How to Play Blu-ray movie with VLC on Windows and Mac

VLC is a powerful media player that is able to play Blu-ray movies on Windows and Mac. You can find the way to use VLC Blu-ray Windows and VLC Blu-ray Mac for encrypted Blu-ray. If it is difficult for you to use VLC Blu-ray player, you can choose the best VLC alternative Free Blu-ray Player.

Free Blu-ray Player

1. The free Blu-ray Player supports the Blu-ray file as well as most popular video format and audio format. You can use it as the default Blu-ray player or media player for your Windows device.

2. It is the free Blu-ray Player that can be used for PC or HD TV with Windows Operation system. It will provide a nice home theatre experience for you.

How to play encrypted Blu-ray with VLC

You need to download VLC Blu-ray Player 2.0 or above version from the official website first. VLC Blu-ray AACS and BD+ DRM libraries and keys are still not shipped, so only VLC Blu-ray disc with AACS libraries exposed are supported. Just learn more detail about how to playback Blu-ray disc with VLC Blu-ray Windows and VLC Blu-ray Mac as below.

VLC Blu-ray Player Mac

1. Download the KEYDB.cfg for KEYS DATABASE from (

2. Put the file in ~/Library/Preferences/aacs/ (create it if it does not exist).

3. Download the libaacs.dylib for AACS DYNAMIC LIBRARY.

4. Put the file in ~/lib directory (create it, if it does not exist).

VLC Blu-ray Player Windows

1. Download the KEYDB.cfg for KEYS DATABASE from (

2. Put the file in %APPDATA%/aacs/ file.

A. Search "%appdata%" in the "Search" column.

B. Open "AppData" directory or create a folder and name it aacs.

3. Download the libaacs.dll file for AACS DYNAMIC LIBRARY (

4. Put the file in your VLC directly.

Free Blu-ray Player the best VLC Alternative

If above procedure is too difficult for you, you can use the Free Blu-ray Player, the best VLC Alternative program. It enables you to play any Blu-ray disc on your computer and keep 100% image quality.

1. The best VLC alternative program supports the XP and above operation system, Windows 10 is also included.

2. It supports the popular video formats/ audio formats as well as the Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray Movie.

3. You do not have any technical skill with the user-friendly program compared to VLC Blu-ray Player.

Free Blu-ray Ripper for Windows/Mac

If you wanna to play on portable devices, you might need to convert Blu-ray files to popular video format for different devices. You can rip Disney Blu-ray files or rip Netflix Blu-ray files with AACS encryption method.

1. Rip the Blu-ray file to common video format or HD video format.

2. Multiple output settings to customize the video file.

3. Support almost all popular portable devices.

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