Free Play Blu-ray on PC and Mac with Top 3 Blu-ray Player Software

How to Free Play Blu-ray on PC and Mac with Top 3 Blu-ray Player Software

After you purchased the Blu-ray disc, you are still not able to play Blu-ray files on PC or Mac. What should be the problem for playing back the Blu-ray disc?

Outdated Blu-ray drivers, licensed technology, region codes, Blu-ray disc encryption like AACS, etc. may cause you not to play Blu-ray files on PC and Mac smoothly.

For solving the problem, the professional external Blu-ray player is the solution. Moreover, you could successfully play the Blu-ray files on computer with the Blu-ray player software.

That’s what we shall talk in this post. Top 3 free Blu-ray player software will be shown next for playing the Blu-ray files on PC and Mac for free.

How to Free Play Blu-ray on PC and Mac with Top 3 Blu-ray Player Software

Part 1. Top 3 Free Blu-ray Player Software for PC and Mac

When it comes to the free Blu-ray player software, there are many results showing in the Google’s search result. Here we only list the most popular 3 players for PC and Mac users, VLC, Leawo Blu-ray Player and Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray player.

1. Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray player

Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray player is the freeware of playing Blu-ray files in both Windows and Mac version. The program also empowers you to choose the favorite titles and adjust the video files when you watch Blu-ray disc on your computer.

It also has the following features to play Blu-ray disc on PC or Mac:



Blu-ray Player

2. VLC Media Player

VLC is the free media player, which is just like the common sense. However, this freeware also supports Blu-ray playback on your computer, like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. For playing the Blu-ray files with VLC, you need to do extra operations on the VLC running in 2.0 or later.



VLC Media Player

3. Leawo Free Blu-ray Player

Leawo Free Blu-ray Player is the free software to play Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K videos on your computer. Whether you are using Windows, or Mac computer, it can also be your best companion to play Blu-ray files. Customizable controls can be your easy helper to access the Blu-ray playback on your computer.



Leawo Free Blu-ray Player

Part 2. How to Play Blu-ray Files on Computer

After getting the list of the top 3 Blu-ray player software, you could get the detailed steps here to play Blu-ray files on your computer.

Step 1

Download Free Blu-ray Player

Free download and install the latest version of Free Blu-ray Player on your computer. It has Windows and Mac version, and you could get what you need exactly. Then launch the program after the successful installation.


Step 2

Open Blu-ray Disc

You can click "Open Disc" to load Blu-ray to into this freeware. Alternatively, you can click "File" in the menu and then click "Open Disc…" option to load Blu-ray disc.

If you have Blu-ray ISO file or Blu-ray folder, it also supports playback.

Moreover, the answer to the question that can Blu-ray players play DVD is yes. This Blu-ray player also supports DVD playback, so that you can play DVD files with it easily.

Open Disc

Step 3

Play Blu-ray on PC/Mac

After loading the Blu-ray disc, it would open the Blu-ray menu window. Click "Play Movie" button and select another chapter/title to play the Blu-ray files. It also lets you select the audio track and subtitle for the main movie.


More Blu-ray players for Windows 10, just check it here.


This page mainly talks about the top 3 free Blu-ray player software in the market to play Blu-ray files on your PC and Mac. Also, we share the detailed steps of playing the Blu-ray files on your computer. Excellent Blu-ray player list is not limited the 3, and we just list the most popular ones.

Now it is up to you.

Which one is the best free Blu-ray player?

Have you played the Blu-ray files on your computer successfully?

Show me your opinions by leaving your comments.

What do you think of this post?

Thanks for your review!

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