5 Classic Multi Disc DVD Players with High Performance

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DVD players are used to improve your experience of images and sound. It`s been popular for several decades. Even now, for people who have high criteria for a media player, a high-quality DVD Player is still a necessity equipment for their entertainment. Multi DVD disc player is the improved version of the traditional DVD player, which can save your time and energy. Many people also need it.

Multi Disc DVD Player

Part 1. What is the Multi DVD Disc Player

You must know the traditional DVD player. It can play one disc at a time, and you need to change the disc when it finishes playing. It is good for most of the family. However, to look for a more relaxing and convenient player, you can use a multi DVD disc player. You can place several discs, and it will switch automatically. You don`t need to walk across the room and change by hand. Isn`t that attractive? If you are interested in having this device. This article will help you make a decision.

Part 2. 5 Hot Sell DVD Players with Multi Disc

It is hard to decide on multi disc DVD players among so many products. So, we select 5 hot sell DVD players of different Brands and introduce them to you. We also list some specifications and prices so you can compare. But please pay attention, most DVD manufacturers have stopped making new products but the support service is still available. All we list here is refurbished equipment from reputable brands. And the price is in reference to Amazon.


Sony is a world-leading company in the entertainment industry. It has a huge impact on music, movies, and games. It also produces different kinds of media players. SONY DVP-NC85H is a 5 discs DVD player first available in 2006. It can load 5 CDs and get hours of movie or music

Sony DVP NC85H Player

Brand: Sony

Price: $224.99

Dimensions: 17×17×3.5 inches

Item Weight: 8 Pounds

Built-In Decoders: Dolby Digital/ DTS decoder

Audio Output Mode: AC-3 (Dolby Digital), Surround

Resolution: 1280×720

Special Features: Progressive Scan

Connectivity Technology: HDMI

2 Onkyo DV-CP704

Onkyo is a Japanese company specializing in audio player equipment manufacturing. It produces high-quality home cinema and audio equipment. Onkyo DV-CP704 is one classic mode first released in 2001. It can load 6 discs at the same time. You can enjoy the high-performance image and sound without interruption.

Onkyo Player

Brand: Onkyo

Price: $299.99

Dimensions: 23×23×13 inches

Item Weight: 16.4 pounds

Built-In Decoders: Dolby Digital, DTS decoder

Audio Output Mode: Dolby Digital

Resolution: 1280×720

Special Features: Progressive Scan

Connectivity Technology: HDMI

3 Sony DVP-CX995

Maybe you think playing 5 or 6 discs at a time is still not enough. Can I have a better option? Then you should think about the Sony DVP-CX995. It is a 400 discs Mega Player; you can put 400 discs together. You can continuously watch for over a week without any interruption. However, to store such a large quantity of discs it takes up more space and it has a high price.

Sony DVP CX995

Brand: Sony

Price: $479.99

Dimensions: 21.2×17×7.5 inches

Item Weight: 18 pounds

Built-In Decoders: Dolby Digital, DTS decoder

Audio Output Mode: Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel output

Resolution: 1280×720

Special Features: Progressive Scan

Connectivity Technology: HDMI

4 Panasonic DVD-CV50

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational corporation running different kinds of electronic equipment. And Panasonic DVD-CV50 is one of their trustful equipment. It can load 5 dicks, so you can enjoy your time without needing to change.

Panasonic Player

Brand: Panasonic

Price: $110.50

Dimensions: 17×15×4.7 inches

Item Weight: 12 pounds

Media Type: DVD

Built-In Decoders: Dolby Digital

Audio Output Mode: Surround Sound

Resolution: 1280×720

Special Features: Progressive Scan

Connectivity Technology: HDMI

5 Sony BDPS1700 DVD/Blu-ray Player

This multi DVD disc player supports not only DVD discs but also playing Blu-ray discs. You can put at most 8 discs at a time. It can provide you with high-definition images and high-quality audio. Besides, it has Wi-Fi connection and a USB connection for online resources and data transfer.

Sony BDPS Player

Brand: Sony

Price: $99.11

Dimensions: 9.1×7.8×1.6 inches

Item Weight: 2 pounds

Media Type: Blu-Ray Disc

Resolution: 1280×720

Connectivity Technology: HDMI

Here is a chart to help you make a comparison directly

SONY DVP-NC85H Onkyo DV-CP704 Sony DVP-CX995 Panasonic DVD-CV50 Sony BDPS1700
Price $224.99 $299.99 $479.99 $110.50 $99.11
Disk 5 6 400 5 8
Connectivity Technology HDMIsd HDMI HDMI HDMI HDMI
Audio Output Mode Dolby Digital, Surround Dolby Digital Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel output Surround Sound Unknown
Resolution 1280×720 1280×720 1280×720 1280×720 1280×720

Part 3. Bonus: Best DVD Player software

If you are not a crazy fan of highly performance media players and you just want to enjoy movies and music on your computer. Then you just need reliable DVD-playing software. Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player is a powerful software. You can watch any Blu-ray discs, folders, and ISO files on your computer. It enables you to enjoy the image of its original clearness. You can play most video and audio formats on it. It is also very easy to use because of its simple and clear user interface.

Free Blu-ray Player

Key Features

Free Download

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Part 4. FAQs about Multi Disc DVD Player

Wrapping up

A high-quality multi disc DVD Player can play different discs and several discs at a time while providing the image and sound with good quality. Multi disc player can free you from changing disc frequently and give you a better experience. If you are strict with the performance of your cinema equipment, you can have a try. If you just want to play different discs on your computer, Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player will be your good choice.

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