iPad MKV – How to Play MKV on iPad/iPhone/iPod with the Desired Subtitles

iPad MKV – How to Play MKV on iPad/iPhone/iPod with the Desired Subtitles

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How to play MKV on iPad, iPhone, or iPod, especially for a foreign movie with subtitles? MKV is a multimedia format that holds an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, and subtitle tracks in a single file.

Can you play the MKV files on an iPad directly? No. MKV is not a supported video format of iOS devices. You can either use a 3rd party iPad MKV player, or convert MKV to iPad/iPhone compatible format. To play MKV on iPad/iPhone with the desired subtitle, convert MKV to iPad should be the initial choice you can take into consideration.

Play MKV on iPad, iPhone, iPod

Part 1: 2 Ways to Convert MKV to iPad

Method 1: Convert MKV to iPad with the Desired Subtitle

Why should you convert MKV to iPad? It not only converts and compresses the MKV to iPad with a smaller size, but also choose the desired subtitle and audio track. Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one MKV to iPad converter that compresses, converts, and selects the desired audio tracks/subtitles.

Step 1

Once you have downloaded the MKV to iPad converter, launch the program and click the Convert menu. You can choose the Add Files button to load the MKV files into the program.

Add Files

Step 2

Choose the desired audio track and subtitle from the Converting window. You can select iPad Pro/iPad Mini/iPad Air preset from the Device tab to convert MKV to iPad.

Select iPhone Supported Format

Step 3

You can split a video, or combine different video clips. Just select the destination location of the output file. You can click the Convert All button to start the MKV to iPad conversion.

Convert All

Method 2: How to Convert MKV for iPad Online

If you just need to convert MKV to an iPad compatible format, you can also use a free online video converter. Free Online Video Converter should be the free and practical video converter, which can convert MP4 videos into MP4, MOV, GIF, YouTube, or Facebook formats.

Step 1

Go to the free online video converter and click the Launch Free Converter icon to start the online MKV converter for iPad. Then you can load the MKV files into the program.

Load MKV Files

Step 2

Choose the MP4 or MOV file format that is compatible with the iPad from the bottom of the online user interface. Tweak the video and audio settings according to your requirement.

Choose Output Format

Step 3

After that, you can click the Convert button in the lower right corner of the screen to start the conversion. Once you get the desired file, you can transfer the converted file to the iPad.

conversion Complete

Part 2: 5 Best MKV Players for iPad/iPhone

Top 1: OPlayer HD

Oplayer HD is an iPad MKV player that supports most of the video formats. It also provides the flexibility to download files to your device, or browse the file over the network. Moreover, you can also watch the favorite movies directly without waiting, because all this is done in the background.




Top 2: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an excellent application that can play MKV files on iPad, or transfer files from laptops or nearby computers. At the same time, you can also directly use it to view the local video. It has good compatibility and can play video files of various formats.



VLC Media Player

Top 3: PlayerXtreme

PlayerXtreme is another MKV player for iPad that can play movies, videos, music, and more, including the MKV files. Besides, there are countless hours of GoPro footage and photos Pros. It always enables you to play the MKV on an iPad with advanced features.




Top 4: Fast Tube

Fast Tube not only plays MKV and other file formats, but also watches the streaming through YouTube. You can always use the iPad MKV player to search and view videos within online streaming sites. Moreover, you can always customize the screen ratio for MKV playback.



Fast Tube

Top 5: 8Player Free

8Player Free is an MKV player app for iPad that compatibles with a variety of videos and music format, such as AVI, MKV, MP3, AAC, etc. You can create and manage your own play lists through this application. It is a popular video player that has a clean user interface.



8Player Free

Part 3: FAQs about Play MKV on iPad

What are the Supported Video Formats for iPad?

iOS device supports many video/audio formats, such as H.264, MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, and AAC. When you have an MKV file encoded with H.264 and AAC, you can still play the MKV on iPad or iPhone directly without conversion or a 3rd party iPad MKV player.

How to Copy the Converted MKV from Computer to iPad Pro?

If you need to transfer MKV from a computer to your iPad Pro, you can connect the devices with the original USB cable. After that, you can download AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer and choose the Videos menu. Choose the Export to Device button to play the MKV files on the iPad.

Can iTunes Convert MKV to iPad Compatible Format?

No. iTunes only read and convert MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC, and Apple Lossless M4A files. It also plays any audio files that QuickTime Player can play, including Protected AAC files from the iTunes Store and Audible.com audio books.


The article introduces two frequently used methods to play MKV on an iPad. You can either convert MKV to iPad compatible formats, or use an iPad MKV player. Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best MKV to iPad converter that converts and compresses videos. Moreover, you can also select the desired audio track and subtitle accordingly.

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