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Have you ever had trouble finding a suitable and handy DVD player for Windows 10 to spend your leisure time on? You may also collect a lot of disc movies, but when you fail to play them on any streaming services, you may cancel your plans, and choose to watch something else. Do not let DVDs waste away in a box; a quality DVD player for a PC is all you need. Meanwhile, an excellent DVD player for PC can also enhance your movie-watching experience by improving the sound and video quality. This article lists the top 10 DVD players for Windows PCs. Hopefully, you can choose one that suits your needs.

DVD Player for Windows

Part 1. Our Top 3 Best DVD Players for Windows PC

Here, we pick out the top 3 best Windows DVD players for users with different needs. For users who pursue comprehensive performance, Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player is the top choice with its powerful features. For users who don't want to pay any bills to watch DVDs, VLC Media Player is a good choice, but it has limited professional editing functions. PlayerFab DVD Player supports a wide range of popular streaming platforms, like Amazon, Netflix, Tubi, and Peacock, but with a high price. You can choose one based on your own specific requirements and preferences.

Name Platform Best for Fee
Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player Windows, Mac Best overall 30-Days Free Trail;
$45.96 Lifetime
VLC Media Player Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android Best compatibility Free
PlayerFab DVD Player Windows, Mac Best for streaming $69.99 Lifetime

Part 2. How to Pick the Best DVD Players for Windows

When selecting a DVD player software for Windows 10, it's important to consider various factors to ensure that you select the one that best suits your needs. Here's a guide on selection criteria and how to test DVD players.

Playback Features

Consider features you might need in watching DVDs, such as creating personalized playlists, playback control (play, pause, stop, rewind), subtitle and audio track selection, and video and audio formats support. Additional features like support for Blu-ray discs, 4K playback, and screen capture may be desirable based on your preferences.


Ensure the DVD player delivers clear, crisp visuals and high-quality sound output without lag. Check user reviews and ratings to find the overall quality and reliability of the DVD player.

Ease of Use

If a user-friendly interface is your top concern, pay attention to DVD Players that can make navigation and playback controls easy. Look for features like playlist creation and customizable settings to enhance usability.


Ensure the DVD player is compatible with your Windows 10 operating system version. Some players may only support specific versions or editions of Windows. Check for compatibility with different types of discs, including DVD-ROMs, DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, and DVD-RAMs.


Test the DVD player's performance by playing a variety of DVD discs, including different formats, resolutions, and encoding methods. Pay attention to playback smoothness, loading times, and any playback errors encountered during testing.

Part 3. Best 10 DVD Players for Windows

Based on the above evaluation criteria, we reviewed the 42 DVD players for Windows on the market and selected the 10 players that we value best. Each player has its verdicts, and you can have a look through this section carefully to find the Windows 10 DVD player you want.

1 Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player is the first tool we highly recommend for Windows 10 users with its cost-effective and versatile features. While playing Blu-ray/DVD discs, users can choose the title/chapter and select their desired audio track and subtitle in the menu window. It also offers a screen capture function to preserve their favorite images while watching.

Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player



  • Adjusts audio, video, and subtitle tracks.
  • Supports both DVD and Blu-ray discs, folders, and IFO/ISO files.
  • Captures a snapshot when watching DVDs.


  • 30 days to use for free during free trial.

Bottom Line: Overall, Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player is a top Blu-ray player for Windows PCs. It will enhance your audiovisual experiences across all media types.

2 Windows DVD Player

Windows DVD Player is a paid player in the Microsoft Store. But you can download it for free. If you changed to Windows 10 from Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate) or 8/8.1 with Windows Media Center, you can use a Windows DVD player for free. But if you have a new PC, it's not free.

Windows DVD Player



  • Easy to use.
  • Provides free trial.


  • Can't support Blu-ray.
  • Some users need to pay for it.

Bottom line: This Windows DVD Player is free for Windows 7/8/8.1 but not Windows 10/11. It is a good DVD player but doesn't support the Blu-ray disc's playback.

3 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most versatile media players that can work on Macs, PCs, Linux, and smartphones, playing various audio, image, and video files. It's especially great for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. You can download the VLC DVD Player for Windows 10. However, for 4K or 8K videos, you'll need to update to VLC 3.0 Vetinari.

VLC Media Player Play DVD

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

Price: Free



  • Available to multiple platforms.
  • Provides basic video editing functions.
  • Powerful subtitle syncing tool.


  • The playback of 4K or 8K video files may be choppy.

Bottom line: VLC is a versatile DVD player with comprehensive functions available on multiple platforms. However, playing DVD or Blu-ray requires additional setup and installation of certain libraries and codecs.

4 5K Player

5KPlayer is another popular free DVD Player Software for Windows 10 that can play DVDs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and the new Windows 11. It is a mixture of a music player, UHD video player, AirPlay & LNA enabled media streamer. It supports downloading videos from over 300 sites, such as Vimeo and Dailymotion.

5K Player Interface



  • Provide screen capture function.
  • Support to save videos from Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.
  • Amazing streaming capabilities.


  • Free versions of 5KPlayer may display advertisements.

Bottom line: 5K Player is a versatile DVD Player with many advanced features, and it especially shines as an AirPlay-enabled tool for instant screen mirroring and video music AirPlay. But notably, it can't play Blu-ray discs.

5 PotPlayer

PotPlayer is a DVD player that works with every Windows version. It can play all popular video formats, DVDs, Blu-rays, and audio CDs. Advanced acceleration technology can advance the CPU and GPU to handle large video files.

PotPlayer Play DVD



  • Full OpenCodec support.
  • Supports 3D viewing experience.
  • User-defined shortcuts make controlling easier.


  • Audio playback options could be better
  • Obtain HDR support manually

Bottom line: PotPlayer provides many handy and versatile editing features, greatly improving users' watching experience. However, the interface may be complex or overwhelming to some users, especially those who prefer simpler designs.

6 Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player supports playing both Blu-ray and DVD discs, and it can also serve as a DVD Player for Windows 10. It enables you to add subtitles and select the audio track of videos.

Leawo Blu-ray Player Play DVD



  • Allow to load multiple files.
  • Excellent audio decoding options.


  • No advanced video and audio playback options.
  • Hard to uninstall, and there will be residual files in the computer after uninstallation.

Bottom line: It can deliver a good DVD and Blu-ray movie streaming experience and is compatible with different platforms. However, it lacks HD or 3D upscaling capacity and is ads-supported.

7 KM Player

KM Player is an all-in-one tool that can also serve as a Windows 10 DVD player. It allows users to play videos up to 8K. Its interface is concise, and users can customize it with various skins.

KM Player Play DVD



  • Displays high-resolution files without delay.
  • Easy subtitle setup.
  • Offers basic screen capturing options.


  • No stereo sound support.

Bottom line: It allows users to play videos up to 8K but uses quite a bit of CPU to operate.

8 GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is a versatile and user-friendly DVD player for Windows 10 that supports various audio and video formats. It's known for its simplicity, extensive format compatibility, and customizable features.

GOM Player Play DVD



  • Quick and easy installation process.
  • Offers a rich subtitle library.
  • Supports various audio and video files.
  • Low system requirements.


  • The playback of Blu-ray discs needs additional codecs.

Bottom line: It can play most video formats with ease and has a sleek design that makes it friendly to users. The codec library is time-consuming.

9 Blaze DVD

BlazeDVD is a comprehensive and feature-rich media player software designed for playing DVDs, CDs, and various multimedia files on Windows computers. You can choose it as your Windows 10 DVD Player software.

Blaze DVD Interface



  • Powerful audio playback functions.
  • Provide the Smart Stretch technology.
  • Multi-core CPU acceleration features improve the video and audio playback.


  • Limited DVD and Blu-ray playback options for the free version.

Bottom line: It is equipped with many advanced technologies and can deliver excellent audiovisual effects. However, it fails to support watching regional DVDs without changing the region code.

10 Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player

Macgo Windows Blu-ray player can also play video and audio files without interruption. It enables users to play AVI, WMV, MP4, and FLV files. It is lightweight and can reduce the workload of the computer during playback.

Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player



  • Play almost all Blu-ray and video file formats.
  • Offers diverse audio playback features.
  • Displays image files.
  • Provides online video playback options.


  • There is no Windows version now.

Bottom line: It supports a wide range of file formats and is lightweight. Its Windows version will soon be released.

Part 4. Comparison Chart for Best 10 DVD Players for Windows

We have listed the main concerns users have about DVD players in the following different areas, aiming to give you a vivid and clear picture of the verdicts and bottom lines of each tool.

Name Ratings Best For Operating System Fees
Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player 4K playback with customizable features Windows, Mac 30-day free trial; $15.6/Month
Windows DVD Player Windows 10 or higher users without many requirements for functions Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher 7-day free trial; $14.99
VLC Media Player Free DVD Player for different platforms sWindows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Androidd Free
5K Player Play Ultra HD Disc Content Windows, Mac Free
Pot Player 3D Video Viewing Experience Windows Free
Leawo Blu-ray Player Multimedia player for Windows. Windows $22.47/Year
KM Player Best for playing HD videos on Windows and Mac. Windows, Mac Free
GOM Media Player Best for subtitles Windows, Mac Free
BlazeDVD Best for fantastic audio effects Windows $4.99
Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Best for subtitles and audio codecs Mac $39.95/Lifetime

Part 5. How to Use DVD Player for Windows

After you choose a perfectly contended DVD Player Software for Windows 10, you may want to know the detailed steps of using a DVD player. Here, we take one of our top picks, Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player, as an example and guide you to have a careful look at how to play DVDs on Windows 10.

Step 1.Free download Blu-ray Player from the official website or click on the following download button. Install and launch Blu-ray Player. Then, insert your DVD disc on your Windows 10 computer.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Step 2.Click the Open Disc button located in the main interface to load your DVD disc. Besides, you can click on the File button on the top menu to add your disc.

Open Disc

Step 3.After loading a disc, you can click the Scene button to select your desired title or chapter. You can also choose the audio track and screen size on the top menu. Then, you can click Play to start watching.

Menu Interface

Step 4.While watching, you can use shortcuts to control the playback, including backward, forward, stop, etc.

Play 4IK DVD

If your Windows media does not play, you can also choose this all-in-one DVD player.

Part 6. FAQs of DVD Player for Windows

Wrapping up

While Windows 10 doesn't come with built-in DVD players, you can easily find a DVD player for Windows 10 to watch your favorite movies. This article lists the top 10 DVD players, and each offers detailed features, pros, and cons. You can choose one that suits your demands.

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