What is JW Player: A Detailed Review of the Media Player

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Let us give you an honest JW Player review. We will talk about the complete details about the player. It includes its description, features, price, advantages, disadvantages, and more. Also, besides JW Player, you will discover another program you can use as an alternative to the JW Player. So, without anything else, we encourage you to give your precious time and read the post. This way, you can obtain all information about JW Player.

JW Player Review

Part 1. Overview of JW Player

What is JW Player

The JW Player is a great media player software that can do a lot of things. If you are a media enthusiast, publisher, filmmaker, or editor, you will love using the software. Also, it is among the most advanced media players that were designed for advanced users or professionals. Aside from that, JW player offers various features that users can experience and enjoy. You can cast the video on the television using the JW Player. This way, if you prefer playing the video on a larger screen, casting it on the TV is the best solution. Well, if you want to learn more about the amazing media player, you can view all the information below. You can even get the JW Player downloader on Chrome, Firefox, and other platforms.

What is JW Player

JW Player Pricing

Free Version:

The JW Player offers a free version if you want to try its features first. You can use the free version for 30 days. After that, you must purchase the subscription plan to use the JW Player for longer. Also, the JW Player offers 25 GB Hosting and 75GB Streaming.

JW Player Premium:

The JW Player Premium costs $10 per month. With this, you can enjoy more features you want. Also, the player allows you to customize your pricing plan based on your preference. If you want to learn more about the prices for JW Player, it would be best to visit its website and contact the JW rep for the offers and pricing.


Overall Ratings

Ease of Use:




Value for Money:

Technical Specification:

Customer Support:


  • It can play various video files.
  • It can stream and host videos online.
  • The software provides a 30-day free trial version to try the features.
  • It can provide high-quality video-quality playback.


  • The interface of the software is confusing for non-professional users.
  • The price of the software is costly.
  • When having contact with the representative, they give a bad response.

Best for

Skilled users.

Bottom Line

After learning the complete overview of the JW Player, you now know what it is capable of. Also, if you want to stream videos, you can consider using the software. Therefore, if you plan to use an advanced media player on your devices, never doubt the capabilities of JW Player.

Part 2. Detailed Review to JW Player

In this section, we are going deeper into JW Player. We will give you a complete review that lets you discover and explore more about the advanced media player. So, to learn everything, we recommend you to see all the details below.

Stream Support

The JW Player is an ideal software for streaming videos. It supports DASH and HLS streaming, which comes with VR and 360 videos. It also supports subtitles, Ad insertion, analytics services, and audience engagement. You can even adjust the video resolution from Low, Medium, and High. With that, streaming a video using JW Player would be best for streamers.


The interface of JW Player is professional-looking compared with other media players. It provides various elements that are designed accurately. In addition to that, the interface has an organized function button, making it good to view. However, since the interface is too advanced, non-professional users might find it hard to operate.


Aside from playing and streaming videos, JW Player is perfect for customizations. As we all know, some users prefer making their interface unique and amazing. The program lets users customize the program’s interface freely and playback settings instantly. During the customization process, you can change the fonts, colors, sizes, and other parameters.


JW Player offers rich features its users can enjoy. One of the main features of the program is to play various videos on your devices. This way, you can watch various films you want. Also, if you plan to stream videos, you can do so. Another feature of the software is to stream videos online to get more audience.

Part 3. How to Use JW Player

Step 1.Get the JW Player Downloader. Create your account JW Player webpage to use the free trial version. Then, fill up all the information needed to get full access to the software.

Step 2.After that, you will see the main interface. To add the video file you want to watch, click the Add option. After that, you can first edit the information from the video.

Click the Add Option

Step 3.Then, you can already play the video whenever you want. You can even share the video in various formats.

Play the Video JW Player

Part 4. Best Alternative to JW Player

Before accessing the JW Player, there are various things you need to do, especially creating an account. So, if you don’t want a hassle-free media player, then the best solution is to use a much simpler software. In that case, the best alternative to JW Player is the Bluray Player. The program is easy to download compared with JW Player. You don’t have to create an account before operating the program. Also, the interface of the program is easier to understand. This way, you can play your videos in just a few clicks. Aside from that, the Free Blu-ray Player supports various video formats, such as MP4, MKV, M4V, WMV, AVI, MOV, AFLV, and more. Also, you can access the offline program on Windows and Mac platforms, making it convenient for all users. So, if you want to experience its perfect interface and watch videos successfully, use the Blu-ray Player as soon as possible.

Blu-ray JW Alternative

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Part 5. FAQs about JW Player Review

Wrapping up

The article explores everything about JW Player. It includes its features, interface, prices, and more. With this, you know how to use the player and what its capabilities are. However, the media player was designed for skilled users. It means that beginners may be unsuitable for JW Player. That’s why the post also introduced a media player with a simple interface and much easier to use, which is the Blu-ray Player. So, if JW Player is too difficult to use, you can operate the Blu-ray player instantly.

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