu-ray Ripper Set BDMV

Step 3

As simple as that. You can now hit the Rip All button to begin the ripping process.

Blu-ray Ripper Rip BDMV

Part 5. FAQs About BDMV Files

Can Plex play BDMV?

No. Plex doesn’t have the capability to play any Blu-ray files, including BDMV.

What is BDXL Blu-ray?

BDXL is a type of Blu-ray with much more storage than ordinary Blu-ray discs.

What is the difference between BD-RE and BDXL?

BDXL and BD-RE have many key differences, such as size, number of layers, purpose, compatibility, and cost, whereas BDXL is at the higher hand for all. But the main difference is that the BD-RE is rewritable with average storage, while the BDXL has significant storage for special usage.

Is BDXL the same as 4K?

No. 4K Blu-ray differs from BDXL in various aspects, wherein 4K is more of a resolution, while BDXL is for storage.


There you have it, the meaning and ways to play the BDMV file. You see, you can play the file with the players we presented. But if you want to play it on your handy media player, you must convert it to a digital video first. Therefore, let the best does the job for you.

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